Nexus 7 plays host to an OG XBOX controller

The XDA community comprises of talented developers and modders who spend countless hours coming up with software builds that maximizes, and sometimes pushes the limits of a specific device. Recently, however, a junior member of the community skipped the software part and got down to the hardware component to be able to hook up an Original XBOX 360 controller to the Nexus 7.


For the uninitiated, there are other tried and tested ways of pairing a gaming console controller (PlayStation 3 or Wii) to the famous tablet through a USB OTG cable and wireless dongle that you can buy at eBay. But if you want to put your dusty OG XBOX 360 controller to use you can do so by following Dslrocks10’s instruction found in this link.

All you need is a crimping tool and a USB OTG cable that you can buy at CD-R King and you should be well on your way. It has been reported that the Left and Right Triggers are not working, but Dslrocks10’s not sure if it’s controller-related issue or it’s with the tablet. Other than this, everything seemed to be working fine according to the modder.

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  1. anoyumous

    Great,working,without rooting,
    Gamit ko kc sa Xperia S at iconia a100 ko is Sixaxis controller app, need nga lang is rooted ang device,nkka pag laro kmi ng anak ko using 2 ps3 controller connected via bluetooth,kht hnd supported ng games ang external hw controller nkka emulate ng touch controls,nkkpg games kmi wirelessly via ps3 controller nka output sa tv tru hdmi.


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