Noontec PowerMe 9000 powers up to 6x your smartphone

If you’re a heavy gadget user and have a number of power-hungry devices you bring along with you all the time, a regular portable battery might not be enough. I normally bring 2 or 3 batteries with me with a total power rating of around 8,800mAh.

Then the folks from Noontec Philippines showed me this — a 9,000mAh portable battery. So if you’re smartphone’s battery is rated at 1500mAh, you can recharge it with the PowerMe 9000 up to 6 times in one go.

The box contains this large, blue polyurethane case with the battery, cables and charging tip adapters inside.

The battery itself is a bit bulky but considering it packs 9,000mAh, it’s actually relatively small already (still beats the 3 portable batteries I bring around in my backpack, one of them is the 4000mAh PowerMe Polo).

If you want to break it down by devices, here are some examples:

iPhone 4 1420mAh @ 6.3x charge
Galaxy Note 2400mAh @ 3.75x charge
iPad 2 6930mAh @ 1.3x charge
Huawei E5 1500mAh @ 6x charge

DC output is rated at 2.2A so if your tablet is under that range, it can be easily charged by the Noontec PowerMe 9000. There are LED indicators to show battery charge capacity at 30%, 70% and 100%.

Multiple charging tips include one micro-USB, mini-USB, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and LG proprietary ports. What I’m expecting is a wall charger but that’s not included in the package (just the USB cable).

Because of the size, it’s not really that handy to carry the battery around unless of course you tuck it away in your backpack or laptop bag. I already have the 4000mAh PowerMe Polo connected to the ZTE MF60 all day inside my backpack so I’m thinking with the PowerMe 9000, it will still have lots to spare for the other handsets.

I was actually wishing this battery could also charge laptops. Imagine having a portable battery for the Macbook Air (the 2011 MBA 11.6″ has a battery rated at 4680mAh) this small and be able to juice up 2 more full charges? Unfortunately though, it can’t.

The Noontec PowerMe 9000 retails for Php4,500 in stores. You should spot them in A Shop, Switch or iStudio branches this week.

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  1. None for Blackberry?

  2. where can i buy this?

  3. Hi Abe,

    Any idea what the ETA is on the wall charger? I’m planning an epic bike ride and need charging options on the go, so I’m on the lookout for things like this.

    Ever come across the HyMINI here?


    • I think you can use the wall charger for the iPhone/iPad or something with similar rating.

      Haven’t seen a HyMini but Energizer has one locally available already.

  4. Rookie MVP

    Where did you get the Case for you Galaxy Note?
    The 4000mAh PowerMe Polo and this new PowerMe 9000 both available @ A Shop?


  5. William C

    How long will this need to be plugged-in to your USB port to charge?

  6. JmBalicano

    As soon as I get my Galaxy Note at the end of this month, this mother of a portable power pack is next! Perfect timing!

  7. may ganito sa CD r king okay kaya un ? mas mura kasi ..

  8. PizzaMan

    I carry a iSound PowerMax with me all the time, it has around 16,000 maH of capacity

  9. It’s a must to have one like this specially for people on the go who posses many gadget.

  10. quite off topic..

    Where did you get your leather case for the galaxy note?

  11. How long does it take to recharge this badboy? I want one!

  12. Guys, Its available at A Shop, IGIG greenhills, Istudio and switch branches, I bought mine there. charging time is at 8 hours to fully charge it or more… overnight will do!

  13. airnolds

    Nice, although 4.5k as the srp is too much for me..

    if it goes down to 3k though.. :)

  14. How do you switch the power bank off? I used mine once and tried to use it again later on, there was no battery left in d power bank. am assuming i did not switch it off so it ran dry.. does dat happen to u?


    • chiquelique

      I have the same problem. HOW TO SWITCH IT OFF ??. :|

      Sir yuga. Please help.

    • Once you unplug any USB cable, it will just turn off by itself.

  15. Richard

    sir yuga, pwede ba psp i-charge d2.


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