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November 28, 2011

Noontec PowerMe Polo 4000mAh Portable Battery

The folks from Noontec Philippines gave me this new portable battery pack — a 4,000mAh PowerMe Polo. They’re the same guys who offered us the media player for review and actually gave it away to one of our readers.

The battery pack is fairly small for its power capacity of 4,000mAh; it’s about the size of a credit card and the thickness of an HTC smartphone. With a power rating of 4,000mAh, I’m looking at 2 to 2.5x the full charge of a typical Android smartphone — that should be enough for you to last a day of very heavy internet use or 3 to 4 days of regular use.

The pack contains several adapter tips for various phones, including the iPhone. What’s lacking is a wall socket adapter for recharging the battery so your only option is to plug it to your PC or laptop (which might take some time to fully charge). Also, with the the included tips, I was expecting some kind of pouch or casing included with it.

The Noontec PowerMe Polo 4000mAh portable battery retails for Php3,499 Php2,999 which gives it a power-to-peso rating of 1.33mAh/peso. Not bad at all.

Disclosure: The distributor of Noontec gave me this unit for free. I’m also thinking of featuring this specific item on YugaDeals for a much lower price.

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14 Responses to “Noontec PowerMe Polo 4000mAh Portable Battery”

  1. Karl Malinao
    Twitter: ikarlitu

    I’ll be waiting for it to be given away.

  2. Markster says:

    can it charge galaxy tabs?

  3. arlie says:

    nice idea sir yuga. :))

  4. Kevin
    Twitter: Kevin

    Ayos to. Lalo na kung mag travel ka. :)

    ot: Ganda ng patungan din. :)

  5. wyldkard says:

    will be waiting on yugadeals for this

  6. Edsar says:

    Yugadeals na yan!

  7. Manerdie
    Twitter: manerdie

    Yugadeals mo na yan sir……

  8. rotero
    Twitter: rubyotero


  9. gadget boi says:

    yugadeals na yan! yugadeals na yan! yugadeals na yan! yugadeals na yan! yugadeals na yan! yugadeals na yan! yugadeals na yan! mga 1k off ok na yun. bili ako agad

  10. psp says:

    pwde ba to sa psp? pwde ba sya bilhin ng adaptor para macharge sa wall socket?

  11. psp says:

    pwde ba to sa psp and nokia? pwde ba sya bilhin ng adaptor para macharge sa wall socket?

  12. Kebbot
    Twitter: kristian

    Sir abe. Magkano po ba ang output cap. Nito? 1.5 A ba or 500mha lang?

  13. ysucit
    Twitter: steelicon

    …and then I just saw this one on Youtube…

    complete with carrying pouch, various power adaptors and most important a separate AC power adaptor. :-/

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