One thumb drive to rule them all

Wouldn’t be cool if all of your files, including all your movie and song collections, are stored in a keychain-sized thumb drive? Well, if money isn’t a big deal to you, then Kingston might just have what you’re looking for. Folks, meet the world’s first 1TB thumb drive – the DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0.

Apart from being the world’s largest-capacity USB 3.0 flash drive, Kingston recently announced storage solution is also a speed demon reaching transfer speeds up to 240Mbps and 160Mbps write-speed. According to Kingston, its mammoth capacity and incredible speed allows users to view/edit large files straight from the thumb drive.

DataTraveller HyperX Predator

However, the colossal capacity and blazing fast read/write speed isn’t the only thing that’s insane about the DataTraveler HyperX Predator. The 512GB version of this Zinc alloy-enclosed thumb drive can be had for a bank-breaking USD1,750. Just imagine how much its 1TB brethren will cost once it debuts on the latter part of this quarter.


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  1. rocketlog

    Well, Kingston, you can keep that insanely overpriced little toy of yours to yourself, thank you very much.

    At that price, you can already get a decent ultrabook.

  2. Kingston has just the first to bring this much too dear great little-toy into reality. Data storage companies will surely release the same for competition and surely makes pricing this stuff down.

  3. nameless

    Yeah, Keep that insanely overpriced little toy of yours to yourself, Kingston. At that price I could have already bought a number of portable External HDD.

    Two to four years from now, CD-R King will introduce a flash drive with the same capacity for less than a thousand pesos. By then, those who bought this overpriced product will look completely idiot.

    • Syempre bibili lang nito mga enterprise na may kaya at may need ng ganito kalaking kapacity into such a small form factor. Hindi katulad ng mga cheap fanatic ng CDR King. haha

    • nameless

      Enterprise? nah. I don’t think there would be a real need of such unless CIA sila kailangan sobrang portable.

      And don’t forget the show-offs. Wala naman alam sa technology. Bibili din pala sila nyan.

    • Must suck being poor huh nameless? I make that much money in a day because I’m smarter then you.

    • @Join Judging from your comment you’re not smart as you think you are.

    • Natawa naman ako sa “I’m smarter then you”

      Hahaha.. Trying hard mag english.

    • nameless

      Go buy it for yourself then let me laugh at you! Pity for those who has money yet don’t know a thing.

      Hingi ka pambili sa mommy at daddy mo, dali!

  4. SpiderWak

    You’ll go crazy if you’ll lose it.

  5. Right! Hehehe! You can buy one Macbook air for that price.. and how sweet and easy it is loosing a 1TB worth of data!

    Boom! Featured at –

  6. iRonzkie23


  7. jhepoyski

    Well if you will consider the Swissknife it has the first 1TB USB storage.

  8. ferdinand marte

    all my life’s stuff are neatly stored in a big cabinet in my room. don’t need no godzilla-priced silicon.

  9. MarcoRey

    not worth it at hindi praktikal bilhin ng mga average joe. bagay lang ito sa mga intel agencies at sa mga agents na mala-james bond na pang-espionage ang gamit.

  10. HiERARCH

    2013 na. dapat dati pa to lumabas, so slow ang technology, maxado madupang ang mga computer manufacturers. pero ok lang at least magsisipagsunudan na ang iba. di ako satisfied kahit sa storage capacity ng mga phones, hanggang 64GB lang. di kasi magkasya lahat ng mp3, music video, at movie downloads!

  11. Robert Chun Wong

    Its good to know that we have a new technology like this, but for that price? i’d say NEVERMIND =)

  12. coachjojoc

    Will wait for the CDR King release. LOL

  13. I’m thinking it would reach around $2,500-$3,000. With that price I’ll just buy 30pcs of shock proof 1TB Portable HDD. Or 1pc 2TB Shock proof portable HDD, Synology DS213+ NAS, 3TB WD Red HDD for NAS, and $2000 extra money for movie and dinner date with GF for 1 Year Hahaha

  14. Henry Canizares

    wait lang ako sa CD RKING version baka mura ra hehe

  15. antayin ko na lang gumawa 1tera na usb ang CDRKING lol

  16. My sister needs this! She already consumeed up to 800GB from her two externals xD

  17. most largest internal memory on flash

  18. Iyan Sommerset

    And then you lose 1TB of data while distracted and leaving from a coffee shop. Whoops.

  19. Yuga, wala bang China-China version nyan?

  20. Well, for the price, I’d get a decent laptop, an SSD for it, and a 1TB External Storage. That ought to be better.


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