Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
Playground Cam100 Action Camera Quick Review

Playground Cam100 Action Camera Quick Review

With the sudden boom of action cameras these days, documenting the things people with active lifestyle do is easy. The thing is, not everyone can afford a Php19K-worth sports camera that big companies offer today. For those who want an alternative camera without breaking the bank, there’s the Playground Cam100 action camera that’s way more affordable than mainstream sports cameras.

Note: We have the video version of this Quick Review above. It contains more video samples of the Playground Cam100 in action! 

The Cam100 has a lot of similarities with the GoPro and the most obvious aspect is their form factor.

The Playground Cam100 definitely looks like a GoPro on first glance. It’s got that rectangular box for a body with a protruding wide-angle lens on the upper right portion of its face. Without its waterproof shell on, we can clearly see the buttons with the capture/OK button on top, Mode button up front, and selection buttons on the side. PlaygroundCam100_1 At the back, there’s the built-in display that lets users preview their shots before or after recording. It basically has the same purpose with GoPro’s Wi-Fi feature. In addition to preview, users can also adjust the settings of the camera using the navigation buttons. PlaygroundCam100_8 All ports and slots are also placed on the left side. Here we have the microSD, microUSB, and miniHDMI connectivity. Finally, we have the removable battery hidden underneath. accessories for upload One thing we liked with this action cam is its generosity in accessories that come with the package. To mention a few you have a bar mount for bikes, tripod mount, and extra back cover that don’t come as standard in other sports cameras. PlaygroundCam100_3 So we housed it inside its waterproof shell, used its bar mount, and fixed the Cam100 on a mountain bike. We also used its mount with a double adhesive tape and made it stick to our longboard to ride under the rain. PlaygroundCam100_7 We recorded on Full HD resolution and overall, video quality was decent. Though its natural colors are not as vivid as we want them to be, its compensation for exposure is effective.  During video editing, users can easily tweak its levels and saturation to further enhance the video and make it more visually appealing. PlaygroundCam100_6 We also tried it on low-light instances and it was still able to capture video with good quality. This is worth mentioning since even the latest GoPro Hero 3+ experiences a hard time while shooting in dark places. PlaygroundCam100_9 Its 900mAh battery lasted us three recording sessions of about 45mins – 1 hour each. It managed to outrun (by a little) a fully charged 1190mAh battery of a GoPro Hero 3+ with Wi-Fi turned on.  Because of this, we saw the advantage of having a screen attached to the unit instead of connecting to a phone via Wi-Fi. PlaygroundCam100_4

The Cam100, along with its array of included accessories, retail at Php5,990 and is available locally.

Playground Cam100 specs:
12MP camera
1080p video @ 60fps
1.5-inch LCD display
170-degree wide angle lens
900mAh battery
Price: Php5,990

What we liked about it:
*Good video quality
*Good exposure compensation
*Built-in display
*Comes with a handful of accessories
*Battery lasts a bit longer than the GoPro’s

What we didn’t like:
*Colors are naturally desaturated
*Mounting system gets loose sometimes

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  1. Novatek SJ400

    Mahal siya sir para 5990Php

    I got mine for only 4800Php

    FYI: SJ4000 ang name ng sakin
    search niyo kay google mas nakikita yun kesa diyan sa playground cam100 at same package

    • Hi, meron po bang warranty ang sj4000? if ever defective, where can i send it back?

    • sir, saan nyo po nabili ung sj4000? saang shop kaya sa mall meron nito?


    bought mine here
    with spare battery, desktop charger and free shipping. seller is from davao city.

  3. Can I use this underwater…?

    • Novatek SJ4000

      It is! up to 30m but I haven’t tried that level. only 15m

  4. Novatek SJ4000

    Napamahal pala ko hahaha. Well kasama kasi sa package na napurchase ko yung headstrap w/ mount and vest mount.

  5. testUser

    same sya ng SJ4000 ahhh.. parang nilagyan lang ng tatak na playground yan.. hahah..

    • I got my cam100 from Ambassador glorietta and i think it is better to buy from accredited dealers (they carry legit products) bec of warranty and you know where to return if in case.

  6. penggoy

    can this cam take stills?

  7. May wifi ba sj4000

  8. Hi boss Kevin, saan nakakabili nitong Playground Cam100 dito Manila? :D

  9. Here can I buy the cam100

  10. May wifi po ba tong cam 100? Playground din po ba gumawa nung sj4000?

  11. Sa cash cash pinoy 3000 lang.


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