Power Saver Max, Wattage-Zapping Device

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this on HSN or in the malls — that wattage-zapping device which claims could lower your electricity bill by as much as 30%. I got curious so we tried it out several months ago.

The theory behind the device is that it normalizes the current running thru the house (hundreds of meters of copper wiring running thru the walls) and thus reducing the power consumed thereby lowering the electric bill. I’m no electrical engineer so I can really explain it very well so an actual test should be in order.


The device, named Power Saver Max, is plugged into a wall socket and does all the trick. And it costs a whooping Php3,500 a pop. It used to be Php7,000 several years ago when it first became public.

Of course, there are various other factors that might affect the fluctuations in power consumption around the house but by taking monthly samples, we may be able to see some sort of a trend.


For the last 9 months, our Meralco bill has been pretty consistent with power usage in the vicinity of 750 kilo-watt hours. Then in October, we tried that wattage-zapping device. The sales guy guaranteed that if we don’t get lower bill in 3 to 6 months, we can return it and get my money back.

The October usage went down but the following month, it went back up again only to go down in December. Those drops accounted for just 11% and 16% reduction on the bills. I’m not yet convinced so I’m giving it another 2 months.

Anybody else had this one at home? Did you notice any changes in your electricity bills?

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  1. Ronaldo R

    Hi, i have an electrical engineer desined a gasget that could be able to reduduce you bill effectively using a costomized gadget that is very effective. My bill before is 4000, now 2500, and i can still lower it down depends on my needs…ask me..thank

    • Ariel Castillo

      Sir, how much is the price of gadget device?

  2. Carlos Cañanes

    I’m interested your gadget in reducing my electric bill.

  3. If it true, it is a really big help to the Pilipino people. It should be then produced at the cheaper price.


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