Print your own custom makeup with Mink

For the ladies, if you’re crazy about makeup then here’s something to look forward to. Take a look at Mink, a personal desktop printer that lets you print your own makeup with your chosen color.

In essence, Mink works just like a regular inkjet printer. However, instead of paper and regular printer ink, it uses substrates (raw makeup) and cosmetic-grade ink. All the user needs to do is find any image with the shade of color they like (e.g. Facebook Blue, YugaTech Yellow, Instagram Brown), use an already-existing software like Photoshop to pick the color, and just print it out on the Mink.


The Mink is still under development and will initially cost around $300 when it hits shelves.

“We are going to live in a world in which you can just take a picture of your friend’s lipstick and just print it out,” said Grace Choi, CEO and Founder of Mink. “The definition of beauty is something they (the customers) should be able to control, not the corporations.”

For a better understanding of Mink, I’ll let the CEO do the talking. Watch her presentation below:

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  1. Justin

    “CONVENIANCE”?!?! For someone who went to Harvard Business School, she sure can’t spell for s#it.


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