Smart launches Plug ‘n Talk Service

Smart introduced the other day this mobile-in-a-USB product called Plug ‘n Talk. It’s basically targeted to OFWs which allows them to call and text from a PC abroad to any cellphone or landline number in the Philippines.

The rates looks the same as your regular mobile rates in the country except that incoming calls and SMS are free which some might find attractive.

smart plug n talk

Calling to a Smart mobile number costs Php7.50/min, Php8.50 to a landline and other networks. sending text messages to Smart costs Php1.00 and Php2.00 to other networks and landline.

The gadget is a USB device included in the kit that costs Php1,800 and comes with a Smart Pinoy SIM as well as an earphone with mic.

Again, it stresses that incoming calls and text messages are free so this service is obviously for people on international roaming. More about this on their FAQ page here.

I’m not familiar with the existing services but if our OFW readers here can share their opinion and compare their current service to this one, it would be helpful to others as well.

Disclosure: Smart is an advertiser on this blog and several other blogs I author.

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  1. i think this will be a good thing cheaper and more flexible than skype or messenger at least your party don’t need to be on internet to get calls from you

  2. just to inform you all that the plug n talk service is not working and the smart call centers are not smart at all.

    i made an overseas call to their call center only to be passed around and later on referred to another call center – who asked me to call the first call center that i originally contacted! nakakainis lang. sayang ang pera sa pagbili ng usb and sayang ang pera na bayad sa calls ng call center nila.

  3. bobong matalino

    ok talaga to, kasi ang mga tinatawagan ko wla namang mga pc sa pinas, cguro yung nag iinsist dito na mag skype lahat cguro na tinatawagan nila may pc, oh cguro laging may dalang backpack na ang laman pc pag umaalis…hahaha…hay think! think! think naman kayo!!!

  4. Juan dela Cruz

    Sending and receiving SMS through is a plus for having this device as well as incoming call.

    But for outgoing call, I doubt it. There’s a lot of phone cards and voip companies which offer cheaper rates in calling the Philippines. Using the computer to place a call should be cheaper, look how magicjack does it.

    I have and it cost me $0.11 to call a land line and $0.1330 to call a mobile phone.

    And the good thing is, I get to assign a local US number to my contacts in the Philippines. I can contact them anytime w/o using a computer.

    There are similar voip providers that offer the same service.

  5. i compared this one to magicjack actually masmura p rin ang SMART kung ibabase mo sa peso at dollas magicjack charges you for 18cents vs 11cents for smart plug and play and realiable coz u can text and call them kahit saan sila lalo na kung ttwagan mo eh yun matatanda na di naman gumagamit ng PC

  6. Check this website first:

    or view this video so you can make a better judgement on PLUG N TALK. I think this is a good innovation and would benefit a lot of OFWs.

  7. Plug And Talk still expensive. I suggest to have our relatives in the Philippines to call us instead.

    Globe has TiPIDD service at only P2.50 per min
    PLDT has the Budget Card at only P3.00 per min

    So that’s more than 50% savings instead of plug and talk. Very convenient pa since hindi kailangan ng PC or internet at all.

  8. Donatello

    Well if you’re in the US, you can get to send text as if you were just in the PI. Receive calls and texts also. Site that sells the device in the US and cheap load too:

  9. I really think this Plug ‘n Talk should have been better if it was like magicjack or if Smart had a service similar to SunCel’s unlimited calls (within their network) for a fixed monthly subscription.

    Nevertheless, I am glad Smart started this service for the other providers to follow. This is way cheaper than SkypeOut or any other VOIP providers when calling to the Phils.

  10. my plug n’ talk is a waste of not buy this! i bought one & brought it here in the states so i can use it while im on vacation..eventhough my laptop is top of the line & dsl connection is fast..the first time i used it the voice was so slow..there was a long lag..i emailed smart about it and they asked me around 20 questions regarding technical stuffs about my comp n connection. the reason i bought this because they said u just plug then automatically u can use they are asking me about technical not that techie…2ndly, they said there will be an initial load..i did not received any..3rdly, i inquired at their smart center before i left on how to use it & how to load, no one from their customer service knows how to use plug n talk… and lastly now i tried using it again, now the loading box appears but after a while closes without the dial pad appearing so in short I was not able to use it again..i tried using it on 3 different laptops..the dialpad still never launches by itself. BE WARNED PLUG N” TALK IS A WASTE OF MONEY…DO NOT BUY IT!!

  11. Wag makinig kay Margo at Jay. Taga-Globe ‘yan!!!

  12. Texting is really the strength of the plug n talk. I have it on my office pc. Looks like i am doing work when I am actually sending some texts. Going to buy a second one for my home PC. Where can I buy one in the US? This site recommends some sites online but I was hoping to just pick one up in a store.



  14. update lng po.this is an efficient calling device in countries where internet and ISPs are not restrictive like in UAE.pls.take note that this VOIP from SMART is a direct competition for all local telcos,anywhere in the world.why? kc you are using a foreign telco(smart/pldt),conducting telecom business in a foreign land without tariffs and duties(all revenues sa smart yan)and walla!you are a guilty party to it!hehehehe,ngayon m lang na deduce yan? anyways kung san mas mura at libre dun tayo di ga kabayan;and thanks nga pala sa smart kc my promos cla like all text and all calls unlimited!! pwede sa plug n text.un lang sa customer service, bigyan nio palagi ng access sa promo nio ha, kami mga OFW.basta detected ng system na plug n talk ang ng access sa abroad yan!!timang na lang yun nagamit nito sa pinas mismo,di ga kabayang SMART CUSTOMER SERVICE??

  15. smart plug n talk is working anywhere in the world. i’ve been using it for almost a year now. piso ang text from abroad to phils, 6.50 ang call from abroad to phils. pwede makarecv ng unli text at unli calls from the phils. saan ka pa ba mas makakasulit? di naman po ako nag promote ng smart pero so far, ito ang pinaka accessible at murang paraan para makapag communicate tayo sa mga mahal natin sa buhay sa pinas.
    YM at skype pwede lang kapag me PC ang kausap. free text sa YM pero kelangang mag reply ang ka text na cp sa YM but costs 2.50 pesos per text.
    chikka, limited up to 30 text per day sa globe, 20 text per day sa smart at 30 text per day sa sun.
    fring, cp to cp voip pero kelangan me fring account din ang kausap mo sa pinas.
    now guys, weigh down these pros and cons and you shall be the judge asto what mode of comm is the best for us OFWs….

    • Tama ka try ko na lahat ng sinabi nyo..and as ive heard sa tingin ko mura yung Plug N’ Talk..Ask ko lang pO hanggang nagyon po ba nag wowork pa ang Plug N’ Talk dito sa Japan?gusto ko sanang bumili kaso baka hindi na po pwede..let me know po,pls?

  16. I live in USA but I call many people in the Philippines who use Smart Cell phones. 9 out of 10 calls drop. The service is the worst I have ever heard or seen. I have traveled and called all over the world, and Smart Phone is the WORST i have ever encountered. That company needs to be put out of business until they can provide better service. All of the other reviews i Have seen online about them saying it is a good service, are probably written by there own company employees. If this service was in the USA they would have gone out of business so fast for providing lousy service. Save yourself aggravation and don’t use there service. They really suck!!

  17. be careful about this unit. very unreliable. the second unit i bought last only for 3 months while the first one was also the same.
    i sent an email to the customer support but no response.
    most of the problems seems software and there is no online support to solve the issue.
    the unit is supposed to be used while the pinoys are abroad but how could you return the unit if found defective when you are abroad.

  18. Euthor

    I never even heard of this product from smart. No ads on tv, flyers or billboards.

  19. My mother is in isarel and communictaions for us took a lot of expense. I’m looking something cheaper and able to connect us anytime we want. if I’m going to buy that Smart plug and talk for my mother is it ready for her to use that? Does she needs to register for something just like using roaming sim can i avail that and accessible for me to buy. i’m working here in makati along pasong tamo extension. What was the latest price

  20. know where i can buy 1? im here in japan.or any idea how to avail?

  21. Hi Po,i just want to ask if the Plug N’ Talk po ba ay pwede magamit d2 sa Japan?Let me know pls??Thanks


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