So, What’s our 2011 Gadget of the Year?

I did three TV guestings/interviews today (all about Top Tech Trends of 2011) and while I’m waiting for the 4th one this afternoon, I thought I’d ask our readers here about the best gadgets that came out in 2011.

There were so many gadgets and tech toys that came out this year it’s really hard to pick one that tops them all. So instead of doing my top 10, I thought I’d ask my readers which ones they loved the most.

So here are the candidates for the top gadget of the year.

Samsung Galaxy SII. The S2 became an early favorite among Android fans and has set the standard for flagship smartphones in 2011.

Apple iPhone 4S. Still a very strong contender this year, despite the late release in the Philippines. One of the very few devices people crazily line up to just to get the first units.

Nokia N9. Represented a different face for Nokia and has attracted a lot of attention for being one of a kind because of Meego.

Asus Transformer. The Taiwanese company’s version of a tablet-cum-netbook provided a different approach with its unique form factor.

Microsoft XBox Kinect (Project Natal). It all started with the Nintendo Wii but Microsoft sets it up a notch with the Project Natal.

Macbook Air 2011. Slim, light and powerful — the 2011 Macbook Air has actually replaced Apple’s Macbook as its entry-level offering.

Asus Zenbook. Arguably the closest competitor to the Macbook Air and one of the most popular ultrabook that came out this year.

Nintendo 3DS. Nntendo’s portable gaming device, the 3DS, has amazed a lot with its glasses-less display and loads of fun games.

Apple iPad 2. This second-generation iPad from Apple quickly ran out fo stock when it hit the Philippines, despite it’s very late entry.

BlackBerry Curve. It’s hard to ignore the surveys — the BlackBerry Curve is the most popular smartphone in the country, thanks to the telcos subsidy and giving it away for free at very low postpaid plans.

Go hit the comments and let your vote be counted. At the end of the day, no gadget is really awesome unless people actually go out and buy them.

In the honorable mention (really worth mentioning) are devices like the Motorola Droid Razr, LG Optimus 2X, HTC Sensation series, BlackBerry Bold 9900, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 & 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony-Ericsson Xperia Play, Samsung Galaxy Note, the Smart TVs from LG, Sony & Samsung, the Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Series 9, Sony PlayStation Move, Canon 600D and Acer Aspire S3.

I’ve never had a full review of Samsung’s Smart LED 3D TVs but the two instances I have had an overnight stay with the Samsung Smart TV a couple of months ago (see story here) gave me wet dreams. If only I have the chance to get one of them 60+ inchers to set up at home, that would be the day. 2011 is indeed also the year of Smart TVs. Besides, I really need to replace that 32-inch Samsung TV I bought a couple years ago.

If you’re wondering about my vote, I’m placing it under the Galaxy Note.

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  1. Jay Castillo

    for me, Apple rules.i bought MacBook Air, iPad2 and iPhone 4 this year .. i’m planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Note next year.

  2. My opinion:

    1.) Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    – Software Support (main perk)
    – Awesome display despite being PenTile
    – Pentaband GSM
    – I got one for Christmas

    2.) Samsung Galaxy Note
    – Phone/Tablet hybrid
    – Awesome HD display
    – Supports GPS/AGPS/GLONASS navigation
    – Battery Life
    – Powerful CPU/GPU (though not quad core)

  3. Galaxy Note…

  4. Samsung galaxy note! One-of-a-kind!

  5. hands down, samsung galaxy s2 , still waiting for ICS…

  6. William Co

    I am tempted to say the Galaxy Note, since I feel it is the best Available phone to date, but my Vote goes to the….

    GAlAXY S2

    The original Galaxy S was the breakthrough android device, the one Android phone that was equal to the iPhone but it was the GALAXY S2 that cemented the Galaxy line and SURPASSED the iPhone in terms of performance (With it’s speedier processor), and it is also at around that point in time that the Android marketplace reach a point where even if it is not iTunes Marketplace in size, you can find almost everything you need on the Android Marketplace, so it’s the perfect timing, makes even a few iOS fan wants to switch.

    Without the S2’s success, the Note would still be on the drawing board :) So while I love my Note better, the S2 is my gadget of the year.

  7. the galaxy s2 is still the best. few phones survive this long in the market and it is still one of the most powerful smartphone.

  8. jaiconruedas

    I have it and I am more than satisfied.
    Galaxy S II

  9. I will go for S2.. its an awesome phone..despite of each big size it still maintained its slim body.. plus you can do a lot of its OS if you know how to… Its fast and its easy to use. I do have an eye for the iphone 4S but I have tried ios before and sorry i don’t like it that much..

  10. I would have to say it’s the Samsung Galaxy S2! However, I have a round up of the hottest gadgets from Taiwan. Check it out –

  11. I have a blackberry and it works very well for me. I’m pleased with it.

  12. 1. Galaxy Nexus
    2. Galaxy Note
    3. Galaxy S2

    I’m not a Samsung fanboy but we can’t deny the fact that they did produced amazing phones in 2011. iphone 4s is good but it was not in anyway groundbreaking or marvelous, it’s just an iphone 4 with a better processor.

  13. Papapau

    1st Honorable Mention…

    – Droid RAZR.. Par with S2, but with slicker design… ^^

    But yes, I definitely agree with S2 as #1!!!

  14. Though I like the Jewel-like appeal of Iphone4, I will go for S2 for its performance & a a more all around capabilities. It is, for me, the best compromise between tablet and phone.

  15. I like the jewel-like appeal of iphone4 but i will go for S2 for performance and a more all around capabilities. It is for me the best compromise between a tablet and a phone.

  16. Asus Transformer all the way! Walang binatbat Samsung sa bilis ng updates ng Asus!

  17. Samsung Galaxy note for me :)

  18. HTC Sensation!

  19. i dont own one pero i believe Samsung Galaxy S2 ang phenomenal and breakthrough gadget of the year.

  20. iPhone 4s and iPad2! Great combination! Walang nag ccrash na apps unlike sa android,, smooth operation, superb battery life, customer satisfaction guaranteed!

    • Dude! You’ve got to be kidding me. Can you kindly explain to me now why my Facebook app, browser, app store, google+ app, nfs shift is crashing and freezing sometimes on my iphone 4s. I am not jailbroken. It also happens on my previous iphone 4.

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