SOL Republic Amps & Amps HD arrives in PH

In addition to the Tracks and Tracks HD, SOL Republic also launched two in-ear monitors in the country, the Amps and Amps HD.

Design-wise, these two IEMs look very identical to each other with the exception of the flat, “tangle-free” wire on the Amps HD. Both earphones have a curved in-ear design to match the ear’s natural shape and a right-angle connector for ease of use when connected to a media player.

sol republic amps hd philippines

Aesthetics aside, the real difference between the two IEMs lies in the sound quality that each of them produces. Based on our short time with the earphones during the launch event, the Amps HD had a much fuller sound than its slightly more affordable sibling.

The SOL Republic Amps and Amps HD are available are available at Pismo Digital Lifestyle store located at the East Wing of Shangri-La Mall and is being retailed for Php4,000 and Php6,000 respectively.

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