Sony MDR-1R officially lands, sells for Php12,899

A couple of days back, Sony held a mini-concert at the pub within BGC area which was spearheaded by their two new brand ambassadors Ely Buendia and Bamboo Manalac. The event also marks the local debut of the Japanese firm’s latest premium headphones offering –the Sony MDR-1R.

sony mdr-r1

The Sony MDR-1R is available in three variants; MDR-1R, MDR-1RBT and MDR-1RNC. The first two cans are technically the same specs-wise, while the latter is a notch better than its siblings on paper. Moreover, the MDR-1RNC has noise-cancelling features while the MDR-1RBT is wireless and syncs to a device through Bluetooth.

mdr specs

As mentioned earlier, the Sony MDR-1R is gonna set you back Php12,899 apiece while the better-endowed MDR-1RNC retails for Php21,499. As for the Bluetooth-touting model, Sony has yet to announce its price, but expect it to be a tad pricier than its corded counterpart.

Along with the MDR-1Rs, Sony Philippines also has something for the bass-heads out there as they launched a pair of new headphones under the XB (Xtra Bass) sub-category; MDR-XB920 and MDR-XB610.

sony mdr-xb920

Design-wise, the two is almost identical to each other. The only immediately discernible difference is that the MDR-XB920 is single-corded while the MDR-XB610 has a pair of cords hanging on each cup. In addition, the latter doesn’t have the accents/ holes on sides of the brace that adds a bit of flare to its pricier sibling.

Now, here’s a quick look at these XB-series specs:

sony mdr-xb specs

The Sony MDR-XB920 retails for Php10,999. On the other hand, the Sony MDR-XB610 can be had for Php6,499. These headphones, as well as the MDR-R1s are now available at Sony Concept stores and authorized dealers and resellers. For more info about these cans, you can check out Sony PH’s website here.

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  1. abuzalzal

    You must be nuts to pay Php13k for a pair of headphones….I’m pretty sure this is a pair of POS overrated cans, just like BEATS…..

    Andaming bang for buck headphones diyan tulad ng AUDIO TECHNICA at DENON….Huwag bumili ng SENNHEISER kasi na-aagnas yung coating sa ibabaw ng foam…maganda siya kaso na-aagnas

    • High end headphones are expensive, case in point: Beyerdynamics DT 880/990 Pro, they are regarded as one of the best reference monitoring headphones,and the 990 Pro retails here for 19k, so shut it and don’t compare Beats to this headphones.

      Anyway, nice looking headphones there Sony :)

    • bokbok

      Don’t compare beats to sony. Sony has been manufacturing headphones since the 80s. Until now I’ve been using my father’s MDR 7506 & it still giving me a crisp sound.

    • Jethro

      Nuts for paying 13k for headphones?
      Yeah, the word bang for the buck IS overrated when it comes to the audiophile world…

      13k is quite the norm for audiophile Headphones… AKG K550s, Sennheiser HD 598s, You should get the idea.

      Hell even 20k for really good Headphones are cheap. It’s the 40k range that’s overpriced. and the Amplifiers.

    • appleseed

      kanya kanya lang yan, parang mga photographers, bumibili yan ng 95,000 pesos na lens para sa camera nila. kung iisipin mo, its a piece of glass :)

  2. Not a apple fan boy but apple’s new headset is awesome. The sound is so clear and it’s so lightweight you can’t even feel it in your ears. Price? Bought it for 500php and that’s a steal.

  3. dami mo angal..e h can afford sila bumili
    palibhasa dukha ka hahaha…

  4. potato

    I gave these a listen a few weeks back and they sounded very good, nice and clear with a pretty flat EQ. They don’t feel as rock solid as the M50s do but they look better in my opinion and 12k is perfectly acceptable for sound quality this good

  5. kebbot

    Iam using it right now for almost 3months…. Kinda pricy here…16k at 1st release. The looks is a plus for me…. Nice clear sound. Less bass i think. (so to those people who really want very loud headset this is not for you)…

    • lolwut

      How bout the durability and comfort? Is it worth the price?

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