Sony PlayStation 4 has finally arrived

Sony’s highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 from has finally reached our shore and it tagged along a few accessories for a more immersive gaming experience.

The grand launch also marks the start of retail of the PlayStation 4 in the country. The basic package (console + controller) costs Php24,999, and an additional two grand will get you a PS Camera along with the PS4. You can also opt for a console + game bundle and choose between Killzone: Shadow Fall (Php26,899) or Battlefield 4 (Php27,399).

playstation 4 philippines

To further sweeten the deal, Sony Philippines is throwing an additional 1-year warranty on top of the of the standard warranty if you purchase the console at their booth located at the Glorietta Activity Center from today until tomorrow.

If you can’t make it to their booth, we were told that the PlayStation will only be available at select Sony Centers locate around Metro Manila, Cebu, CDO, Davao and Pampanga. Sadly, a Sony representative also told us that stocks are limited, so the sooner you can get your hands on of these units, the better.

dualshock 4 philippines

In addition to their new console, Sony Philippines has also launched a handful of additional gears to go along with the PlayStation 4. This includes the new Dualshock 4 controller (Php3,399) which comes in Black, Red and Blue, a DualShock Charging dock and a fancy head-mounted display called HMZ-T3W which costs Php49,999 and is said to be available in April or May.

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  1. mang andhoy

    its a wow!! wish to have one!!

  2. Finally arrived? I swear they have been on sale for over a month at toys r us?

  3. Finally arrived meaning its an official product by sony philippines, the other systems that you saw over the past month was imported from other countries.

  4. Not much to get excited with. Most stores already have them at same if not lower prices. Hope sony phil throwed in some freebies along with the warranty to really make it exciting and worth the track to glorietta. Sorry Sony Philippines but a lame markeing here.

    • Typical Pinoy comment. Kung mag comment akala mo naman mas magaling. Bumuli ka na lang ng import kung ayaw mo suportahan ang Sony Philippines. or better STFU.

    • Yeah back at you Digest, If you have no inteligent comment then STFU FU.

    • Yeah, back at you DIGEST, if you have mo intelligent remarks then STFU, fag.

    • What you say DiGest, mr wise guy. Buy Import? Would you say then that the ps4’s being sold by sony phil are locally made and not import as well? I supported datablitz for buying from them, last i heard they are a filipino company and paid philippine peso for it. Hey DIGEST, mr wise guy, each to his own. You can comment all you want but STFU?, really thats the beat a wise guy can say. Then back at you Digest, The mr wise guy.

    • 3 comments from 1 comment. Ouch?

      Kelangan mo ba talaga mag comment ng tatlong beses, pwede naman ilagay sa isang comment lang.

      Trey, I think you’re retarded.

    • Kung di ka aware na kung hindi dahil sa Sony, hindi ibababa ng Datablitz etc yung price nila dati na nasa 32K

    • Nice comeback mr wise guy. Just goes to show you have nothing to say but a very nice comeback. Not even the issue, but hey you’re the wise guy you should know better. Digest, mr wise guy. Oh and Pixel , the saling pusa, nope they already had it at that price even last yr way ahead of sony. Hope you do your homework before pretending. Also his issue was supporting imports but the wise guy knows what that means thats why he said”STFU”. Had he not mentioned that”@#*%” then everything would be fine but he likes this kind of posts e. Really eh mr. wise guy.

    • Holy fucking crap. The stupidity of this Trey is incredible.

      Mag Tagalog ka na nga lang ulol. Sobrang trying hard mag English, nakakasakit ulo at nakakainsulto sa mga Pilipinong marunong mag English ng matino. Pa Mr wise guy ka pa dyan ng paulit-ulit. Para kang sirang plaka. Wala nang ibang maisip na expression.

  5. We should support Sony Philippines by buying the PS4 and not from other dealers(imported). This reason might be the initiative to count Philippines,as a country and permanent address, in creating PSN account.

  6. guys please help! Any suggestions for great ps3 games out there? masyado pang mahal ang ps4 eh. thanks!

  7. jr.kilat

    sir may free trial ba to sa playstation plus?

  8. I think the PS3 has been the worst piece of consumer electronics I’ve ever owned, so I’m planning to pass on the PS4.

    I had my PS3 repaired 3 times. First, the lens died. Replaced the lens. Then the YLOD (yellow light of death). Had it reballed. Then the jet-engine sounding fan after the reballing. Repaired again a 3rd time. And finally, another YLOD. No more repairs, it’s not worth it.

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