Testing out Delsey’s Zip Securi Tech Luggage

A couple of weeks ago the local distributor of French luggage manufacturer, Delsey, met up with me to give me one of their traveling bags and promised it will help secure my gadgets when I’m on foreign trips.

So I promised that on my next trip abroad, I’ll use the bag. So here I am on our event coverage in Jakarta for RIM/BlackBerry, lugging along a fairly large bag for a mere 3-day event.

The promise of security revolved around the zippers. With most traveling bags we see around, the zippers can be easily pried open by a knife or even a ball-point pen along the zipper lines (go ahead, try it with any of your bags at home using a ballpen).

See this funny video below to see how easily it can be done.

They’re so gung-ho about their patented double-zipper technology that they’re doing a public challenge for anyone to break into one of their bags (this particular model that I am using). I’ve seen it in the malls (2nd or 3rd floor of SM Makati for one) since last week.

So far, it has lived to its promise and the zipper can withstand some amount of prying. Of course, it’s not really 100% secure as there are many other ways to grab items from inside your zipped-up bag.

This particular bag retails for about Php10,990 and can be found at any Travel Club store at the big malls. A bit pricey, I would say, but if that helps prevent your precious items from being stolen then it’s not a bad bargain.

In this trip, I actually stored several gadgets in the bag just to keep things real — that includes two Olympus PEN cameras that were loaned to me. Fortunately, they were still in the bag when we arrived in Jakarta.

You can check out their FB Page here although I’ve also talked to them about giving away one of these bags to our readers here.

Disclosure: Delsey gave me this bag for free and promised to give a new bag to one of our readers here.

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  1. >.< out of my budget when I saw it in SM Department Store.

    But I like the concept, even with the key locks it just shows that if the bag is penetrated it cannot be locked again but your items can still be stolen…

    Hopefully prices can go down around 6k then its a real deal :)

  2. Billy Andrew Sy

    Wow! I’ve been meaning to buy the same bag as well! Still waiting for it to go on sale though. :)

  3. Also bought one with the Zip Securi Tech Luggage feature, but a different model a few months back. After several trips both local and abroad, it’s good as advertised. (Though the only time I left something valuable inside was when I had a laptop with me on a trip to SG).

    Kinda pricey, but was able to get a 20% discount during one of the mallwide sales.

  4. benchmark

    Hmmm well maybe a cutter can do the ripping of the zipper…I don’t know.

  5. Geff Chang
    Twitter: geffchang

    Sana ako ang manalo sa isang bag. Kailangan ko na kasi ng traveling bag. Pang business trip! :D

  6. i have tried that ballpoint pen trick on my mom’s luggage when she forgot her keys, it does work. that makes me think that luggages are not as secure we want them to be, especially if they are out of our sight.

  7. It is a nice bag that is essential for traveler. However, the security of things inside it is not an insurance that your things will not be stolen or snatch.

  8. ok yan ah

  9. i’ll get the free one!

  10. Agnes Dc
    Twitter: magz_dc

    super nice bag though it’s pricey. kyoot din ng commercial hehe

  11. I think a lot of newer branded travel bags have “impenetrable” zippers. Of course, it’s not the only way of getting into your bag, so diligence is still the best when travelling.

    This would be awesome to win, though, if you put one up for a contest. =)

  12. Wow, Sir Abe! I want one. This would really come in handy once I get an opportunity to travel, which would after four years pa siguro when I’m no longer busy with residency. Haha!

  13. testdummy

    Saw it in travel club and was impressed with that anti-theft feature. Since I do a lot of travelling, that would be a big help, and for my peace of mind.

  14. Leo
    Twitter: leosmorales

    san nila ginagawa yung public challenge nila? kung mbuksan nung challenger anu gagawin nila?

  15. A bit off-topic here. Yuga, I really enjoy reading your blog so much that I’ve subscribed to your feeds. Thanks for your posts which are always interesting. You might want to engage a proofreader though :-) More power sir!

  16. I have three Delsey’s equipped with Zip Securi Tech. Yeah it’s a bit pricey but you get your money’s worth. They’re pretty sturdy and most of all light!

  17. ako kaya ako bumili nung wenger luggage ko, dahil yung sa lock niya na nakakapit sa bag, para if ever mabukasan hindi nila maiikot ang zipper to close the bag ulit, aside from the lock na kasama sa bag, nilalagyan ko din ng padlock


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