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March 23, 2014

How much are you willing to pay for a smartwatch?

This week, wearable technology became huge with Google’s announcement of Android Wear, the operating system that will run wearables; however, for now, lights are on the smartwatch. Along with that, Motorola unveiled the Moto 360 and LG silently did so too with the G Watch.

nexus smartwatch concept

Smartwatches have been slowly gaining traction for a few months now; Razer jumped in with the Nabu wristband, Samsung caught our attentions with the Gear Fit, Pebble has already sold 400,000 smartwatches and there’s a lot more. So far, in the Philippines, we’re not yet getting a good idea of the smartwatch’s market potential; some of the popular ones found locally are the first Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch – both of which are devices people are still hesitant to buy. Then there’s the Cherry Mobile G1 watchphone that caught a lot of Filipino’s eyes because of its functions and price, but that’s not really a smartwatch.

When you are presented with a beautiful device that wraps around your wrist, acts as an extension of your smartphone, gets your notifications and gives you the information that you need without looking weird (plus a few new features, waterproofing or whatnot), how much would you pay for it? Pebble’s smartwatches are selling for $149 to $249 in the US while Samsung’s Gear Fit and Gear 2 are at around $199 and $299; that’s playing in the range of Php6,500 to Php13,500; with that said, there’s a great possibility that this year’s upcoming smartwatches will be priced similarly when launched.

When the storm comes, are you willing to pay that price? Feel free to leave your answers, comments and opinions in the section down below.

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17 Responses to “How much are you willing to pay for a smartwatch?”

  1. wew says:

    kung ako cguro e hanggang 10k lng…max n un…willing ako sa price n yan basta fully loaded n ng features ung smartwatch.more than that hindi na.wala naman masyadong advantages ung smartwatch pag kinumpara sa smartphone para mapapayag akong gumastos ng mas malaki jan.

  2. chris chew says:

    Around 5k – 8k. For me ok lang basta wag lumampas sa introductory price ng mga mid range smartphones (global brands). Baka kasi mas mahal pa yung smartwatch kaysa sa gamit na phone.

  3. epiqpwnage says:

    5k below. It is supposed to be an extension for your smartphone and not an alternative to, so it shouldn’t cost more than a midrange smartphone

  4. lok says:

    G-Shock Bluetooth watch…

  5. nego
    Twitter: iamogen

    Sony Smartband is interesting. nasa 4-5K lang :)

  6. blitz says:

    Around 3,500.00 only. Moto 360 for the win! :)

  7. proftom says:

    5-8K for me is ok. i’m not buying if beyond that. will definitely buy if below.

  8. abuzalzal says:

    A wristwatch that has to be charged everyday! how convenient!

    I’d probably test-drive one first from a friend before buying and see if it clicks

    Php5k for me

    • Abudakdak says:

      Ma’am paano magtest drive ng wristwatch? Kailangan ba idaan sa highway para fully tested talaga?

  9. Easy E says:

    php3k for a smartwatch that is an extension of a smartphone; php5k for a full-featured smartwatch.

  10. roiji
    Twitter: roiji

    6k max. depending on feature..

    Really looking forward to the Moto360.
    I hope it’s cheap, unlike the Galaxy Gears.

  11. Jamaes says:

    Mga 500 to 1000 at most.

  12. DTech says:

    10k Max… but must be worth the K. lol

  13. Toni says:

    well, it depends on what would be the function of the watch, if it would just be an extension of my phone then around 1-3K but it would function like a sports watch where it would track my heartbeat and record my achievements then 3k-5k, but if it’s smart enough to function like a smartphone, then around 10k, since I suppose I would not be able to play on an itsy bitsy tiny screen

  14. Pangkama says:

    I bought that gear 1 for 6990. Its a steal from its original price of 14k.

  15. angelo says:

    Not willing to pay anything. I’ll just buy a regular watch that I can use for more than 10 years rather than a smartwatch that will be out of date within a year or two and no longer usable after 3+ years because of the limitation of the lithium-ion batteries.

  16. Pinhead says:

    for sure… price takes a wide variety of concern…
    anu p nga ba habol ntin?
    -wide functions

    in short: more price = more features diba?

    pwes kung cheap ka canvas k nlng ng less features i’m sure less price din un ahahaha…

    pero ako? gsto ko pag ipunan kung lifetime use nmn khit pumatak p ng 12k above assured ka nmn n di k mapagiiwanan at ung gadget n nabili mo considered as legendary s future

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