Asus ProArt PA246Q Professional Monitor

Had this large monitor by Asus for a couple of weeks now but have not had the time to unbox it. So I checked it out again and saw it’s not your ordinary kind of PC monitor – the Asus ProArt PA246Q is one of those rare, professional-grade monitors.

It’s got that cold, thick, industrial-type design devoid of any eye-candy but what it lacks in looks, it makes it up with a slew of specs and features.

This 24.1″ display comes with a matte-finish screen with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, and swivels in all 3 directions (up, side and diagonally).

  • P-IPS panel with 98% Adobe RGB coverage and 178° wide viewing angle
  • QuickFit Function instantly boost design efficiency by providing real-size document, photo, and grid on screen
  • Built-in USB hubs and 7-in-1 card reader for instant connection

Panel Size: Wide Screen 24.1″ (61.13cm) 16:10
Color Saturation : 98%(Adobe RGB), 100%(sRGB), 102%(NTSC)
Panel Type : P-IPS
True Resolution : 1920×1200
Full HD 1080P : Yes
Pixel Pitch : 0.270mm
Brightness(Max) : 400 cd/㎡
ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) : 50000:1
Viewing Angle (CR≧10) : 178°(H)/178°(V)
Response Time : 6ms (Gray to Gray)
Display Colors : 1073.7M (10bit)

Signal Input : HDMI ,D-Sub, DisplayPort, DVI-D
AV Audio Input : HDMI 1.3
Earphone jack : 3.5mm Mini-Jack (for HDMI & DisplayPort Only)
USB Port(s) : 1 x upstream, 2 x downstream
Card Reader : SD, MS, MS Pro, MS Duo, xD, MMC, SM

To top it all off, the box also contains all the needed connectors — DVI cable, VGA cable, DisplayPort cable and USB cable.

Been looking for this in stores but have found none. Even the local online stores does not list it so we’re still not sure how much the retail price is. I reckon it’s not going to be cheap (probably in the vicinity of Php20k?). Will post an update once it’s available.

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  1. Finally, an IPS monitor in the local market (but where?) and not just an IPS, but a P-IPS. I bet it’s going to be expensive. I was looking forward to an E-IPS because it would have been cheaper (maybe as much as a TN one).

  2. hitachi/panasonic and lg are the owners of the ips panel tech so better look for their models to get one easily. LG interchanges their panel with an ips or tn ones depending on their supplies. with LG you can find on the serial code on the box the type of panel used.

  3. Ethan Tremblay

    just wanna ask is this like a wacom? Like you can draw using its touchscreen capabilities? hehehe I really am just a rookie in the computer world and I’m quite interested and curious in the terms and stuff about it. Hehehehe tnx

  4. Richard

    $483 shipped from PC Connection.
    $501 with free shipping from

    not cheap at all.

  5. Poche, I am aware about that, but they are not selling their IPS products in the country (not even in Japan, though they licensed NEC to sell IPS monitors there). There are many people scouting for IPS monitors (not TVs) even in Digital Photographer PH forums and the only people who got IPS monitors are usually getting secondhand Dells.

    So far, I never heard them interchanging IPS panels with TN ones for “non-professional” monitors. For Samsung, yes, they do a panel lottery but for their TN monitors. I have 3 P2270 and one of them is an S panel. The other is something like AU Optoelectronics’ or CMO I think. But then, the panel is still TN and not between TN and S-PVA. Besides, I also need something that I can swivel into a portrait orientation (no HDMI needed, DisplayPort or perhaps HDBaseT if that ever happens, will do).

    Now, if you are aware which particular LG monitor models (I tried LG PH website, nothing there) have a chance of it getting an IPS monitor, please post back and TIA for that.

  6. @Fleeb
    LG doesnt put in their websites if a particular model has ips panel even if it does. just look at the serial code on the box before buying if it has the letter W it is an ips panel for ex: PHSWLUR(also some box has an ips sticker on it). take note that you are not looking at the serial number which is found below the serial code and barcode.

  7. I don’t think they will identify their monitors as IPS, the price will be the hint if it is one. Plus checking the specs when buying one. Sales persons don’t even know these terms.

  8. Name: Ben

    There are IPS displays in the local market although not as common as their TN counterparts.

    PCHub sold 27″ and 30″ Dell Ultrasharps 2 months ago in TPC. They rebooted their TPC listing a month ago but I doubt that they don’t have stocks of the monitors in their stores. Some local stores also carry 27″ Apple Cinema displays. Both brands are over MSRP (like most tech in this country).

  9. 24k based on HWM Magazine :)

  10. 27″ Dell – that I did not know about. Apple’s 27″ Cinema Display is an overkill and really pricey for my needs (that I am even inclined to use my 32″ IPS “TV” just to view images in a wider color gamut / saturation – one can now be bought for as low as 21k). A 1920×1200 <=24" screen like this one would suffice.

    The part I don't understand is why the panel type is not indicated. I mean IPS = usually for professional use. If you sell a monitor intended for professional use (thus more expensive) but you may possibly get a TN panel instead, that is like deception. UNLESS, we are talking about E-IPS, but a lack of components supply, some monitors that are sold initially with such display are fitted with TNs instead (since they are sold at the same price level).

    (I wasn't in the market for new monitors for a long time now so I have a lot of catching up to do with regards to these IPS monitors as my TN with CFL backlight – not even LED – are still serving me well but are due for replacement soon :D)

    Hmmm 24k…

  11. This is different from what they have before.

  12. florencia

    wow. ang astig naman nian. haha. lalo na siguro kung touch screen.

  13. Why did I just discovered this?

    This model reviewed is included in that list. LG do have an IPS monitor – which is clearly labeled having an IPS panel if you go to LG SG website and see the specs.


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