Fun Finds: 40″ Toshiba PU200 Power TV for just Php21k

Saw this 40-inch Toshiba LED TV last month while checking out some electronics stores in the malls (I think this was in Robinson’s Malate). They were selling it for just Php21,390 (after cash discount) so I picked up one and used it in the condo.

At that size, I though the Php21k was already a good deal, considering this is a Toshiba (the store was the Robinson’s Appliance Store in Robinson’s Malate).

I actually have an ageing 40-inch Toshiba TV at home and already gave it away to friends earlier this year (among other stuff). It lasted me for many years so I thought it was only fitting I’d get another Toshiba in its stead. I remember buying the old unit for about Php70k in Ansons about three years ago so one can only be amazed how affordable LED TVs are nowadays.

A lot of people were asking where I got this (after posting it on Instagram) and forgot to share the details so here you go. Just right on the budget but large enough for a studio unit. The TV now sits in our Team Tech Squad studio and will be used as backdrop for season 2.

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  1. what are the specs sir? wide viewing angle ba ang panel niya? kasi yung low end TVs ng SAmsung at sony limited ang viewing angle eh. thanks

  2. Ronald

    Motion rate? 60 or 120?

    • Rayvee

      You must be an idiot to think that this thing is 120hz. Have you seen the normative price for 120hz units? Dumbass.

    • Justin

      @Rayvee: Nagtatanong lang yung tao, bro. No need to be offensive. Jerk!

      @Ronald: To answer your question, it’s 50/60Hz.

    • killal

      @Rayvee genius ah..kung makapag point ng konting knowledge sa ibang tao parang walang pinagaralan.

    • @Rayvee… shows no breeding at all.

  3. Nice one! Good discount right there.


    NAKO! if today is december, naregaluhan ko na magulang ko nyan! swerte! great price sa size! i hope sa december, lumabas pa mga cheaper LCD/LED tv para sa magulang ko…need to upgrade their 32″ LG LCD :)

  5. Benj Catipon

    good deal for a 40″ LED, but Automatic Centre in Trinoma 3rd Level sells a Samsung 40″ LED at the price of 19,990…

  6. toshibz

    You can find a cheaper one @ Shangri La Edsa… 19,500php Cash Price :) :)

  7. Verbl Kint

    There are even better bargains. There was a Tosh 40″ PB200 selling below 20k a few months ago.

    There was also a 46″ Tosh PB20 selling for 22k in late Q4 2012 and Q1 2013.

  8. Matagal na ito ah. May special yugatech discount ba kaya na feature?

  9. abuzalzal

    Kung hindi rin lang 120hz capable ang TV na bibilhin ninyo, forget it (lalo na if you watch a LOT of cable TV shows). I find myself using my analog CRT 24-incher most of the time, tapos yung binili ko na 60-hz SHARP 38 inches last year bibihira kong gamitin dahil broadcast TV + 60 hz doesn’t go well together at all..parang cartoons yung galaw and the motion fluidity is awful

    Sayang, dapat nagdagdag na lang ako para napag-ipunan ko yung cheapest na 120hz

    • ikaw @abuzalzal ka, kahit anong post dito puro ka reklamong hayop ka.

    • vovokatalaganoh

      poota puro reklamo sa tv murang-mura na nga un 21k tska wag ka na magsinungaling na bumili ka rin ng ganyang tv cherry mobile lng kasi ang kaya mong iafford,naghihintay ka lng maglabas ng CM TV HAHAHAHA!

  10. ang papanget ng salita ng mga tao rito, or nananadya lang

  11. bagongsaing

    i bought this one last christmas… Sulit! go check it out sa Shang… Listening in Style…

  12. WangCruz

    Where can i find po kaya ng ganyang lcd tv’s tapos sa ganyan din nag rarange ung price? Please help.. Thanks mga sir and God bless!


  14. winslow

    are u giving it away or are we using it as a backdrop :)

  15. paul a.

    please give it to me, i dont have a tv

  16. Good Item. Give it away!

  17. booboo

    Sir Yuga, maybe on your next blog you can explain the difference between LCD, LED, and Plasma. Then include the so-called refresh rate. Maybe kapag malapit na ang Pasko para for people like me who knows nothing in terms of TV specs, eh makatulong sa pagpili ng bagong TV. Gosh, pati sa TV may mga specs na rin pala! LOL.

  18. Thanks sa Yugatech, nabasa ko about yung Toshiba just when I was planning on getting a new set to replace my Matrix HD-Ready LCD TV from 4 years ago. And just after I called Automatic Center branches did I read the comments and voila, I got the Samsung 39-incher (not 40, but what’s 1 inch?) for 19,900 at Anson’s Cash & Carry. Am now catching up on my favorite shows.. Again, hope these sites don’t just tackle mobiles, tables, but also other appliances. I appreciate it..

  19. Super okay naman po so far? Mas maganda po kaya siya kesa sa Samsung UA39EH5003? Hope to get a response po. Planning to buy one for my Mom. :) Thank you!


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