How’s a 42″ LCD TV for just Php23,500?

So I’ve just been told by my friend that the new shipments of the KTC LCD TV have arrived and been delivered to their resellers in Gilmore. Then, there’s the new 42-inch LCD TV too which they sell for only Php23,500.

Can’t believe how cheap they are offering it but considering their 32″ is already at the Php13,999 price point, the price of the 42-incher seemed at par.

I still got the 32″ and the 23″ HD TVs at home since they delivered the test units back in December but I’m curious how the 42-inch model would look like.

The rest of the specs is similar to the older models but will wait for that brochure once they send it to me. See more about the 32″ KTC TV here. The units are available in PC Options, Gaisano Interpace, RSB HQ, etc.

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  1. well atleast tama aq sa explanati0n ni yuga.

    @pusang kal0g-ok yang post mu t0l.hehe.i like it.

  2. oh, sorry for the word.
    the reason why i was able to say those words because i’ve just broke up with my gf.

    i apologize sir yuga and i understand that your site is suffering from hardware failures.

  3. ^ You have issues kid, get a life.

    Hi Yuga, it wasn’t me who commented with profanity. Some guy must’ve used my Gravatar email address.

    @Pusang Kulog — bro, before you compose an essay based on your surmise, you better get acquainted with the word ‘posers’, mmmkay?

  4. Pusang Kulog

    @the JP who claims he’s the original – Di ko ata problema yan brod… Pano naman kami makakasure na iba ka dun sa poser? Di naman ako si Haring Solomon para hatiin yung bata nang malaman kung sino ang tunay na nanay… wehehe…

    I was thinking… Why would a poser use a gravatar that says he is a poser?

  5. fragglerock

    @Pusang kulog: hehehe..

    @yuga: sir abe not to nitpick but is the 10k price disparity between the 32″ and 42″ worth it? i know it’s cheap already but since you’ve seen the unit maybe you can give us more insight. thanks.

  6. the problem with the oem brands are the warranty and after sales service. mahirap magtiis at maperhuwisyo. T_T but knowing that stores in gilmore carries the brand, tingin ko di naman sasablay sa warranty. hindi naman siguro itataya ng mga tindahan pangalan nila sa bagong brand na ito.

  7. fr0stbyte

    I think the problem here is the support you’re entitled to after you buy it. Bigger brands have better warranties in the long run.

  8. mr. bogus



  9. @Pusang Kulog

    Cognitive dissonance, I see. You admit you’re not sure if the poser was the real me, then you come around pretending like a hero with your surmise? Poor you.

  10. Im not sure if this is a good purchase, but better do further research first before buying.

    I’ve seen a Panasonic 42×20 @ 29,500 cash in Shangrila and to compare with this unit, just add 6K and you got a branded unit. But there were also claimed in other forums that they got a factory defect unit [so tsaMbahan lang talaga :)]

    Sir Yuga mentioned shop names in Gilmore. You can also search the shops ratings to view their Positive and Negative feedbacks at

    Make sense?

  11. is there a KTC 18.5 inch?.. how much?..

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  13. @Pusang Kulog

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    Guess you’re nuts after all.

  14. Damn all those stupid people who contradict me!

  15. Base sa picture, pangit ang picture quality nya.

  16. @JP –

    Una, bulag ka… Di si pusang kulog ang nagsabi ng tinuringan mo kundi ako… Si Pusang Tulog…

    Pangalawa, Masyado kang hot my fren… Paingles ingles ka pa… Bakit, sinabi ko bang lahat ng yan eh ikaw? Kabobo mo naman… Nag-generalized na nga ako eh, isip mo ikaw pa rin… Guilty?

    Paano ka natanggap diyan sa kumpanya ninyo?

    Masyado ka atang defensive brod… Duda pa tuloy ako sa pagkalalaki mo kasi masyado kang matalak… Nyehehe…

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  17. Hala.. umaapoy na.. lol.. enough with tat shit and you both get some life. What done is already done and move on with it. Palalakihin nyo pa.. haha

    Back to the real topic

    Sobrang mura nyan for a 42″, I was like “Hey mom! lets buy this! its really cheap!” but then having some research about the brand. Now I doubt about the quality. ];

  18. Napaka Cheap naman yan.. ang ibang brands nga ang 42 inch umaabot na ng 50 thousand pesos.. pero feeling ko panget ng quality…

  19. Gabriel Baban

    I have a 21″ Sony CRT TV I bought in year 2000 for like Php13,500

    medyo malapit ng masira….may itm na kasi yung gilid bg screen…
    i hope manalo ako dito para mapalitan na..: )

  20. any update on the specs?

  21. Actually KTC television are ok for someone don’t want to spend allot of money, but you can’t compare it to samsung led tv’s.

  22. lucacoleman

    You should definitely opt for an LED tv that a more reliable brand. In doing so, you will not waste your money on something that may not last that long or offers low quality features.

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