LG 105-inch Curved 4K TV now available for $117,000

Do you got five million pesos to burn? If so, you might interested to get LG’s new Curved 4K TV called LG 105UC9 which has a screen size that measures 105-inch diagonally with a 21:9 aspect ratio and crazy 5120×2160 screen resolution.

LG 105UC9 philippines

First seen on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the LG 105UC9’s ginormous 105-inch display is paired with a built-in 7.2-channel, 150-watt surround sound speaker for a truly immersive watching experience.

The new LG 105UC9 will be first offered in LG Electronics’ home turf and will be sold for KRW120,000,000 or a little over Php5,000,000 (model girl not included).


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  1. Easy E

    May movies ba na ganito kalaki ang format? May digital satellite TV or cable tv ba na para ganito kalaking display ang resolution? Stretched masyado ang full HD dito kaya di na sya crisp. Or may digital something na process ito para i-upconvert ang resolution? Or you have to move back farther para mas maganda ang viewing experience? Pang-politiko ito. haha

    • base on my exp with my full hd 42inch lg tv, super ganda naman ng 480p anime sa tv ko, even 480p or 720p movies wala naman problem malinaw na malinaw parin even in full screen mode. kaya ok prin siguro mag play ng 720p or full hd movie sa 4k tv

  2. Thur Jack

    ang mahal naman.. di daw maganda 4K upscaling nito

  3. Honjo Masamune

    $117k seriously? wow! anu yan sports car?? masyadong over priced tapos in less than a year half na kagad ang value..

  4. Hindi ba 5K HD ung resolution nito? As I’ve read from other sites 5K HD daw to with approximately 11 million pixels…

  5. Hen-Sheen

    With a price range of 5M, I hope that they should extend the warranty up to a decade. If not, what’s the point investing a 110 inch TV anyway!?

  6. plasma is the way to go with movies!!! bring back plasma!!! lol

  7. Mirror

    Model girl not included*. I thought with the impossible price, the model is included. LOL


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