Sharp equips LCD TVs with Moth-eye film

Sharp tackles screen reflection issues by equipping large LCD TVs with an anti-reflection film called Moth-Eye.

The Moth-Eye film consists of an uneven surface with regularly-arranged protrusions or tiny bumps that measures several hundred nanometers on its surface. As a result, light won’t bounce back off it and reflections don’t occur or are greatly reduced. However, the Moth-Eye’s strength can be an issue when applied to a large screen. To solve the problem, Sharp collaborated with Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd to make an adhesive that allows the Moth-Eye to be applied on large screens without any problem.

Although a Sharp TV with Moth-Eye is free from reflections, special maintenance should be carefully done. If you want to clean your TV’s display, Sharp suggests that you don’t use any cleaning products and use a damp towel instead.


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  1. This is the best thing since LCD.

  2. Benchmark

    What will happen kaya if it was cleaned with a cleaning product?

    • the cleaning product will stick to Moth Eye or the cleaning product will dissolve the Moth Eye.

  3. at this point it time, i don’t think they’ll put Moth Eye on smartphones since phones are more prone to scratching that televisions.

  4. Does this mean that we can use our devices with this adhesive in direct sunlight?


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