Sharp intros first TV lineup with Moth-Eye technology

Sharp says goodbye to TV glare and unwanted reflections with the introduction of its first lineup of LCD TVs with Moth-Eye technology – the AQUOS Quattron 3D XL series.

Remember the Moth-Eye technology we previously reported? To speed you up on things, this tech is a special film or panel that Sharp uses on its large TV displays to eliminate, or at least, greatly reduce glare and reflections. The AQUOS Quattron 3D XL TV line uses the same technology backed up by a 1920 x 1080 resolution , 10 million to 1 contrast ratio and Sharp’s four primary color technology (RGB+Y).

Sharp will be releasing five models with the following price tags:

*46-inch – ¥280,000 or around Php145,000
*52-inch – ¥320,000 or around Php166,000
*60-inch – ¥380,000 or around Php197,000
*70-inch – ¥700,000 or around Php362,000
*80-inch – ¥1 million or around Php518,000

The 60 and 70-inch models will be released in Japan on November 30 while the 46, 52 and 80-inch models will be released on December 15.


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  1. This is definitely my next TV and the 80 inch looks enticing. Hopefully it’ll be available locally soon, can’t wait.

  2. Masyadong mahal for such a dispensable add-on! Di bale na.

  3. Nice, but unreasonably priced.

  4. Elegant.

  5. Expensive? Extremely! You can almost buy a nice second hand car with the price of their 80 incher. But that’s the price of new technology. LCD was also around that price years ago. Hintay lang tayo at bababa din yan :)

  6. Nakuha buong detail ng TV with camera flash on? Diba dapat tatalbog light reflection nun? Sobrang galing ha. I’m impressed.

  7. psionicd

    maglalabas din ang cdr king nyan hehe


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