Sharp releases its first 4K 32-inch LED panel

If you’re line of work requires you to have a top of the line monitor, then Sharp’s 32-inch IGZO-inspired 4K LED panel called PN-K321 may just be the right tool for you. A fair caution though, this bad boy ain’t cheap, so you better be prepared for its eye-watering price.

For the benefit of those uninformed, 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) is 4-times better than the Full-HD (1920 x 1080). Slap that resolution to a 32-inch monitor and you got yourself a pixel density of 443ppi.

While some may argue about the benefits of having that high pixel density on a small display, the Sharp PN-K321 should definitely give its users an outstanding viewing experience. But its insane resolution isn’t the only thing that’s special about this monitor.


Sharp claims that the PN-K321 is the slimmest display panel in the business at only 35mm thanks to the company’s proprietary IGZO technology. And not only does this technology allow Sharp to make the monitor’s frame thinner, it also consumes less power.

The Sharp PN-K321 is set to hit the Japanese market early next year with a hefty $5,500 price tag. We guess it’s safe to say that this display panel is not for everybody, but if you need a more than capable monitor and money is not an issue, this is definitely something worth considering.


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  1. If this is a monitor, I have several questions (if info is available):

    – Panel technology?
    – Color Gamut? AdobeRGB range?
    – Contrast ratio? Blackness level? Brightness level?
    – Refresh rate? GTG response time?
    – Color density? True 10 bit or 8 bit with AFRC?

  2. NvidiASSHole

    You forgot the minimum GPU required for this resolution when gaming…

    4 Way Quad Xfire Sapphire 7970 Toxix 6GB Overclocked all the fucking way to 1200Mhz… And Barely get 60 FPS at Crysis 3 Maxed out… Seriously 4x 1080p… Better bring in 4x the Power

  3. *your

  4. *your

    Please, pakiayos naman ng grammar.

    • Will you stop with the grammar police BS? We get it, but this place ain’t an American based one anyway. English is only our 2nd language, after all! The comments section is for discussions on said article, not for douchebags correcting grammar feeling better than the poster/blogger. Tsk.

  5. Mr. Curious

    JUST IMAGINE PORN ON THAT THING dO_Ob SUITE! hahahahahahahaha have a good day everyone!

  6. Bwisit tong mga grammar police. Magsilayas nga kayo. haha

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