Facebook to launch $1M per day video ads

Facebook is really doing its best to cash out on its massive user base through ads. First by sugar-coating it with cool features like, let’s see.. uhmm.. Facebook Home?? Then eventually bombarding users with ads in the near future. While I don’t blame Facebook for doing such as it lets you use its services for free, the social media titan is planning a more invasive way of blasting ads on your face through Timeline video ads.


Video formats are yet to be finalized but according to AdAge, it can be “presented in a video player that expands beyond the main news-feed real estate to cover the right- and left-hand rails of users’ screens on the desktop version of Facebook.” A mobile version was also reported to be in the works. The ads will be capped at 3 per day, each lasting 15 seconds and will be targeting users from four categories: women over 30, women under 30, men over 30, and men under 30.

fb ads

These type of ads are more likely to cater companies with huge marketing budgets as Facebook was reported to have an ad rate of at least $1 million PER DAY.

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