Getting your food delivered via FoodPanda

There have been several online food deliveries in the country for years now and another player from Rocket Internet was launched a couple of months ago, Food Panda.

We tried making our lunch and snacks delivered via Food Panda to see how it goes.

food panda

The steps are pretty easy whether it’s on their website or thru the Food Panda app. Just set your current location and it will look for all restaurants that’s in the Food Panda listing.

food panda

Pick a resto and choose from their menu into your cart. Once done, you’ll be asked for your delivery address and additional instructions. Payment can be via credit card or cash on delivery.

When we registered last week, we got a phone call from Food Panda asking why we have not made any orders and then gave us a 10% voucher discount which we can use for the rest of the month (that’s a tip for you if you want to order from them).

There’s a delivery charge and a minimum order of Php500. In our case, the delivery charge was about Php90.

food panda

Before the order is confirmed you will also need to input a verification code which they say they will send via SMS. Ours did not arrive but fortunately, the CSR called us up and verified our order so that was it.

They promised 1 hours and 15 minutes waiting time and so far, the orders arrived just in time.

Here’s a quick summary based on our experience using Food Panda:

* Wide selection of restaurants
* There’s an available app for iOS and Android
* Good customer support
* Delivery was done by twoanyone

* There’s a Php500 minimum order so you need to be very hungry
* Delivery charge can be as high as 18% of your bill (Php90 of Php500 order)

You can check out Food Panda here or search for Food Panda in the iOS and Android app store.

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  1. gutomitz

    Minimum order and deliver fee depends on the restaurant where you ordered.

  2. Luminosity


  3. Rainbow Rat

    I hope they make the delivery standard for all the restaurants.

  4. To FoodPanda: Make your minimum order P300, and your delivery fee a fixed P40, and watch your revenues grow.

  5. FoodHassle

    Deal breaker: Php 500 minimum order.

  6. Nice App but a minimum order of PHP500.00 is too high at least they lower it to PHP200.00, I will then try it.


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