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October 30, 2010

Have you seen The Social Network?

So I’ve finally gotten around to watching “The Social Network” mostly due to curiosity as to how it depicted Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

I know half of the movie was fiction but the plot was based on the story of Zuck, his Harvard dorm mates and several other guys on campus all doing this cool “start-up thingy”.

Having had my own share of failures in conceptualizing and running all sorts of websites since way back in 2001 and dealing with partners that have varying levels of interests, skills and motivations, I can somewhat relate to the story.

There were also some interesting tidbits that I had to go and read up more on just to make sure there’s very close to the facts.

  • Before Facebook and rival ConnectU, there was MySpace and Friendster in 2004 so the idea wasn’t new. I think what they did was just improve on what’s already there.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is not the youngest billionaire. He’s only the second youngest. His Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz, is 8 days younger than Mark and owns 6% of the company which is worth $1.4 billion. But that’s just on paper for now.
  • The title of the book that inspired the movie, The Accidental Billionaires*, now makes sense — you don’t have to be the first or have the most novel idea to really succeed. Sometimes, it’s all about luck or who you know. I think the well-connected Silicon Valley guy Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and Plaxo, was instrumental in the direction and success of Facebook.

The movie has painted Mark Zuckerberg in a very bad light — very scheming guy who stole other people’s ideas and betrayed friends. The fact that he paid $65 million to founders of ConnectU to settle his case about ripping off the site and also with his friend and co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, whom he kicked out of the company is very telling.

In any case, it was a pretty interesting movie. Facebook fans should watch it.

Note: *The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal

The Social Network: The Facebook Movie

25 Responses to “Have you seen The Social Network?”

  1. junnel animo says:

    ill be watching this movie now thnx for the review

  2. Negrita says:

    Mark Z is even richer than Steve Jobs… at least on paper

  3. chibabs says:

    Reminded me of Pirates of Silicon Valley.

  4. JP says:

    No doubt it’s good. Trent Reznor composed the score.

  5. roxj says:

    Some may find it a lil too geeky, but for a movie about a website creation, it’s really all worth the hype. Loved the score, esp during the hacking and creation of facesmash part! I’ve also seen Pirates of Silicon Valley and I think TSN’s far better.

  6. Ethan says:

    Anything with Aaron Sorkin’s name on it almost always turns out great. The West Wing anyone?

  7. EzQX says:

    I already watch this,it is so good.

  8. Adrian says:

    Pirates of silicon valley pa rin.

  9. Caloy says:

    Great movie! I liked the dialogue a lot! Really witty and funny. JT was actually pretty good too. Even if you’re not a facebook fan, you should watch is because it simply is a fun and enjoyable movie.

  10. RJCA says:

    It was good but in my opinion it’s not worth the hype. Sure, it’s worth the price of admission but it wasn’t GREAT.

    I think the film can be summed up in a fer words, Mark Zuckerberg is an asshole. The summation goes pretty well with my previous readings on Mark and his current stand on selling our information.

  11. Guy
    Twitter: korabtech

    Great lessons are learned here. Must see!

  12. Ray
    Twitter: babybrownfox

    I have seen this movie two days ago. Nice and worth watching for.

  13. Teknisyan
    Twitter: Teknisyan

    too bad… there are no cinemas here in KSA.. I guess I’ll have to settle for the internet copy!! :(

  14. cloe says:

    i downloaded the dvd copy of this a week ago.. i just wana say it’s awesome

  15. purple_banana says:

    Nice article… Informative.. More more more!

  16. Smarla
    Twitter: smarsmar

    im planning to watch this next week! :) im excited.

  17. gpmelendez says:

    Good movie, good soundtrack. Just like you, I can also relate to the story for the same reasons. Got 97% on rotten tomatoes. Worth watching. Not exactly for the Filipino masses, though.

  18. eric
    Twitter: piclyf

    I gave a talk titled “How to make the next Mark Zuckerberg in the Philippines” at UP diliman a couple of months ago. Only around 5% of the audience knew who he was even though they all use facebook. Hopefully the movie improves that.

  19. kobeyashi says:

    im gonna be d next mark of the philippines.

  20. Miles Garcia says:

    I have seen this movie two days ago. Nice and worth watching for. Good movie, good soundtrack. Just like you, I can also relate to the story for the same reasons. Even if you’re not a facebook fan, you should watch is because it simply is a fun and enjoyable movie.

  21. neon says:

    What I’d learned.:

    “Every Harvard student believes that inventing a JOB is better than finding a JOB. ” ….

    Yeah men!

  22. Guy Radaza
    Twitter: korabtech

    Btw, after watching this, “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” comes in second as my all time favorite…

  23. Bon says:

    Just a bit of movie trivia for you all. The Winklevoss twins was actually played by one single actor (Armie Hammer) via CGI. ;)

  24. MurtecWHiz says:

    The movie is very inspiring.. but according to Mark, the movie is not 100% true.

  25. etwanger says:

    A very inspiring movie. I never expected that it was that nice after I watched it. For techie guys out there, believe me, it’s really worthy to watch for.

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