Introducing our homegrown Employment Social Network

We’ve been thinking about this new project for a long time now and it looks like we’re already nearing our beta launch so I’d like to give a few folks an early preview of this site we’re working on.

We’ve been looking for a better jobs listing or jobs search site for a long time but most of the time we ended getting the recommendations of friends or former colleagues. This is the reason why we’re building this site — to get better employment recommendations, by friends or former officemates or anyone you worked with before.

So instead of launching just another jobs listing as part of this site, we’re pushing it a bit further and make it more social.

And yes, it’s a bit of a bold move to call it Yuga as shown in the logo above and the use of the domain as our domain is a play on the domain extension. If you’re interested with what we’re working on, you can sign up for a notification here: so you can take an early peek once we go to the beta period.

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  1. Blgr
    Twitter: infoblgr

    sweet! galing mo tlaga sir

  2. paul a.
    Twitter: darklightred

    our company would like to be a part and support your employment social networking.

    More power

  3. why not, could be the phil’s own billion peso site. I just hope this wouldn’t end up like the group buying idea which was I think called yugadeal before

  4. ano to parang Linkedin lang ang peg?

  5. jdGONEMAD
    Twitter: jdGONEMAD

    nice move master yuga.

  6. sir parang linkedin lang ba ito? ano po difference niya sa linkedin?

  7. “…and the use of the domain as our domain is a play on the domain extension…”

    Di ko ma gets to… hahahaha.

  8. sweetscrazy

    another job site? i suggest you get a niche (like specializing in IT / Callcenter jobs), otherwise you won’t have any advantage over other job sites which already have thousands of listings and have the capital to scale, protect, and administer quality content.

  9. We all have our shot to experiment or introduce anything new that we think its useful as nobody can tell which service or product will make it big.

    Hindi ibig sabihin may SM north na di na pwede mag tayo ng mall sa area. The result ? Trinoma

    Hindi ibig sabihin my Friendster na di na pwede mag put up ng iba ? the result Facebook

    Hindi ibig sabihin my number 1 na mobile phone company which is NOkia dati di na pwede magkaroon ng other mobile phone company? The result Samsung.

    Ang dami pa remember may Globe and Smart na — Naka penetrate pa ang Sun cell.

    May Philippine Airlines na – Naka penetrate pa ang Cebu Pacific.

    The list goes on.

  10. That was genius @Apple. Hopefully Yuga will be added to the list someday soon. Just keep it simple yet sexy @yuga. Looking forward.

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  12. Who the hell is Arnold Gamboa?!?!

  13. Arnold Gamboa
    Twitter: Arnoldgamboa

    Justin, who the hell is Arnold Gamboa? You’re starring at him right now. :D

  14. I wish I could be part of the project.

  15. Great idea. I hope this will be better than the existing job-searching websites that are filled with spam recruitment of BPOs.

  16. Mica
    Twitter: micasobre

    good luck with this abe!!


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