LGBTs can finally set their right gender on Facebook

Earlier today, Facebook has added a handful of new selections on the Gender drop-down box under the Basic Information page.

According to a Facebook spokesperson this type of change had to be made in order for their users to display their “Authentic Identity”. Furthermore, the social media site stated that they’ve consulted a group of leading LGBT organizations to come up with an “extensive list of gender identities that many people use to describe themselves”.

Gender Facebook

In accordance to this new feature, LGBT users can also set who can see their gender and how they are addressed, particularly on Birthday Notification.

To access/change your Gender on Facebook, just click on Edit Profile, then click on Edit on Basic Information. Afterwards, click on the Gender menu, select Custom, and then type the gender that best describes your orientation/preference on the box. In that same dialog box, you can also set who can see your gender and tick an option under “What pronoun do you prefer?” menu.

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  1. amporma nito pag mga tagalog street words ginamit.HAHAHA

  2. Paminta
    Pamintang durog
    Pamintang buo
    o kaya
    Baklang Pagirl
    Baklang Paboy

    sa Tomboy

    ano ba sa transgender?

  3. The tile is wrong! The Gender Identity issue only affects the Transgenders (T) and not the Lesbians, Gays & Bisexuals (LGB).

    Homosexuality and bisexuality are sexual orientation and should not be confused with gender identity.

    Lesbians are Female.
    Gays are Male.
    Bisexuals are Make or Female.

  4. hoy, @abuzalzal, ano ‘pang hinihintay mo? palit ka na ng gender sa FB LMAO!!!

  5. Si Michael Martinez nagpalit na ba?

  6. WTH is this shit? Dalawa lang naman ang ari ng tao di ba? CR nga eh male and female lang.


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