m.Globe portal offers free Facebook, Twitter & Email

Globe has just launched their new mobile portal, called m.Globe, that offers free access to Globe services and feeds to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The service is pretty basic and can be access by any internet-capable phone (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G) and is free via myGlobe Connect (APN: www.globe.com.ph)

To gain access, just text m.Globe to 2910. You can also download the Android App/Widget if you’re using any Android smartphone (just point your phone’s browser to http://m.globe.com.ph).

There’s option for personalization when you register your mobile number, add access to your Twitter feeds or Facebook Wall as well as email accounts (Yahoo! GMail, Windows Live). Here’s how the WAP site looks like on your mobile browser with 3G on.

Here’s what the Twitter updates look like. I have Php0 balance in my Globe Prepaid SIM when I posted this (3G data is On via myGlobe Connect).

Works on postpaid and prepaid SIM. Interesting to note that this new service is apparently Globe’s response to Smart’s Netphone campaign; the Globe website says so — “With m.globe, no need to spend for a new internet phone.

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  1. ayus to ah, thanks sir abe

  2. hanggang kailan ang promo na ito? similar to smart app until october?

    • ff: i did this in my s40 phone, changed the settings to http://www.globe.com.ph, and connect, it did charged me for Php 5 and when i connect to fb and twitter, it says service is not available. fb zero works better than this

  3. what’s the catch?

  4. Gene Ronquillo

    how can i set this up using my iphone?

  5. What phone did you use to test? Tried doing that with an iphone with 10 pesos of load and you were right, after using the site I now have 0 load.

    When I called customer service they said that may charge daw talaga because the background apps of the iphone or android will connect and charge Php 5 per 15.

    In other words na nakaw load na lang ako. False advertising!

    • I have Php10 load too at first when I access the mobile site and went down to Php0 after some time. However, after configuring the proper APN and now that my load is zero, I’m still able to access the portal.

    • Lol. So kainin niya muna yung pera mo pag zero na pwede na. Good strategy globe.

    • Mark,

      Ano ba gamit mo na sim? Globe prepaid, right? nakasubscribe ka ba sa TIME-based or PER KB na browsing? Tapos yun ba gamit mo na handset is Android ba na OS 2.1 and up?

      depende yan sa factors. check mo muna. mahirap yang ganyan na reklamo ka kaagad na nakaw load (tapos baka user-issue naman pala ang cause; the user being you) hehehe

  6. imitator101

    Can’t get it to work. I set the new APN and texted m.Globe to 2910. The link in the text message won’t open. Help?

    • I suggest setting everything first over WiFi. Disable 3G first.

    • If you do it over wifi then you might as well just go to Facebook.com and Twitter.com, much better experience or use the official app. The balance inquiry is cool though pero parang may lag.

  7. 3 FB feeds and 3 Twitter feeds that you cannot comment, like or do anything on. You can’t even read older feeds. Dumb… and I tried it on an android binawasan pa ako ng load. leche!

  8. If you use the apn, can you browse other sites or do i have to change back again? Mejo hassle ah

  9. ang panget! mas ok pa yung sa sun

  10. i could not connect to m.globe.com.ph
    i already changed the APN (Cellular Data) to http://www.globe.com.ph — or should it be http://www.globe.com.ph (no http://)?

  11. none happen eh. worse, nag reply back ang globe saying “don’t have enough load” :(

  12. Doesn’t work with my iPhone. I’m on postpaid. I’ve changed the APN and texted 2910 already.

    • John Carl,

      Ano yung hindi nagwowork sa yo? yung app or yung m.globe portal?

      yung sa app, hindi talaga magwowork yan pag dinownload at ininstall mo kase nga for Android lang yung app hehe

      if yung m.globe portal naman, that should work kase mobile internet browsing lang naman yan e. sa http://m.globe.com.ph

  13. Accessing internet becomes too easy and simple this days.

  14. Does sun cellular offer free twitter connection too? Thanks!

  15. Other than facebook, twitter and email.. you can also read headlines from different sources through M.GLOBE. and it’s LIBRE!

    • You mean read the 1st paragraph on one headline per source then you have hidden charges when it comes to reading the full story.

  16. Wow. ok ‘to ah. i’ll try this after work. Thanks for sharing sir abe.

  17. Ganda. Using it now, makakatweet na ako pag walang wifi, yay!

  18. galing! di ako nababawasan ng load. magaling, magaling, globe!

  19. I can’t connect using the mobile network and i’ve change it already to http://www.globe.com.ph, but on wifi it’s working.

  20. ano po ung settings ng internet? ayaw po kasi komonek ng http://www….. SE X10i po gamit ko.tnx

  21. Will have to try this later. Thanks for this info Abe.

  22. supertoblerone

    baka naman magkacharge ako nyan? am using a postpaid plan? anyone tested this for iphone with postpaid plan?

  23. i tried it with my Desire but its super slow!!! as in slow!!! muntik na akong mag-download ng Android app pero nakita ko na may bayad pag gamit yun kaya di ko tinuloy. pero wala akong masabi. kasing bagal ng free FB app nila.

  24. Sobrang bagal. bulok! Nabawasan pa ako ng load. Kakainis!

    • Migs — nagconnect ka ba via 3G? baka mahina yung cell signal at the time na nagtry ka kaya sobra bagal.

      dependent ang speed ng browsing sa 3G sa signal strength ng network.

      tapos yung sa nabawas na load mo, check mo APN settings mo. also check mo if nakasubscribe ka na previously sa PER KB based na charging.

      if per kb charging, mababawasan ka talaga ng load

  25. Will this work on BB? Need the email kc :)) thanks!

    • Bobby — nagtry kami sa BB handset na may naka-install na Opera browser. it worked fine naman.

      try mo din change yung BB APN settings to –> blackberry.globe.com.ph

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