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January 16, 2014

Philippine government launches

The Philippine government, in its commitment to open governance, has launched, a website that aims to make national government data searchable, accessible, and useful for all. consolidates the datasets of different government agencies to make it easier for everyone to access, understand, and share the information they need for whatever purpose. Simply put, it’s a website that functions as a one-stop shop, storing and providing all public government data available.

data gov ph

Users can just type in the keyword of the information they’re looking for in the site’s search bar or look for it by browsing through categories, locations, file formats, and publishers. The website also feature news, data, infographics, and apps. There’s also a Community section where registered users can join a forum and air what they have in mind.

data gov ph_1

Below is a screenshot of MMDA’s Traffic Alert Visualization – one of the useful tools located under the Infographics Dashboard of the site.

data gov ph_3

“ encourages the public to request for the data they want, send in comments, suggestions, and even stories of how they use open data. Likewise, it also encourages the public to participate by submitting applications and visualizations based on the public data. This engagement of ideas between the public and the government will help develop the platform even further, for the benefit of everyone involved.”

Open Data from DGPH on Vimeo.

According to the website,’s primary goal is “to foster a citizenry empowered to make informed decisions, and to promote efficiency and transparency in government.”

To take for a spin just hit the source link below.

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8 Responses to “Philippine government launches”

  1. countrymouse says:

    well thats a good move.

  2. Paul says:

    I’ve always believed that as soon as our Government embraced the potential of utilizing and maximizing different forms of technologies, we’ll bid farewell to being a 3rd-world country. I still think that our Government still lacks Ambition. :)

  3. Drupal says:

    That Drupal favicon…

  4. Justin says:

    CSV, TXT and XLS formats only? No PDF forms? Eto pa naman yung laging hinahanap ng mga tao (application forms, business renewal forms, BIR forms, etc.).

    So much for being the ‘one stop shop’.

  5. nullpointr says:

    Even in the initial launch, the developers working on this website already forgot to remove the Drupal favicon. This gives hackers the idea what framework/cms the system is using.

  6. nullpointr says:

    When I read the word “data” I was expecting a modern way to retrieving information like API(REST), Webservices, etc, but they are still using the old school CSV, TXT, XLS…:(

  7. sesaru24 says:


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