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February 20, 2014

Alcatel OneTouch Link Y800 is the new Smart Bro LTE

We recently discovered that the new Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi that is being offered to subscribers lately is the one from Alcatel. It looks like the Alcatel One Touch Link Y800 replaces the usual Huawei LTE pocket WiFi offered before.

We chanced upon the new pocket WiFi when it was awarded to one of our teams by Mazda Philippines for joining the fuel economy experiment in Clark over the week-end. It came packaged as a prepaid kit with an LTE SIM card and 7 days worth of mobile internet.

We’d assume that it is the one being offered by Smart in their online store for only Php4,888 per kit.

The kit includes the WiFi router, two 1,500mAh batteries and a charging cradle. The spare battery was a bit of a surprise but it’s great to know you can always readily replace the other one once it becomes worn out due to constant use. The charging cradle also makes it easier to set the pocket WiFi in place.

The extra battery and charging cradle makes the Php4,888 price tag seemed more palatable for an LTE device. Perhaps this is the reason why Smart switched to Alcatel from Huawei for their LTE pocket WiFi.

The Alcatel Y800 uses a regular LTE SIM, supports a quad-band LTE network and is capable of sharing internet connectivity with up to 10 devices.

Data Rate: LTE 100Mbps downlink, 50Mbps Uplink
4G LTE Bands: 800/900/1800/2600 MHz
3G Bands: 900/1800/2100 MHz
2G Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WiFi 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Storage: 2GB NAND flash internal storage + 1GB LPDDR RAM
Li-Ion 1500mAh battery

You can get this from Smart for Php4,888 and comes free with a Smart Bro prepaid LTE SIM which is good for 7 days of LTE connection.

56 Responses to “Alcatel OneTouch Link Y800 is the new Smart Bro LTE”

  1. eddie says:

    Is ALCATEL ONE TOUCH WIFI cannot be locked? I bought one alcatel one touch wifi and I wish I can put password into it, more users can access my wifi and the battery would easily get drained. please assist me

  2. Doods says:

    @Eddie: I bought one yesterday and so far the device lived up to my expectations. Here’s how to change the password:

    1.) Open any browser
    2.) Type and hit enter
    3.) Type smartbro for the login passowrd (it’s the default password and can be changed later)
    4.) Once logged in, hover your mouse over quick setup.
    5.) click “admin passowrd” to change the password for your dashboard and “wifi setting” to change your SSID and wifi passowrd

    Save alll changes and you’re good to go :D

  3. bel says:

    hello everyone, i bought one yesterday, but i cant able to change the battery pack, pano po ba buksan yung cover sa likod,, nde sya ma slide… thanks in advance…tsaka ang h

  4. Nicko says:

    Hi! I just bought mine a few days back. After using it for several hours it just turned off. And I can’t get it back on using the power button. Nid a lil help here, ty.

    • martin says:

      Mine did the same. It was working fine and suddenly turned off and was unable to restart it. However i removed the battery left it out for a second or two and then reinserted it and then was working fine. However it is still doing it!?

    • nicko says:

      You are right @martin, removing the battery did the trick. I went to the repair center, they observed it for two hours but it didn’t turn off. So I said to myself maybe it’s just a random glitch or something but the next day, there it goes again. I put it in front of the electric fan and it worked fine after using it for several hours so maybe if it’s too hot, it will auto shut off.

    • austen says:

      Mine did too. My trick was leaving the back uncovered. I hope this will help.

    • martin says:

      Well mine kept on turning off so i send it back to supplier. Will see what he says!

    • Nicko says:

      @austen, thank you for the advice.
      @martin, pls inform us what they say about it when they return it to you. Thanks!

  5. Joe says:

    Great trick with leaving the back cover off to prevent it from overheating. I got mine in April 2014 here in Iloilo and it would do the same thing of turning off until you remove and slide back the battery.

    One question, has anyone tried unlocking their Y800? I’ve seen sellers on Ebay who provide them once you give your IMEI device number. Just wondering since I might take mine with me abroad and would like to avoid buying another 4G LTE device since this one works well and supports alot of LTE,3G,2G bands.

  6. Hi!

    I’m have Alcatel ONE TOUCH link Y800 4g / 100 mbps ( connects 10 wifi device which i bought it in hongkong…my concern is, does it really need to use Smart LTE sim card to make it faster or stronger internet connection ? i’m using only just normal sim card. my other concern is that, i tried using my password to control the users , but it will not work.However, it is also possible that my password is wrong and could not trace it anymore… is there any thing I can do to put a password on it , what are the procedures…can you refer me to somebody who knows how to operate this unit….Looking forward to hearing from you soonest possible time and i would really appreciate if you can assist me with my concerns /problem. I travel most often and I really need this unit to work properly for business reason… I’m base in Cebu City, Phil..Many thanks

    • Doods says:

      If you forgot your password, you could always reset the device by pressing the reset button found at the back of the device. Just remove the back cover and at the upper right corner of the device, you will find a tiny reset button. This will reset the device back to its default configuration. By the way, the default password for the device is “smartbro” (without the quotes). Afterward, you could then change your password, SSID, and etc.

  7. jan says:

    mga sir, panu ba i force na 4g hanapin nya, 3g auto kasi nasa network, gusto ko 4g lang kahit 1 or 2 bars sana. salamat sa tulong

    • Nick says:

      Punta ka sa homepage ( Login ka then sa connection > connection status > “disconnect”. Kapag disconnected na, Select mo ulit Connection > Network > Network Mode > 4G only or 4G prefer.

  8. Noel says:

    Only 802.11 B/G and not N. Cannot bypass the 7 days free connection that comes with the new Smart LTE SIM, it’s only using 3G. You cannot load LTE 299 or LTE 995 until after the 7 day free subscription is up.

  9. dennis says:

    how to unlock alcatel y800

    super slow here in smartLTE

  10. phil says:

    help po. may napalitan ata akong setting sa device. di n ngaun ma access ang home page ng smart. pfactory reset ko sana sya pero kahit gamitin ko ng,hindi nag rerespond ung reset button.. help please!

  11. gonix
    Twitter: gonkyouka

    So pag free na 1 week internet, 3g lang talaga? good to know. muntik na kong pmunta sa wireless for this eh.

    • Grim says:

      Not really. Yung 1 week na free internet nila is actually 300 pesos worth of airtime balance. Unless ipapa register mo sa LTE promo nila 3G lng tlaga makukuha mo. Nung nabili ko yung unit ko eh meron padala na 300 pesos load sa sim tapos ayun, nagpa unli ako ng LTE 299. LTE all the way :D

    • gonix
      Twitter: gonkyouka

      sayang sana pala ganyan na lang ginawa ko..

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