The Smart WiFi Chronicles

I got really frustrated with the Smart WiFi thread and can’t find time to moderate the discussions there so I thought I’d rather throw in a brand new site just for them.

So there goes the Smart Wifi Chronicles.

Smart WiFi

I’ll let them do the talking there.

I checked for some nice domains to use and found out that Meredian Telekoms already took, and yet they never bothered to buy the one with so I took it.

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  1. TIP: use download express from metasoftware when downloading, i have reached 321Kbps or approximately 40kBps while downloading, another thing i noticed, browsing/surfing is faster when i am downloading at the same time (maybe bandwidth allocation?). it does the trick for me. :-)

  2. angrybro

    NTC also sucks! For those who tried talking to NTC I commend you. But unfortunately, NTC I tell you will not bother investigating SMART. Without SMART or PLDT (Sister Companies) NTC is nothing. I have friends from different ISP’s who has been complaining unfair practices of PLDT and SMART to NTC and nothing happened. NTC is under the payroll of PLDT/SMART. We are now at the mercy of PLDT/SMART. They control everything in telecommunications. So, where do we go? How about Globe? Haha Pati nga Globe Hirap na hirap sa pangaabuso ng PLDT. Dadaan at dadaan ang linya ng Globe sa PLDT. What I know is nagbabayad din ang Globe sa PLDT ng termination fees. Have you ever wondered why other ISP’s can’t match PLDT/SMART Internet price package? It’s because PLDT/SMART did this deliberately to kill the competition. Although, PLDT might lose money by doing unfair marketing practices but in the end they win. Mahaba kasi pisi ng PLDT/SMART. PHOTA kau SMART. MASUNOG sana KAU! P.I. Kau.

  3. Давно хотел у вас спросить, автор, вы где проживаете? В смысле города? Если не серкет:)

  4. Премного благодарен. Это именно то, что мне нужно было :)

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