Wireless-N WiFi Repeater

Saw something similar to this one about a year ago from Edimax and it was a cool way to extend WiFi range within the house or building. This one is even simpler and cheaper — a Wireless-N WiFi Repeater that plugs directly into the wall socket.

What it basically does is extend the range of your WiFi at home. So it picks up the existing WiFi you currently have and then boosts it further to the corners of the house or building.

The device also has a single standard LAN port to share internet over the wires. This is especially useful for me because I use WiFi around the house, including the desktop PCs, and whenever I need to have a wired connection (my HDX 1000 media player needs to be plugged via LAN), I just plug the wireless repeater near the device and hook it up to the net work via the LAN port.

This one’s very easy to set up and is almost plug-and-play. You manage the device via Web Admin (local IP) and go thru the wizard and in 2 clicks, you’re done. It support encrypted networks, can do up to 300Mbps transfers and can either clone the original access point (AP) to make its own distinct one.

This one is being sold for Php2,180 over at Sulit. See the listing here.

Disclosure: The Sulit seller provided us with this test unit.

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  1. I saw some repeaters at cdrking. Any thoughts about it?

  2. vergel meneses

    sorry macjune, but i think your comment defeats the main purpose of this article. :(

  3. Vergel, how? I’m merely asking for a comparison with other Wi-Fi repeaters, most particularly the ones being sold at cdrking. Branded ones may be better at times but then again, there are those unknown brands that does the trick too….

  4. Macjune – cdrking = garbage. 90 perce of things there are rebranded old shi&@. If you want to risk your hard earned – be my guest.

    I personally will stick to branded. That is where I think verge was coming from.

    • leemar
      Twitter: hex614

      yup, CDR king all garbage, pag gusto mo ng mura na pag nasira eh tapon agad dun ka bumili, my previous boss (chinese) ang hilig dun bumili tapos panay sira naman, para syang praning!

  5. Macjune – cdrking = garbage. 90 perce of things there are rebranded old shi&@. If you want to risk your hard earned – be my guest.

    I personally will stick to branded.

  6. razorous
    Twitter: razorous

    Wow this is great! Any router would work for this?

  7. @macjune
    maybe vergel is the one selling this in sulit that is why you are defeating his purpose of advertising. i am also curious about cdrking’s repeater and i think nothing is wrong asking about their products…

  8. I agree that some cdrking products are a waste of money but there are things that are quite OK… for instance the IP Cam.. I have 2 from cdrking and one from Swann. The ones from cdrking (rebranded Apexis Cam) outlived the Swann brand after 3 or 4 years of use… also I find those from cdrking better. For the wifi repeater, I don’t have any experience, that’s why I’m asking. If Vergel is the seller, definitely I want to get more details as I wanted to get one…

    • CDRKing, it’s a place where you can buy rebranded China products with warranties..

      It’s true that CdrKing products are not as sturdy as the branded counterparts, but with proper care they can compare to branded ones. I remember when two PLDT personnel came at our house to replace our broken modem were amazed to know that the Wireless router that I’m using which I bought from CdrKing has been running almost 24/7 for more than 3 years without a hitch.

  9. expensive when you can buy another router (tplink) and configure it as an access point.

  10. I was using a Sapido for this but after being on for a few days it suddenly stopped working…
    Does this have warranty? I hope this won’t overheat if plugged 24/7

  11. You can configure a router to be an access point with the same SSID of your primary WIFI router. I have done it using my old linksys router and it works fine.

    The major difference is you need another LAN port and cable running from your primary router to the old router cum access point for it to work.

    What abe is showing is a repeater that does not require LAN cabling of any sort to make it work. It just retransmits your WIFI signal and in theory expands your WIFI range.

    @Macjune – I bought an Encore router/repeater from CDRKing a few months back. It died after 3 months of use. I personally won’t be buying these kinds of gadgets from CDRKing. Better to get a more expensive brand but you are covered by a 1 yr warranty. Check out Linksys’ repeater. It’s a bit more expensive than what Abe has shown but it is a Linksys. I have never had any problems with Linksys devices.

  12. There’s another gadget using the electrical circuit on our walls to transfer the DSL signal to practically all electrical outlets in our home. It’s the BOPL (Broadband Over Power Lines) which has been planned by MERALCO… http://juntariman.wordpress.com/2009/03/11/the-boardroom-war-on-broadband-over-power-lines/

    • Good concept. Never hurts to have more competitors to lower down the price for the end users.

      However, this is different from what the article is all about. Abe’s device extends your local WIFI network’s range. Regardless of if you have a broadband connection or not.

      BOPL seeks to offer broadband internet access over your powerlines. You would still need some sort of routing device I would imagine, to get your LAN properly hooked up to the net in order for it to work (i.e. phone DSL requires a modem and eventually a router to distribute the internet connection within your network)

  13. Good Discussion…

    @someone I’ve been a fan of linksys products for more than a decade now. I’ve been using my router 24/7 for several years now. The only thing I really don’t like about my current Linksys router is its coverage.

    • Speaking of coverage…. my old Linksys router is the WRT-350N. This was one of the early Wireless N routers with gigabit ports that came out 3-4 years ago.

      Signal coverage was decent or so I thought…. I recently purchased a netgear dual band wireless-N router (with internal antennas at that). I was surprised that the signal strength to be stronger than my old Linksys router. I guess 3 years really does make a difference in terms of technology advances.

      BTW, I do like Netgear devices too, I used to have a DSL modem/router in one device 6 years ago. It never failed me as well….

  14. Very nice. How smart are people to think these days to find resources.

  15. This is actually a made in china product. its also available via aliexpress for $34 with free shipping :)

  16. milanaorly

    i usually buy ENCORE products in CDRKING stores :)

  17. Why not use aluminum foil in boosting WiFi signal? haha You’ll save a lot more.. XD

    • Most modern routers don’t have a physical antenna tower anymore…

  18. There are some other branded ones but the reviews are not that great! Especially when it comes setting it up. I might recommend this to my relative. Her house has a lot of dead spot.. specially on the second floor..

  19. This is good but make sure electricity doesnt fluctuate

  20. is it possible to use a lt of repeaters to lengthen a wifi connection? or we can only use one?

  21. Does it say how far the range will be? I definitely need a router repeater cause I stay next to the house of my brother that has internet connection.

  22. Janardan das Ladyong
  23. blazingbananaz

    How’s the performance of this product compared with the edimaxx?

  24. hi, can i use this as a signal booster? smart has low coverage in my area. thank you.

  25. marvs

    Hi! I have an internet shop, w/ 5 pc units and SmartBro, what is the best branded routers and repeaters? what is better, routers or repeaters?


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