Upgrading to WordPress 2.1

I’m currently upgrading this blog to the latest version of WordPress 2.1 (codename Ella). Just check out the really nice feature updates:

* Autosave makes sure you never lose a post again.
* Our new tabbed editor allows you to switch between WYSIWYG and code editing instantly while writing a post.
* The lossless XML import and export makes it easy for you to move your content between WordPress blogs.
* Our completely redone visual editor also now includes spell checking.
* New search engine privacy option allows you take you to indicate your blog shouldn’t ping or be indexed by search engines like Google.
* You can set any “page” to be the front page of your site, and put the latest posts somewhere else, making it much easier to use WordPress as a content management system.
* Much more efficient database code, faster than previous versions. Domas Mituzas from MySQL went over all our queries with a fine-toothed comb.
* Links in your blogroll now support sub-categories and you can add categories on the fly.
* Redesigned login screen from the Shuttle project.
* More AJAX to make custom fields, moderation, deletions, and more all faster. My favorite is the comments page, which new lets you approve or unapprove things instantly.
* Pages can now be drafts, or private.
* Our admin has been refreshed to load faster and be more visually consistent.
* The dashboard now instantly and brings RSS feeds asynchronously in the background.
* Comment feeds now include all the comments, not just the last 10.
* Better internationalization and support for right-to-left languages.
* The upload manager lets you easily manage all your uploads pictures, video, and audio.
* A new version of the Akismet plugin is bundled.

You might get error messages while I’m doing this. Should only take a few minutes while I’m uploading the files.

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  1. Sounds nice but I am satisfied at the free blog courtesy of blogger.

  2. it sounds like upgrading needs a lot of work. especially with plug-ins…

  3. Yuga, please give us some of your tips on upgrading especially plugins. Maybe you have tips that are more useful to us.

  4. Upgrading didn’t go well on my blog. It messed up my DB pretty bad. I’m now restoring it from a backup I made earlier.

  5. To me it sounds like a lot like WordPress MU. I’ve seen most of the features mentioned above in it.

  6. Hmmm…I’d be looking forward to hear how 2.1 is like as you use it Sir Abe. I’m going to wait for a week or two before making the upgrade, some plugins I use are still incompatible with the new version.

    Plus, bug reports would be watched out for. I guess one could sit it out until 2.1.1 ;)

  7. I like the new stuff they added for this version.

    One thing though some WP 2.0 themes might not work properly with wp 2.1. I think this is due to the new structure of wp. may fix naman eh on how to migrate wp 2.0 themes to wp 2.1. which took me 4 hours to figure out haha.. marami rin pala nagkaproblema…

  8. i guess i’ll skip the upgrade then… or at least wait until plugins gets upgraded… after all, if it aint broke, why fix it? :D

  9. well it is broken, kung 2.0.5 pa gamit mo… yung themes ata na file has a security bug that can cause your blog to be hacked which was posted on blogherald a few weeks ago…

    one thing surprised was the release of 2.0.7 after a few days of 2.0.6 then after a few days 2.1 na hehe.


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