WP Plugins Must-Have List.

While blogging and searching for potential WordPress plugins to install on my site, I thought of putting up a master list of must-have plugins:

Spam Karma : One of the very first plugins you need to install on your blog. Very usefull and could spare you the potential agony of deleting and managing spam comments on yourt blog later on.

Photopress : One has to have a photo-blog or some sort of an image manager for your blog. PhotoPress just does that easily.

BackupRestore: Simple way to backup and restore a WordPress MySql database and wordpress folder.

Gravatar: Allows commenters to sign up for a gravatar by clicking a checkbox and filling in a desired password. It virtually gives a face to all your regular commenters.

Page Navigation : Useful when you have dozens and hundreds on entries. A simple pagination is a must.

User Online : I know there are a lot of useronline scripts out there but this one’s made specifically for WP.

Referrer Bouncer : Bounce referer spammers back to their own sites. I have been deluged with thousands of spams referrals myself.

PHP Exec : Execute PHP Code inside a post. Now I can incorporate my own pre-made PHP scripts as well. Just be careful though.

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  1. had spam karma run on my site for a month, it ended up banning a good blogging friend of mine. i had it set to medium, by default. ngayon i have it on very lenient, and it still puts comments from the same blogging friend (who i have unbanned) in moderation kahit wala namang problem yung comment nya. too dizzy to find out what i’ve been doing wrong, i just turned it off nalang muna.

    i think i’ll try page navigation and user online one of these days. thanks for the list! :D

  2. that Gravatar plugin is tight… I’m gonna put that on tonight in addition to upgrading to the new wordpress version

  3. Yes, everybody should have a Gravatar!


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