APN Settings for Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular

The following settings are applicable to Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular for their APN settings (Access Point Name). The settings should work with majority of smartphones in the market.

APN Settings for Globe

Postpaid APN: internet.globe.com.ph

Prepaid APN: http.globe.com.ph

APN Settings for Smart Bro

Postpaid APN: smartbro

Prepaid APN: smartbro

APN Settings for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold

APN: internet

APN Settings for Sun Cellular

APN (static): minternet
Authentication: PAP
IP address: dynamic

APN (static): fbband
Authentication: PAP
IP address: dynamic

APN Settings for PLDT WeRoam


Note: If you’re using a variety of postpaid or prepaid SIM cards in one dongle, make sure to create a Setting Profile for each SIM card so it’s easier to set the APN when switching SIM cards.

Leave all other settings blank or as is.

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  1. Zenfone 2 deluxe > Carrier = Sun Cellular > APN Settings = MINTERNET > not working
    Texted 2300 = NET > says its active > followed by “device is not supported” > ask to manually set it up = done > nothing happened
    Called Sun hotline to get the setup manually > was told that APN auto setup once sim is activated > which doesnt make sense > asking for a manual setup = dont know the actual setup aside from MINTERNET
    – is this an issue with Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe or its just that this device is not a legit mobile phone in the Philippines?


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