The Best Gadgets you and your Pets would Love

Having a pet can be like having a best friend, they fill our lives with joy and are present in some of our most memorable moments in life.

If you’re lucky enough to be loved by one, it goes without saying that we as owners should give them a fun and comfortable home. We’ve gathered a bunch of interesting gadgets we think both cats and dogs will enjoy and also help you in taking care of them.

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The Best Pet Gadgets

3 in 1 Portable Pet Bottle

3 In 1 Pet Feeder | The Best Pet Gadgets you will love

Taking your dog out for a walk keeps them healthy and will surely put a smile on their face. But what they don’t tell you is the struggle of bringing supplies when walking with them. With food, water, bowls, diapers, tissue, plastic bags, clothes, and other supplies to bring while going for a simple walk, it surely could be quite a lot to bring with you.

One gadget that helps alleviate this problem is a unique all-in-one pet bottle that comes with storage containers for both food and water. It also comes with a receptacle to place the food and water when your pet is ready to eat.

There’s a built-in mini shovel and compartment for rolled plastic bags that you can use when your pet ever has to go take a number two. This will surely make walking with your dog just a little more convenient and practical.

Cooling Vest

Cooling Vest

With how hot and humid we know it can be in the Philippines, your pet suffering from heatstroke would be the last thing you’d want. One solution is having a cooling vest. There are many types of cooling vests, some require you stick it in the fridge or freezer for an amount of time, while others use cold water or even ice packs to be inserted inside the vest, and others have outer layers that are built with materials that help reflect heat.

Automatic Ball Thrower

Automatic Ball Thrower

By far the most popular activity among puppers and doggos is without question. Playing Fetch. But do you ever find yourself getting exhausted throwing the ball whilst your dog is still as hyper as ever and ready for the next throw or do you wish that your dog could throw his own ball when gone. Well, having an automatic ball thrower would definitely be fit for this.

The most common design consists of a section on top where a hole may be found for the dog to place a ball into and another section in front where a hole will shoot out the ball for the dog to go fetch. What’s great about it, is that there are settings on how far you would want the ball to be thrown, whether it be 3 meters or 9 meters.

Automatic Water Fountain

Automatic Fountain

Hydration is key to a healthy kitty, however, standing water is an excellent breeding ground for nasty bacteria that could make a cat violently ill. So a water fountain that entices your cat to drink more is always a good idea and is much more appealing to cats and can prevent health problems as well as a steep vet bill.

PetKit – Smart Collar and Leash

Smart Collar And Leash

Few people may consider a smart collar and leash an essential kit but you may want to reconsider after you learn about PetKit’s smart leash.

The smart leash offers features you wouldn’t even think of. When paired with your phone via the PetKit Go app, the handle vibrates when receiving notifications, emails, texts and incoming calls. Users may even be able to set a walking timer on their smartphone and once the desired time is reached, feel the vibration of the handle.

Using maps, the leash can track your actual walking route history on your smartphone and allow users to share their location with a click of a button located above the handle.

You may find PetKit’s smart leash here.

[sc name=”button” url=”https://shopee.ph/ORIGINAL-PetKit-PREMIUM-Pet-Dog-LED-Retractable-Collar-Leash-Harness-with-Lock-and-Release-Mechanism-i.217299302.5878239227?sp_atk=0154112b-a85b-46f2-a7cc-8732b0276267″ text=”Try PetKit – Smart Collar and Leash” ][/sc]

Trackers – Apple AirTag, Tile, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Gps Trackers Airtags

One of our worst fears as pet owners is losing our beloved pets. One way to keep track of their movements is to simply have a Bluetooth tracker. With it already being 2022, there are a bunch of options coming from brands such as Apple and Samsung and one of the earliest creators of bluetooth trackers, Tile. Which of these brands offer the best experience is for a whole other discussion. Nonetheless, having a tracker can save you the stress of looking for your lost pets.

Cherry Home Smart Feeder

Cherry Smart Feeder

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a smart feeder for your little fur baby! Getting a smart feeder would now be considered essential, especially for those who have no choice but to leave their pets alone at home, and one that packs all features into one is the Cherry Home Smart Feeder.

The Cherry Home Smart Feeder comes packed with features such as a meal scheduler, a two-way audio system for you to talk with your pet, a surveillance camera in front that can both take photos and videos, and most impressively a night vision mode for when it may be dark. The Cherry Home Smart Feeder connects to your phone via the Cherry Home IOT app and is found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Cherry Home Smart Feeder normally retails for Php5,500, however, as of writing, you may get it for as low as Php4,400. You may find the Cherry Home Smart Feeder here.

[sc name=”button” url=”https://cherryshop.com.ph/collections/cherry-pet/products/cherry-pet-smart-pet-feeder” text=”Try Cherry Home Smart Feeder” ][/sc]

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