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Adsense over-optimization could lead to click fraud?


I was able to talk with Retz of Pinoy Big Blogger fame in the last Philippine BlogCon and he told me that he got banned from Adsense due to click fraud, or at least that’s what the Adsense Rep told him what happened.

In short, there was too much repetitive clicking happening on his ads. And that’s it — he lost his $1,200 to $1,400 monthly revenue from Google Adsense.

The unfortunate part was he never got an early warning. They just ban him immediately.

Realme Philippines

My theory was that some of his visitors got too click happy and it’s dependent on the niche you are into, showbiz being one of the most vulnerable to click happy visitors.

So, over-optimizing your ads could get you in to trouble, eh?

The next question would be — is there life after Adsense? :) We’ll talk about this on my next post. ;)

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resor till korsika
10 years ago

sort of enjoyed this post =) not all of it – there was some things which i found a tad off but overall it was a pleasant read, thank you for the post! ;) All the best, resor till korsika

13 years ago

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14 years ago

Yuga, on my website, I placed an Adsense Link Ad right below an Adsense Image Ad for the post pages.
Do you see any problems with this? Does it violate the policies?


new vauxhall corsa
15 years ago

just to let you know that google has updated it adsense policy as of the 18/12/06 you can no longer have images next to your adsense
as this site is doing.

i did it with all my sites and it was great while it lasted. just thought i would tell you save someone trying to report you and get your adsense acount closed. here is the google source:

Happychristmas every

15 years ago

I don’t think it was sabotage. I really think it’s the user behavior when you have a site that is read by the same click-happy people over and over again.

15 years ago

Lesson learned here.. don’t tell anybody how much you’re getting from adsense because people will be curious of what you’re doing and might do bad things to hurt you google clicks. Also, If you’re in the US be sure to declare your adsense earnings on your W2 because if you failed, later on don’t be surprise if a taxman will be knocking at your door. Im not sure though if you’re in RP, i guess it the same rule because it’s an earnings.

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