Coolest iPhone App ever!

Coolest iPhone App ever!

This has got to be the coolest iPhone app ever made. I didn’t know the iPhone can do this type of trick but seeing is believing, so watch the video after the fold.

The iPhone can transform into a functional netbook.


Still trying to figure out where I can download this or how much the app costs. :D

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23 Responses

  1. petken says:

    I want that app too for my ipod touch. hehe… =)

  2. August says:

    i hate the transformers:revenge of the fallen so much! and i hate what that phone did there!

  3. neis says:


  4. BrianB says:

    I’d rather someone upload flood photos.

  5. chris says:

    That was cool.. lol

  6. tingjok says:

    I think it’s just fake..
    As you can see, the phone was placed on a white paper so that the the object can be graphically manipulated~

  7. katexter says:

    I think it only works with the white iPhone.

  8. Pusang Kulog says:

    Of course that’s a fake… Ha ha ha…

    But the animation was pretty well done! The youtube uploader is probably lookin for a job as an animator… He he he

  9. nemesis says:

    And most of you actually believe that video? tsk!tsk! Anyways, that’s just an excellent video editing for you.

  10. BrianB says:

    @brianb – you’re not monitoring Facebook, YouTube and Twitter ano?

    Yeah, youtube.

  11. BrianB says:

    Also got into a vehicular accident moment ago. Some people, like me, really gets lucky. Car I’m on hit car across straight at the side door. Other vehicle spun like twenty meters. No one was hurt. Felt like nothing, really, just a soft impact almost marshmallowy.

    Guys, DO NOT go out!

  12. August says:

    wow BrianB (or maybe the brian boy of blogosphere) i understand your thoughts about the typhoon that sunk metro manila, but boy oh boy, you are in a blog that tackles electronic devices. nobody cares about your marshmallowy accident.

  13. BrianB says:

    He he, tech plays a big part in this disaster. Facebook, twitter. Some people are facebooking and twittering on their phones while their homes are being washed away.

  14. wahaha nicely done. Bravo!

  15. August says:


    you can connect everything to technology nowadays. do you think you would find katrina halili and hayden kho’s scandal here because of the camera they used?

    twitter mo na lang yun accident mo or find a proper forum where you could voice out disasters. this is just not the right site to do that. and again, nobody cares about your accident but you.

    upload flood photos daw! LOL move out!

  16. cool… new version of iphone? ;)


  17. Eka says:

    I don’t have an iPhone, but sir Abe, you got me there! hehehe

  18. Kim says:

    Akala ko illusion sya, mas maganda sana ganun parang yung walking character in 3d

  19. Funny… by the way the iPhone SO needs to open up the bluetooth profiles for bluetooth add on keyboard, seeing that keyboard pop-out seriously remninded me of this… I may hack the phone further and keep it at 3.0 JUST for a nice keyboard I can add on…

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