iPhone 4 now selling in Singapore, Hong Kong

So the Apple iPhone 4 came to the shores of Singapore and Hong Kong yesterday, along with several other countries like Australia and Canada.

In Singapore, the starting price of the iPhone 4 16GB is SG$888 (around Php29,700) while the 32GB is SG$1048 (~Php35,100). All 3 telcos in Singapore (StarHub, M1 and SingTel) offered the iPhone 4 at varying price plans.

In Hong Kong, the iPhone 4 16GB is a bit cheaper at HK$4988 or about Php29,200 while the 32GB is HK$5,888 (or about Php34,500). These prices are the contract-free prices and are listed on the Apple Online Store.

realme philippines

If you’re too eager to get your hands won one, might as well book a flight to HK for Php3k and get one. However, there’s an ongoing 3-week shipping delay from the time you order it today. The white model is also nowhere to be found.

Of course, we also need to consider sales tax, shipping cost and customs fees if we want one shipped to the Philippines.

Updated: The Php24k price posted earlier was for the iPhone 3GS.

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  1. yesoj says:

    sir abe, any word from globe to when they’re going to release it here? their pricing as well?? thanks.

  2. junulrk says:

    Sir yuga, for the pricing you mentioned I maybe wrong, but I think it is good only if you are resident of Hongkong or Singapore. I mean you must have a proof that you are a resident, otherwise Apple Shops in HK or Singapore would not allow you to purchase one. Im pointing that simply visiting HK or Singapore as tourist is not that easy to get an Iphone at Appple Store.. again Im not sure about it..

  3. @arnold – oo nga sir pa share naman po ng work around

  4. MarkAnt says:

    @arnold Can you please share a work around?

  5. android_fanboi says:

    angdaming pila saka na lang…hehe

    crazy people @ HK iPhone Store

  6. android_fanboi says:

    just to make sure – this comes with a free case right?

  7. android_fanboi says:

    im getting one this month….andthe signal problem – nothing to worry about

    some users posted this

    Stephen Fenech, reviewing the iPhone 4 for The Daily Telegraph in Australia:

    I’ve been using the iPhone 4 for nearly a week to make calls, send and receive emails and surf the web from various places around the city and suburbs.

    Is the antenna an issue? No it’s not. Have I dropped calls? No, I have not.

    Have I noticed an impact on the device’s performance? No.

  8. Kinny says:

    I refuse to buy this soon! I always jinx gadgets I buy. The month after I decide to get, prices always drop by at least 30% because a new one is about to be launched. Will wait for a 64GB iPhone.

  9. PICTUREISTA says:

    What’s the update regarding the signal problem? I guess I’d just enjoy my 3GS for now.

  10. arnold says:

    Unfortunately, both Hong Kong and Singapore Apple Online Store do not deliver outside of their respective countries. But there is always a walk around…:-)

  11. sir yuga wala bang magagamit na mail forwarder (yung trusted) from singapore like johnyair or usmail box? thanks

  12. xtian1986 says:

    if you’re gonna get one be sure to not forget your free iPhone bumpers.


  13. DomainsPH says:

    WOW this is cheap

  14. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    ppnta ako ng hongkong this wed. sana meron ung binibilihan ko dun.. sooo excited!!!

  15. wilde says:

    Folks, don’t forget those iphone cases/jackets! You’ve been warned, hehe.

  16. guyrony says:

    Note to self: I am not envious, I am not envious, I am not envious, I am not envious, I am not envious.


  17. chris says:

    the iPhone 3GS is.. 4,088

  18. chris says:

    just checked the website again.. it’s 4,988.. not 4,088

  19. buhnanapancakes says:

    @abeolandres sir, do you know anyone shipping for the same price? :p

  20. Maita says:

    Is the iPhone4 network locked? If I buy one now, do I need to jailbreak it?

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