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New iPod Touch, 160GB Classic and a fatty Nano

So, all the speculations are right. The entire line-up of iPods have been replaced — thinner form factor, bigger storage, longer battery life, and wifi.

iPod Touch

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New iPod Nano
First, the new iPod Nano — 4GB and 8GB flash-based storage, 24 hours music playback and 5 hours video playback (yes, it can now play videos), iPod games included, a 2-inch 320 x 240 pixel screen, and costs $149 and $199.

iPod Classic
The old iPod videos are now called iPod Classic — full metal design, 5 hours video and 25 hours music playback for the 80GB and 7 hours video and 40 hours music playback for the 160GB HDD version.

iPod Touch
Then, the much expected iPod Touch – much like the iPhone at 8mm thick, 480 x 320 pixel 3.5″ touch screen, 8GB or 16GB flash drive, Safari browser, Coverflow, Wifi 802.11 b/g, plays 22 hours of audio and 5 hours of video.

Apple iPod

Apple also lowered the prices including the iPhone which is now at $399, the iPod Touch at $299 and $399, the iPod Classic at $249 and , the Nano at $149 and $199, and the Shuffle at $79. This could be a really nice upcoming gadget holiday. That iPod Nano is such an ugly fatso.

Meanwhile, in the forums “Will anyone still buy an iPhone now that the iPod Touch is out?“.

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42 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    Wow, iPhone 8GB now $399. How can Nokia, Moto and others compete? Seriously, iPhone is going to dominate. Steve Jobs, I’m a fan now.

  2. BrianB says:

    BTW, nice pics.

  3. BrianB says:

    He he. Our site just doubled its traffic. He he. How’s yours?

  4. Rr says:

    This is very tempting. I want to stay frugal but that Iphone is getting closer to my reach!

  5. Eugene says:

    The new nano is really ugly. They should’ve stuck with the same form factor as the 2nd gen nano. If people wanted video, they would’ve gotten the higher models.

  6. BrianB says:


    I disagree about the nano, it’s very pretty. It’s thin too.

  7. dwek says:

    the nano looks like a zen v plus

  8. ralphot says:

    only 8/16gb for the ipod touch? boooo hisss!

    but i’ll still get one. :P

  9. BrianB says:

    Guys look at other pictures of the Nano. I’d love to post the link to our site here, but it’s damned beautiful. It’s very thin and would it’s only a little over two inches across, almost a square design. Fits right into your pocket. Iriver Clix 2has the same screen size and is also squarish but it’s thick. Ok, Ok, we can take this up on the forum. If anyone wants to bother.

  10. joanah says:

    do you know when the new ipods will be available in the philippines?

  11. Miguel says:

    iPod Touch – now Pinoys can use and develop iPhone apps!

  12. I think the Nano just looks a bit stubby in the photos. But it’s actually just as thin as the old Nanos and shorter. But it is wider which gives it it’s fatty appearance. lol. But it’s actually just 2.75 inches tall (or should I say short) and 2.06 inches wide. That’s pretty tiny IMO. But I’m also thinking though, how close do you have to put it to your face to actually see video on it?

  13. Aiza says:

    I want the fatso nano, its cute!

  14. Sophie says:

    I want an IPhone!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! :) Most of my friends have been telling me to delay my Ipod shopping, and now, I know why! It’d be a Merry, Merry Christmas! :D

  15. vance says:

    ipod touch is tone-down iphone!

    The ipod nano gets fatter and looks like creative zen micro..

    I just bought an Ipod 80GB last January and now a 160GB version!. oh well, I’ll wait for 7th Gen iPod by august of next year. hahaha. I still love my 5.5th gen one wala naman masyadong improvements sa new iPod except for 1 hour longer battery life and interface with coverflow.

    by the way battery life doesn’t matter at all.. if you go out you won’t be watching nor listening to your iPod the whole day. and iPod loves to be charge regularly. Kahit konting gamit mo lang you have to charge it na. that is how you maintain your iPod battery’s life. according to the experts..



  16. reah says:

    Multi-touch interface.Gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen display.Wi-Fi web browsing.

  17. Andrew says:

    To the most devoted and long-time-Apple-loyalists, this is a complete slap in the face. And I am only saying this because the majority of those long-time-Apple-loyalists camped out for HOURS, even DAYS, waiting for that phone on 6/29. And now, it’s 33% cheaper. For many, this is well outside of their 14-day grace period, and it even manages to be outside most credit card companies’ 60-day price protection guarantee.

    Shady, underhanded marketing by Apple. These products are not made in 2 months; Apple went into 6/29 knowing FULL WELL that the price would drop by 33% in just 2 months, screwing loyal Apple fans up several orifices.

    Seriously…if you bought a Porsche at 60,000 USD, and then two weeks later it sold for 40,000 USD, wouldn’t you be ever so slightly peeved? This isn’t any standard phone release; people were not hyping up and camping out for the RAZR days before it came out…

  18. BrianB says:

    “Seriously…if you bought a Porsche at 60,000 USD, and then two weeks later it sold for 40,000 USD”

    Most Porsches are limited editions. Most luxury cars are limited editions. The iPhone, as Steve Jobs has said for the longest time, is supposed to take 1% of the cell phone market. You’re angry because Steve Jobs want more than 1% and is looking like he’s thinking at least 5%?

  19. RNHalawi says:

    pass ako dyan… No Camera: The 2-megapixel camera is gone. No Bluetooth or EDGE: This means no bluetooth headphones, headset, or access to the Internet when you can’t find a hotspot. Wi-Fi: Woohoo, it has Wi-Fi — but what’s the use of having Wi-Fi if you can’t always access a hotspot outside the house?

  20. Zo says:

    but the question is: how long before we see these babies on our little plot of earth called the philippines? iv been hankering for an 80gb ipod video for almost a year already, and now the 160gb one’s out! holy moly. oh yea side question: how much would it be priced in the local stores, any ideas?

  21. conyo985 says:

    Hindi practical ang iphone. Sayang ang pera. Walang camera, hindi ka makarecord ng boses. Mahirap magtext kasi yung keypad touch screen at pinahirapan pa ito dahil may mga ibang characters na kailangan pang hanapin sa menu. May problema rin yung disenyo, kahit ikaw pa ang pinakamalinis na tao sa buong mundo dudumi at dudumi ang iphone kasi palaging hahawakan ang screen. Hula ko gagawa pa sila ng accessory para pang touch sa screen ng iphone, doble gastos!

  22. hannah says:

    when will we see the new ipods in the phils? ive been looking everywhere for the release date.

    anybody know?

  23. akosirei says:

    waa.. cant decide whether to get the Ipod nanofatty or to get the Ipodtouch because both play videos and both have that cool library album thing. I don’t know if i need all that stuff from the ipod touch. and yea, its gonna get greasy after a while, ryt? HELP.

  24. UNKNOWN says:

    yeah!!! i think either iPhone will not be a practical phone for daily users because of its complex interface of texting. And i’ve been looking for a phone that has a capability of add-on features like the o2 xda and nokia have and must have at least 3 megapixel camera. Hopefully iPhone can improve; if so, i’ll be the first to buy it.

  25. issai says:

    i just saw a friend’s ipod touch, now i want one… BUT… i had an ipod nano, and only used it for 3 months, now it’s gathering dust somewhere…

  26. goddess10 says:

    hi! does anyone know how much iPod touch is in the philippines and where is it available?

    i am having a hard time choosing between the iPod touch with a meager 8gb memory but wifi enabled and the sweet 160gb classic. @[email protected]

  27. malmonmit says:

    may gsto bng magpabili sa inyo ng zune o ng new gen ng ipods at ng new itouch? im currently residing in hawaii, im going to the phil. before christmas. kung may interesado lng, ipost nyo email add nyo. 2 to 3k lng ang patong ko di tulad pag dumating s pinas ung mga bgong gen n ang presyo ay doble ng presyo s us. pero kung ako ang tatanungin, mag zune o ipod classic n lng kau. ung mga sample n iphone s apple center s hawaii mga naghahang n eh, siguro dahil s sobrang gamit, pero sirain talaga ung itsura nya. at kung internet ang habol nyo s iphone, bumili n lng kau ng laptop. hnd s dinidiscourage ko kau pero hnd talaga practical ang iphone o itouch, takaw mag nanakaw n nga sirain pa. just post ur email add if ur interested.

  28. malmonmit says:

    nga pla malamang nxt yr p ang dating s phil ng new gen of ipods at siguradong mahal. at kung gsto nyo talagang mag mayabang ng gadget bilhin nyo ung micro pc ng sony around $1700-2200 ang price dto. maiksi nga lng ang battery life at seperate mong bibilhin ang rom nya, pero kumpleto s features ktulad s normal n size n pc. icheck nyo ung website ng sony for complete specs and price. at sigurado ako n walang ganun s pilipinas n nbibili.

  29. jepp says:

    yeah, hindi talaga practical ang iphone kasi parang mahirap siyang gamitin knowing nga we are the txting capital.. so mahirap talaga kasi walang keypad.. pwera lang sa hilig mag inet o tawag…hehehe okay sana kung hindi siya masyadong mahal.. nakakabutas kasi ng bulsa eh…

  30. ive says:

    i agrre with some of you,talagang mhal yung iphone,wlng cam,recorder(juz heard),if i were you bili nlng kayu ng ericson touch screen,but,i suggest if u want a larger storage purchase that iphone,but for me 1gb is enough for my collections.

  31. TIM YAP says:


  32. kel says:

    i’m totally confusd. so how much does this iPhone cost here in the Philippines?!

  33. Prince says:

    Selling Ipod Touch 32gb for 17k only !!

    3 weeks used only !!

    Purpose : I need to buy a laptop !!

    Place: Sta Mesa, Manila !!

    Text me if interested 09167676701

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