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The Griffin iTrip that wouldn’t work

I got this remote FM tuner for my iPod the other day, a Griffin iTrip. Of all the 3rd party iPod accessories, Griffin always came out with the best ones (and most expensive ones too). So, the iTrip was supposed to be a good companion to my iPod in the car and even at home.

Griffin iTrip


The problem though is that I couldn’t make it work. I’m pretty sure now it’s busted. So, I’m going back to the store and have it replaced.

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9 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    I have the same unit. It’s a bitch to start up and it’s so hard to get an open signal while driving here in Manila. I’ve had success with 87.9 (yata) before but can’t get a clear signal now.

  2. jun says:

    I got an FM Transmitter cheap for PHP350.00 from a store in Gilmore (yung sa taas ng Shakey’s, at the opposite corner of CD-R King). i don’t know if this will work with an ipod but it works with my astone rumba. The freqs I use are 107.1 and 107.9MHz.

  3. rain says:

    I’d rather have this useful nifty thing for the iPod. Dali, bulk order tayo! Sino marunong mag-solder?

  4. Isn’t that the _Griffin_ iTrip? Anyway, here’s my review of the Belkin TuneFM (which I think I showed you last time we met):


    I usually use 89.4. Reception may vary with different cars/car radios, though. Reception is clear even from the back of my corolla. It gets garbled when on the front seat of my dad’s adventure, though. Probably depends on the configuration of the antenna and the stereo itself.

    What’s great is that it came with a charger, so I won’t have to worry about losing juice on long runs.

  5. vance says:

    wouldn’t it be better to have someone plug a dock on your car for your ipod? hehe though expensive, the quality is much better walang noise. I think pwede ring DIY ito. Late James Kim showed how to do it. I think it is found in cnet’s video archives.

  6. yuga says:

    Ahhh, J, yes it’s the Griffin pala. I was choosing between the two ealier so I thought I got the Belkin one.

    Anyway, I had it replaced and now working at 88.9 freq.

  7. joseph says:

    A friend gave me an iPod FM Remote “pasalubong”. It looks like the new shuffle models and also works as a remote for the ipod. It works fine but the cable should be fully laid-out/extended to receive FM signals and its a power-hogger. It sucks power from the ipod, no built-in batteries.

  8. when i bought a car radio, i picked the car radio that is built by philips because they are well built .;.

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