Monthly Archive: September 2016


Removable Battery vs Non-Removable Battery?

Here’s a question that we received on our messages from Jerome Joaquin: the pros and cons of removable batteries! In theory, non-removable batteries allow for better internal engineering and a better external design. The...


Zenfone 2 4GB/64GB or Zenfone 3 Max?

Jasper Ian asks “Which is better stick on Zenfone 2 4/64gb or have a Zenfone 3 Max?” This is a very interesting question. The 4GB/64GB variant of the Zenfone 2 is among the best...


Is the Sony Xperia XA worth it?

John Michael Lontoc asked us: hello yugatech… i just want to ask about Xperia Xa.. is it worth it.. ? im an average user hnd hard core gamer hnd din naman selfie lord.. 😂😂.....