Nokia 6 or Huawei GR5(2017) or Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X?

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3 Responses

  1. WilabaliW says:

    hindi po dual leica rear camera ang gr5 2017

  2. Brian says:

    Got the Nokia 6
    First off the processor is pretty good. I hardly noticed any lag. People commented about how it’s an old Snapdragon 430 but the 3GB of RAM is helpful and unless you’re into really intense expensive gaming this is a non issue. It also runs stock android. I’m coming from a Nexus 6 so the transition was seamless. Also I activated developer options so it’s even optimizer further. It’s true that it’s built like a tank. Very nice looks. It has a premium feel. 2 gripes though. Fingerprint scanner should be clickable and placed higher. White one looks really really good I should have gotten that instead of the blue one.

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