Overheating issues with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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4 Responses

  1. John says:

    My unit is working just fine… no overheating issue but but the battery drains fast because I’m playing pokemon go

  2. I am also encountering this overheating issue but I haven’t sent my Note 5 to Samsung Service Center because I don’t have a temporary replacement yet. Since the MM update, whenever I get connected to 4G/4G+, my phone overheats after 5 mintues (it even force closes the apps with the error “your phone is overheating, only Phone and Messaging app can be opened” something like that). I heard this is a widespread issue for users who pre-ordered the handset like me. Also, when I force my Network to connect to 3G, whenever I call someone or I’m the one receiving calls, the other person could not hear me. I can’t connect also to Mobile Data (may it be 4G,3G,2G) without activating-deactivating the Airplane mode or restarting my phone. Hay, sobrang hassle!

  3. Naresha says:

    I am having all those issues since my update to my marshmallow but sprint says there is nothing they can do.

  4. Al says:

    Have had 2 mobo replacements already. It’s now back to Samsung for the same problems. This happened. From June, upto September. I have already demanded for a refund since my unit has had 2 major repairs of the same problem already. They have yet to approve it. Stay away from the Note 5 if you’re in the market for a NOS or a pre-owned one. Such a headache after paying around 40k for it.

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