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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Gaming Headphones Hands-On


If you’ve ever wanted just one device that can be your gaming headphones as well as your casual listening, and traveling then the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT is the perfect pair of cans for you. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to these headphones because of the so many ways you can connect them to your different devices.

Virtuoso 1 • Corsair Virtuoso Rgb Wireless Xt Gaming Headphones Hands-On

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As I said, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT is versatile, and that extends to its design. Looking least like a gaming pair of headphones and more like an audiophile pair of earphones, the Virtuoso XT doesn’t look out of place anywhere.

The metal design of the Virtuoso looks super-premium and it doesn’t get a lot of fingerprints. The headphones themselves are super sturdy, everything is made of metal so no park ends up creaking. You can even swivel the ear cups for a comfortable position when traveling or moving around.

On the right earcup, you have your power button, connectivity toggle, and volume wheel. While on the left earcup you have your USB-C charging port, 3.5mm jack, and microphone port.

The Virtuoso XT comes with a detachable microphone that sounds better than most wireless gaming headphones out there, heck, it’s better than most wired gaming headphones. You don’t sound like a robot and it registers your voice pretty clearly.

Virtuoso 4 • Corsair Virtuoso Rgb Wireless Xt Gaming Headphones Hands-On

The circular ear cups are big enough for most ear sizes and are very comfortable with their pleather memory foam material. It feels good to the head and you won’t feel a lot of clamping force with these headphones. My only gripe with the Virtuoso’s is that they can be hot to wear after a long time, depending on the temperature of your room of course. If you are in an air-conditioned room then there’s no problem, other than that though, you might have some wear fatigue after a while.

The headband is made of the same memory foam that the earcups have, they are very plush and comfortable to wear. It has a subtle Corsair logo on top that just oozes minimalist which is really my jam.


The Virtuoso XT doesn’t sound like any other gaming headset I’ve recently tried. Most gaming headphones really push the bass to absurd levels but not this one. These have a very flat-sounding profile to them, which for audiophiles out there, will be really good news.

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Virtuoso 2 • Corsair Virtuoso Rgb Wireless Xt Gaming Headphones Hands-On

The sound is pretty balanced overall, listening to different genres from blues, rock, R&B, and classical music, the Virtuoso XT does a great job at highlighting all the instruments and vocals. Being closed-back headphones you don’t get a lot of sound stage with these cans, and the bigger ear cups might even make it sound hollow for some people.

In gaming these are terrific. You probably won’t find a better pair of gaming headphones in the market than these. Combined with the Dolby Atmos that comes with the package, you really can take advantage of the Virtuoso XT. Playing FPS games like Warzone, you really will hear the sound of footsteps and where bullets are coming from. It creates a really good atmosphere when it comes to gaming.


The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT, as I said earlier, is very versatile. That is the biggest selling point for me when it comes to these headphones. The fact that it has multiple connectivity options makes it such a good partner for everything in your life.

Virtuoso 5 • Corsair Virtuoso Rgb Wireless Xt Gaming Headphones Hands-On

You can use the USB dongle to wirelessly connect it to your computer or console which is the easiest way to use these headphones. For better sound quality, you can directly attach them via USB. If you’re old school then Corsair hasn’t forgotten about you, it comes with a dedicated 3.5mm mic jack. Then if you want to be on the go, you can wirelessly connect the headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth. And it can connect to multiple devices at once.

The fact that you can do all of these with a single pair of headphones really takes the cake. Instead of having multiple devices, why not just have one, you’ll probably end up paying the same amount anyway for less hassle.


The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT at first glance might not be the most affordable pair of headphones you could buy out there. When you consider the package that it comes with, then the value proposition ends up being a whole lot for the money. They are super well made, none of the cheap plastic that you see in most headphones, gaming or not. The sound signature will please most people, even stingy audiophiles. Plus, the Dolby Atmos license that it comes with really will take your immersion to the next level. It has a great microphone that is better than most.

Virtuoso 3 • Corsair Virtuoso Rgb Wireless Xt Gaming Headphones Hands-On

But again, like what I said. The versatility of the Virtuoso XT is what stands out from the crowd. Most people wouldn’t even think it is a gaming headphone if that’s what you’re looking for. The multiple connectivity options really make it not just a great gaming headset, but also a perfect pair of cans for your everyday lifestyle.

The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT  is priced at PHP 13,495.

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