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Best Automotive Brands of 2014

A few days ago we presented the Best Technology and Electronics Brands of 2014 which is based on Interbrand’s recently released Best Global Brands list. This time we’re showcasing the best brands in the Automotive sector for 2014. Find out if your favorite brand made it on the list.

interbrand automotive 2014_1

Listed below are 14 Automotive companies and their corresponding brand value.


1. Toyota – $42.4 billion
2. Mercedes-Benz – $34.3 billion
3. BMW – $34.2 billion
4. Honda – $21.7 billion
5. Volkswagen – $13.7 billion
6. Ford – $10.9 billion
7. Hyundai – $10.4 billion
8. Audi – $9.8 billion
9. Nissan – $7.6 billion
10. Porsche – $7.2 billion
11. Kia – $5.4 billion
12. Chevrolet – $5.0 billion
13. Harley-Davidson – $4.8 billion
14. Land Rover – $4.5 billion

Germany dominates with five automotive companies on the list. Followed by the U.S. and Japan with three. South Korea with two, and U.K. with one.

Hit the source link below for the full report.

source: Interbrand

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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10 Responses

  1. evollove says:

    Jaguar-Land Rover is now owned by Indian company Tata. Who knows how much British-ness is left in there.

  2. benchmark says:

    Walang suzuki? Hehehe

  3. Easy E says:

    Mazda and mitsubishi is not listed. Also, there are no Chinese brand as of now.

  4. Neil says:

    When doing articles like these, it’s important to first define how the rankings for “best” are done. For example, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would disagree when the earlier article described Apple as the “best” tech company with no explanation of how it was ranked so.

    In this particular instance, this is a ranking of each company’s market value. So while people may disagree that Apple is the “best” company, no one can argue that it currently has the highest market value among tech companies.

    It may seem like I’m nit-picking, but distinctions like these are important when you’re a site that reviews tech.

    • harry says:

      nice one niel.. love your comment.. ive been following yugatecg for years.. some articles are great.. some arent really informative due to lack of details and explanation.. come on guys.. pinoy tayo.. galingan naman natin pa! i salute you pero konting galing sa pag gawa ng articles.. i like this website so keep it up yuga guys! =)

    • C says:

      Title pa lang nakasulat na ang word na “Brand”

    • Neil says:

      I read that the first time, too, thanks.

      Here, “brand” can be interchanged with company; they mean the exact same thing. Saying a brand/company is “best” is utterly vague without saying what the yardstick is.

      Best brand in customer satisfaction? Market share? Growth? Market capitalization? Brand awareness? There’s so many ways to rank companies and the order will change depending on what criteria you are following.

      Now, the way Interbrand came up with this particular ranking is by comparing each company’s market value. I was simply saying that it’s important to mention details like that on articles such as this one.

  5. Hello Neil,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I guess I failed to include an explanation of Interbrand’s methodology for their Best Global Brands list. We’ll keep that in mind next time we do a similar list.

    To address your concerns, the whole explanation is at this link “http://www.bestglobalbrands.com/2014/methodology/” at the “Best Global Brands Criteria for Inclusion” part, just a click away from the source link we provided. Also, if you click on the links provided at the brand names above, Interbrand highlights each brand’s achievements to justify their position on their list.

    I hope that answers it. Thanks again.

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