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Motorcycle problems in the PH need to be addressed

I’m not a fan of motorcycles. Sure, they’re somewhat cool to look at and they’re really fast, but my experiences with them are a little off – they’re not the safest vehicle in the road, accidents are frequently associated with them, rowdy motorists cut impatiently through traffic & they’re often tools used by criminals riding in tandem.


Image Source: (RAYMOND BALA LACSA / Photoville International)

Just recently, a lot of pressure has been put onto the authorities as motorcyclists have been quite more disobedient as usual. Aside from speeding through main roads & highways, riding in tandem crime cases are now more prominent. Articles have been written about it and 9 minutes into Bandila’s January 14 episode, it has been reported that there were 1,700 cases in 2011 according to the PNP. My father was also recently one of the victims falling into a hold-up by two men on a motorcycle without a vehicle registration.

The Manila City Government is now on the works on implementing new laws regarding this, and the VACC (Volunteers Against Crime & Corruption) is also working on the formation of a new group, seeking a better hold on the industry. A few suggestions include the wearing of white helmets & numbered vests, the registration of helmets with the police & the baranggay and a speed limit of 30kms/hour.

I’ll admit, I don’t think the government would take immediate action on this case, but seeing that with the proper timing & the sufficient amount of loudness, I think we can actually push forward for change.

Toyota iRoad
Toyota i-Road showcased at CES 2014.

On another note, over at CES 2014, Toyota demoed their concept vehicle, the i-Road, which is something like an offspring of a motorcycle & an electric car that caught my full attention. It’s safer since it’s more of a smaller car than a motorcycle, it won’t go dangerously fast & it’s electrically environment-friendly.

For congested polluted cities such as ours, whose roads almost cannot expand anymore, cars get more in number every year & motorcycle accidents and crimes are frequent, cars like the i-Road are worth a look at. Give it more time to evolve and we’ll see.

There is still a lot more to fix regarding local transportation & the Philippines as a whole, but for now, I think I’ll end by saying this: technology is a way of doing things, and it can definitely further us into either progress or perdition. It all just depends on the attitude of the people now, on who is doing which. While we make the proper pushes to change society & technology, let’s all focus on the road and keep our attitudes clean. We’ll get there. Patience.

Update: Added links to Mayor Erap’s openness to banning motorcycle pillion riding.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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117 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    If anything they should at least limit motorcycles to be allowed only on roads where tricycles are also allowed. They are way to dangerous to themselves and to other motorists to be in highways and national roads.

    • Yikes... says:

      I totally agree with this. Or at least, no underbones on highways or major roads.

    • Drew says:

      I beg to disagree, same tax payer ang mga nag m-motor sa mga nka kotse so they have the right to use all of our public roads.

      It is better if there is a dedicated lane for motorcycle use “ONLY” para hndi na nkikipag patintero ung motor sa kotse.

    • Yikes... says:

      If kuliglig drivers pay taxes, then are you saying we allow them to drive kuliglig on highways as well? Golfers pay their taxes, so we allow golf carts on highways too? Underbone riders pay taxes, so we also allow them to use NLEX, SLEX, SCTEX, etc?

      Shouldn’t we just check the specs and match roads and vehicles that use which roads.

      Dedicated lanes on major highways are not feasible – we tried that and it’s not working.

  2. jonski22 says:

    not a fan either..ayoko sa lahat yung may nakikita akog angkas na baby or below 5 yrs old..tapos walang helmet..or kahit na meron helmet..parang laruan lang naman….pwede naman mag-dyip na lang…and takaw aksidente talaga…last night lang sa laong laan..fortunner at motor..trapik na..pero nagawa pa nila magkabungguan..

  3. Christian Andersen says:

    I love motorcycling but I hear you and the others regarding the menaces it brings (in our country). Please keep in mind though that generalizing and stereotyping is not a good way to go. Sure there are a handful or a bunch of them that you can see within the day for being rude alone but come to think of it, why in the first place are they given licenses let alone not get apprehended at all for being a wannabe stuntman. I even took the law into my own hands and beat someone up in Julia Vargas for being such an arse, the pasaway riders are the ones giving us normal and conforming ones the bad raps. Simple question, do you really think once a crime is about to be commit-ed, that the perpetrators would follow the 30KPH? We alone have a lot of riders not getting apprehended for having no plate registration. I recall also that someone in Jade Palace got killed in broad daylight by a walking man – yes, no motorcycle. It’s the absence of a proper cure for the crime problem which is policemen roaming the streets with motorcycles and a long rifle. Let’s see if criminals would still dare within the patrol area. And for the traffic/basic road courtesy issue, I’m there for harsh implementation of the already existing laws like we will all take a serious exam to prove roadworthiness and revoke the license of those who don’t pass. I’m very confident that this would solve your woes with regards to the asshole riders since they would not have a license to be on the road. No to bandaid and stupid solutions please. Implementation is key.

    • abudaldal says:

      I think I’m on this guy for this one. Let’s not stereotype motorcycles. Some can’t just afford a 4 wheel car not like you who earns a lot of money because you’re a known blogger and every sponsored announcement, you get tons more.

      However, I’m fine with the numbered vests and barangay-registered helmets, but not white because we have individual preference of style and color and we should respect that. 30 km/hr? Why not make it uniform for everyone at 30 km/hr to be fair so that everyone will be safe?

    • Yikes... says:

      Well, I guess, hindi na “genaralization” ang issue – statistics na lang.

      Mas applicable na i-raise ang generalization issue, if hindi significant ang number ng mga pasaway na rider. However, kung “relatively” significant na talaga ang number ng pasaway na rider, then we could declare na it’s not an issue of generalization but a fact.

    • Yikes... says:

      Sad to say, significantly fewer or lesser ang dami ng (maybe) katulad mong responsableng rider.

    • nameless says:

      Seriously? Eto na lang ba ang kaya gawin ng gobyerno? Pag may problema, yung pinaka madali tanggalin sa equation ang aalisin? Wala bang plano sa pagaayos ng kalsada, pagaayos ng sistema sa trapiko, paghihigpit sa pagbibigay ng rehistro at lisensya?

      Naalala ko tuloy yung mga nakaraang nakawan sa Malls. Imbes na mas pagbutihin ang security, ang mas nakikitang solusyon eh, dahil ginamit ang martilyo sa modus ng pagnanakaw, ipinagbawal na lang ang pagtitinda ng martilyo sa mall. (As if hindi pwede gamitin ang ibang bagay sa modus sa pagnanakaw. Try Monkey wrench naman).

      Face Palm na lang ako.

    • Yikes... says:

      Ang daming boto at botante rin ang maapektuhan kapag nangyari ito. Walang TraPo ang magpapasa ng ganitong batas – batas na mag-re-regulate ng mga nagmomotor.

  4. Ric Tomines says:

    I have noticed that motorcycles are all over the place in EDSA, no longer using the designated motorcycle lane. Ningas cogon na naman. Pag may malaking disgrasya na damay ang motorsiklo doon pa lang papansinin ang mga yan. Isa sa rason sa pagbagal ng traffic sa EDSA ay yung kaiiwas ng mga ibang sasakyan sa pa-ekis-ekis ng mga motorsiklo.

    • bridetobe says:

      How about the PUVs/Buses etc na walang habas rin kung dumaan sa Motorcycle lanes?. Accepting the fact that those “Motorcycle lanes” in EDSA/C5 are really not the lanes for “Motorcycles”. Maling-mali na isisi ang Traffic sa EDSA sa mga Motorsiklo, vehicles in Metro Manila multiplies, while roads are still the roads, hindi nadadagdagan.

  5. ba dumb t'ass says:

    I love bikes, but not the low end one that are below 200ccs, yung iba kasi feeling sports yung unit nila tapos ang ingay lang pag pinilit nila, plus hindi sila build for speed kaya prone sa out balance tapos chipipay pa helms na gamet, wala din, deads din. Well, di nman natin sila masisisi, di naman lahat may kayang bumili ng kotse eh, moderation at disiplina nalang tlga.

    • Yikes... says:

      Yup… wag na mag-regulate. wag na gumawa ng paraan para maging maayos ang mga kalsada. bahala na ang tadhana sa atin dito sa Pinas.
      *sarcasm here, of course*

  6. mavs says:

    hay naku…. we pay our taxes nagbabayad din po kami sa lto ng registro legal po gumamit ang mga motor sa mga kalsada….

    kung may balasubas man na nagmomotor may balasubas ding mga naka four wheels…

    wag kayo magmagaling parepareho lang lahat yan nakamotor ka man o nakafourwheels….

    • abuzazal says:

      I agree. We pay taxes like the spoiled rich Lindsay Lohan FIlipino version, BOB FREKING. Don’t be so matapobre, BOB FREKING. Now, I no longer wonder why you have a lot of haters in this site. IS THIS THE KIND OF JOURNALISM YOU’RE UP TO FOR YUGATECH? You don’t deserve to be part of this prestigious tech blog.

    • Yikes... says:

      Tutuo ito (syempre naman)…
      “… kung may balasubas man na nagmomotor may balasubas ding mga naka four wheels …”

      Pero kung oobserbahan natin… nasa 60% ang balasubas na naka four wheels, kaso nasa 90% ang balasubas na nagmomotor.

      Kaya naman hindi maiwasan na palaging nasa nagmomotor ang atensyon at sisi. Gawan na ng paraan at solusyon yan. Sorry na lang.

  7. Rider says:

    Paano kung yung killer e sa bisekleta na nakasakay ng magkaangkas babawalin na rin ba ang riding in tandem sa bisekleta.. haha, inutil na gobyerno!!!

    • Yikes... says:

      Kung dumami ang bilang ng insidente ng mga criminal bikers in tandem (yung tipong kapansin-pansin ang bilang o ang dami), kahit siguro ikaw ang nakaupo sa gobyerno, gagawan mo yan ng paraan. Baka mismong ikaw ang magbawal ng bisikleta sa daan.

    • Kulot says:

      Paano kung dumadami na yung kriminal na naglalakad lang ng sabay, babawalin rin ba ng gobyerno Yikes?

    • Yikes... says:

      “Kulot says:
      January 16, 2014 at 7:12 pm
      Paano kung dumadami na yung kriminal na naglalakad lang ng sabay, babawalin rin ba ng gobyerno Yikes?”

      If the numbers are significant… if you see significant number of cute puppies mass murdering people on certain streets, you’ll probably get those cute puppies out of those certain streets.

      Aaargh! Still don’t get the point?!? It’s the numbers, the reported incidents, and not even counting the unreported incidents.

      Accidents involving bigger vehicles have smaller chances to get unreported, compare mo sa sideswipes ng pasaway na mga riders.

  8. gian says:

    i think the important thing is to have discipline. our traffic enforcers should have the discipline to enforce our traffic laws. we, as motorist, should also follow these simple rules. if we cannot follow the simplest of laws then you can really expect that crimes will happen. i think the traffic enforcers should really be stricter with motorcycles, tricycles, and PUVs. the drivers of these vehicles are the ones causing traffic and accidents everyday for their lack of discipline on the road.

    • Yikes... says:

      Sa mga nagsasabi ng discipline lang ang kailangan at tamang implementation lang ng batas ang kailangan… pag-isipan po natin a. mabigat din ang terminong “feasibility”.
      Magaganda nga ang ideyalismo o panukala, kung hindi naman feasible, ningas cogon ang bagsak nyan.

  9. poppy says:

    Dapat bawal motorcyles sa major roads like EDSA or C5…

    Have you noticed motorcycles sa ibang bansa lalo na sa mga major roads nila?

    • bridetobe says:

      Dapat bawal motorcyles sa major roads like EDSA or C5…

      Have you noticed motorcycles sa ibang bansa lalo na sa mga major roads nila?

      Hi.. in national highways in America they have this campaigns lead by certain agency of traffic safety ek ek.. to remind ALL motorists to safely “Share the Road” with Motorcycles, for them to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe. Vice versa, riders are reminded to make themselves visible to other motorists.

    • bridetobe says:

      Hi.. in national highways in America they have this campaigns lead by certain agency of traffic safety ek ek.. to remind ALL motorists to safely “Share the Road” with Motorcycles, for them to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe. Vice versa, riders are reminded to make themselves visible to other motorists.

    • Yikes... says:

      Saang state yan? Nakakapunta din naman ako sa ‘Murica.
      Di naman pwede scooters or underbones sa mga highways doon.

  10. biased ka says:

    Biased tong article na toh. Un lang ang masasabi ko. Sa mga police checkpoint, motor lang ang pinapara. Ano bang pwede maistore sa bike? Dapat mga four wheels ang iniispeksyon. Never stereotype guys. The fact that the writer said that he is not a fan of mcs in his opening statement already indicates his bias against motorcycles.

  11. biased ang author says:

    Sorry to tell the author but please be well informed. It’s not very wise to provoke motorcycle enthusiasts like us and make your earlier claims to make an article about the new introduced i-Road.

  12. BratPAQ says:

    Kahit ano pang ilagay na batas para sa motor, wala pa ring kwenta yan kung hindi aayusin any isang problema. Ang paghuli sa mga motor. Sa araw araw na nakikita kong mga violations ng motor, beating red light, stopping at pedestrian lane, counterflow. Ni minsan wala pa akong nakitang hinuhuli. Bakit? Nakikita lang akong “huli” eh sa mga checkpoint, pero sa mga daily traffic violations nila pinalalagpas lang ng mga enforcer.

    Eto pa malupit, makakakita ka ng MMDA at mga enforcer at PULIS na nakamotor na may mga violations din, beating red light, walang helmet, etc.

  13. 2wheeledangel says:

    Tell me one thing you hate about motorbikes that other form of vehicle on the road doesnt do? All forms of vehicles nowadays can be used for crimes.

    —“they’re not the safest vehicle in the road”
    -nor a 10 million peso SUV, a sports car, a bus or whatever vehicle is not safe. You can easily kill more people and cause more damage using other vehicles.

    —“accidents are frequently associated with them,” – why singling out motorbikes? You are too narrow minded to only see what the media is showing you. Imagine how many people get injured /killed if you compare it vehicle to person ratio. I’d rather be hit by a motorbike than be hit by a bus, a jeep, SUV, sports car, truck etc. All other vehicles are more frequently associated with accidents, and most of the time more deadly and bloody.

    —“rowdy motorists cut impatiently through traffic” – because that’s what their meant to be! Imagine a bus, a jeep, SUV, sports car, truck etc cutting through traffic, and they do if you don’t know. That would be, again, a deadly and bloody scenario.

    —“& they’re often tools used by criminals riding in tandem.” – how many times has their been a shoot out or rob out or any of those bloody killings on the road that may or may not include the police force? Is any of those involve a motorbike? How frequent had it happened compare to those involving other vehicles?

    Motorbikers are one breed of sensible people. They ride for sensible purposes, traffic, gas price, parking, mobility, availability, cost, lifestyle and freedom.

    It has pros and cons but so other things. All we bikers are asking from the masses is fair treatment and proper implementation of sensible laws and rules that is considerate to all others. Don’t single us out.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Tama! @Abe: Please reprimand BOB FREKING for this biased post. Marami atang natatamaan sa post na ito. @Bob Freking: Umayos ka!!!!!!!! Mga TAO rin ang mga pinatinatamaan mo. ‘Wag mong ipakita ang pagiging MATAPOBRE mo.

    • markymark says:

      I don’t agree with this blogger at all. Medyo makasarili ang opinion. I’ll better spread this to Facebook’s Small Bike Federation of the Philippines and Yamaha Club groups and fanpages to boycott this site because of this biased article.

    • Miss Call says:

      I agree. We should fully enforce apprehending those who flow against the traffic despite the solid road lines, stop at pedestrian lanes, as well as those who drive recklessly (passing between vehicles at high speeds, sudden change of lanes without the use of signal lights a few seconds before doing so, maintaining distance proportional to current speed, etc).

    • Miss Call says:

      cont… (those who drive in between lanes instead of inside lanes despite the availability of space, suddenly cutting someone off, passing the side of the vehicle it intended and signaled it would, etc).

  14. ai says:

    Ang problema lang lahat dito hindi kasi strict. Penalty natin ang baba kaya hindi natatakot yung motorista. Corrupt din mga pulis kaya nakakalusot lang.

  15. DucatiBoy says:

    You have just lost one reader/believer (a long time) of this site…

    Don’t worry, I will plug this article to our club as well…

    Ignorance at its best!

  16. ichigo says:

    Hay naku si bob freek nanaman pala ang author kaya palpak nanaman…

  17. hexen says:

    I own a car and a motorcycle. But like some of the previous commenters, I use my bike more because I save more (time and money).

    I see Mr. Freking’s point of view. I just don’t like the way he said it.

    Please be more sensitive to your readers.

  18. tony0113 says:

    Bob Freking, you’re so freaking narrow-minded it amuses me. I’ve had many unfavorable encounters with assholes on four wheels – yeah, including cars and SUVs, who IMPATIENTLY cut me, on my moyorcycle, driving peaceably along the motorcycle lanes of EDSA. How on earth can motorcyclists use motorcycle lanes when hulking SUVs occupy OUR lanes? It’s not the type of vehicle that’s the problem, it’s the assholes driving them. MAKES ME WONDER, are YOU one of those assholes who rudely cut law-abiding motorcyclists along motorcycle lanes, seeing as you are one of those who think we don’t deserve to be on the highways? If I can get u on ur two feet I can teach u some manners real quick!

  19. MausMan says:

    Wow, one sided. Don’t forget some of those biker guys you are stepping on with this kind of articles are actually owners and drivers of cars as well who just prefer bikes over their SUVs/cars/vans since the traffic is really bad and costs of riding 4 wheels mostly alone on the road anyway costs more than using their bikes. And if some of you are stereotyping all bikers as poor guys financially, boy you are wrong. Some earn the 6 figures, own businesses, and have multiple houses and vehicles but yet you will see them riding their scooters/underbones/standard bikes looking like just any other common joe on the road just because they love the bike, just because its faster through traffic. Regarding accidents, its a two way street, it’s not always the fault of the biker when the accident happens. And for those griping about traffic filtering/lane splitting the bikes are doing, it is because that is what it was made for, to get through traffic and it is a LEGAL road maneuver, it just requires the rider to execute it carefully and smoothly. Unfortunately not all bikers know how to do it well.

    • MausMan says:

      And for those stereotyping bikes as unsafe. If it is unsafe, then why are there guys on bikes for 20 yrs and never had a serious accident still alive and kicking, and rolling the streets on their bikes. If you are a rider like us, you will know how to use it safely and how to flirt with death on it. But that is all because it depends on the driver not the vehicle.

    • MausMan says:

      What VACC is asking is ‘DISCRIMINATION’ and steps on the rights of the motorcyclists.

      1) Require white helmets – as a consumer we have the right to choose what color or brand we want to wear as our helmets. It is part of our clothing, part of our riding gear. Lets make things equal then, how would you feel if civilians walking around are required to wear plain white full body jumpsuits? And what good does that do? Criminals can wear that same thing then what now?

      2) Speed limit 30 kph – SERIOUSLY?? Do you know how slow that is? It is dangerous to run at that speeds alongside fast buses, fast SUV’s, fast trucks etc. Again some bicycles can reach 45 kph, so what is the motorcycle good for now? What good does that do against riding in tandem criminals? NOTHING, do you expect criminals to run at 30 kph?

      3) Wear vests with numbers – we have the right to choose if we want to wear vests, and what it would look like, same argument as number one. What good does this do? NOTHING, criminals can wear the same thing and worse even fake them and frame someone else while committing a crime. Just imagine the repercussions, you wearing same vest and number suddenly shot down by cops because a criminal half a mile away was wearing the same. It only added cost and burden for bikers who have more than one bike now having to shoulder costs for multiple vests which is good for nothing anyway.

      4) Register helmets – same as argument on number three. Get framed and shot somewhere else when a criminal fakes it. Added burden of multiple helmets for those who own multiple bikes.

      Then some say, ban riding in tandem, now that is against our rights as well. What is the backseat for now? This does not help also, because the criminals will not bother following this, or one scenario, each will ride his own bike and operate together on a crime.

    • MausMan says:

      Now all that I mentioned above. Let’s reverse it and apply those proposed restictions to those who rides cars. How would you feel? Discriminated? Rights Violated?

  20. abuzalzal says:

    Freking is on the hot seat again ahahahahahahahahaha

  21. roiji says:

    that Toyota i-Road will cost millions hahahah
    though, i’d love to have one :-p

    LTO is to be blamed here.
    they’re still giving driver’s license to people who don’t follow the rules of the road!
    pwede kasing maglagay dun sa issuer ng license.

    they don’t have any mandatory test to see if the driver has the psychological capacity to be a driver on the road.

    • Bob Freking says:

      I highly agree with what you said, but to add, the police must also share the blame as they are also tolerating those without registration plates.

      I’m just hoping that the government’s actions towards this issue aren’t going to fall under ningas-kugon.

    • Yikes... says:

      Subukan nyong ilagay sarili nyo sa pwesto ng mga traffic enforcer. Hindi madaling mag-apprehend ng mga nagmomotor. Yung mga naka-fourwheels, harangan mo sa harapan at mas mataas ang chance na mapahinto mo at ma-apprehend mo sila. Yung mga pasaway na naka-motor, harangan mo sa harapan, duduraan ka pa sabay takbo. (Mas bastos pa ang mga pasaway na nagmomotor kesa sa mga pasaway na naka-four-wheels).

    • MausMan says:

      Aba, hindi ka rin bigot ano. Ang tingin mo talaga sa bikers mababang uri ng tao, though sa tagal ko nagmomotor at nagkokotse, wala pa ako nakitang nandudurang naka motor, San kaya galing ang iniisip mo? At kapag may problema sa daan, masmatulungin pa ang naka-motor kesa sa naka-4wheeler na wala pakialam madalas.

    • Yikes... says:

      Pakibasa po ulit…
      ang tinukoy ko dito ay ang mga PASAWAY na nagmomotor (pati na rin ang mga ‘pasaway’ na naka-four-wheels).
      Hindi ko po nilalahat, pero sinasabi ko rin na RELATIVELY significant number of bad riders ang problema.

  22. Anonymous says:

    How about when all cars have stopped at an intersection. And as “always”, motorcycles would weave in between (sides) of the vehicles and sometimes in between (front/back) of the vehicles (barely missing the side mirrors), just to get ahead of everyone else. They are really, undisciplined. Can you do that with cars? Even the slow motorcycles would all cramped up to the front of the intersection just to get ahead of all the cars. Thereby causing slow moving traffic when the light turns green. Are they claiming to be the king of the road?

  23. Noyni says:


  24. banas says:

    meron ba matino na driver mapa motor or 4 wheels..not stereotyping but based on experience.

    • Yikes... says:

      “… meron ba matino na driver mapa motor or 4 wheels..not stereotyping but based on experience. …”

      Pero kung oobserbahan natin… nasa 60% ang balasubas na naka four wheels, kaso nasa 90% ang balasubas na nagmomotor.

      Kaya naman hindi maiwasan na palaging nasa nagmomotor ang atensyon at sisi. Gawan na ng paraan at solusyon yan.

    • MausMan says:

      Maka 60% 90% ka parang may figures ka talaga ng statistics ah, at pinababa mo pa ang number para sa 4 wheelers. Di ka rin biased ano. Bilangin kaya natin ang road rage cases na 4 wheelers vs 4 wheelers, nagbabarilan pa. Bilangin kaya natin ang mga 4 wheelers na nagmamaneho ng lasing, at mga 4 wheelers na nampi-pina ng motor ng dahil lang sa naka-motor sila. Ako nga biktima ng road rage ng naka-kotse, ina-araro ako sa traffic ng dahil lang wala makausad, aba muntik na ako umuwi at kunin ang kotse ko para banggain ko rin siya e, kaso babae ang driver, huminahon ako. Gusto ko na nga balikan at barilin na lang eh dahil sigurado ako aabutan ko pa yun dahil nasa traffic ako nakalusot na at nakauwi pwede ko balikan gamit kotse ko para lang ipakita sa kanya ang kapal ng mukha nya, u-ulilain pa niya baby ko ng dahil lang naka-motor ako at traffic tapos di siya makalusot.

    • Yikes... says:

      1. Naisipan mo pang kunin ang four wheels mo.
      2. Muntik pang maulila ang baby mo ng dahil lang nakamotor ka.

      Exactly my point… mas delikado at mas maraming problema sa pagmomotor!

    • MausMan says:

      1) Para ipakita hindi lang siya may kotse.
      2) Dahil sa mga mayayabang na naka-auto katulad mo na mababa ang tingin sa naka-motor, kung mampina at managasa parang wala lang. Keyboard warrior ka lang dito. Pag sa personal di mo na kaya back-upan ang mga tinatype mo dito.

    • Yikes... says:

      di mo naman nasagot ang issue. Balik ka ulit sa punto ko.

      Parang inamin mo na rin na kung hindi ka nakamotor, ay hindi mo mararanasan ang mga kalungkutan mo sa daan.

    • Yikes... says:

      Plus, ikaw pala ang mayabang e – ikaw na ang may kotse at may motor pa.

    • MausMan says:

      Troll alert. Signing out. Magbasa ka na lang sa taas, lalo na yung protest ko at explanation ko regarding sa panlillit nyo sa naka-motor na di nyo alam, baka nakalalamang pa sa buhay nyo. Eto suggestion ko sa VACC, kung gusto nila mabawasan ang crime.

      1) Increase Police Visibility
      2) Increase Police competency and efficiency in handling cases
      3) Increase Police Numbers
      4) Increase Police on Motorcycles to combat riding in tandem criminals

    • Yikes... says:

      Wow! Parang nag-wish ka lang na paramihin ang pulis natin a.

      Sabihin mo ulit yan kapag hindi na puro nurse ang graduate ng inang bayan.

  25. Yikes... says:

    di mo naman nasagot ang issue. Balik ka ulit sa punto ko.
    Parang inamin mo na rin na kung hindi ka nakamotor, ay hindi mo mararanasan ang mga kalungkutan mo sa daan.

  26. Centos says:

    Meron ako both car and motor. Pero sa palagay ko disiplina talaga sa kalsada ang kailangan para mas iwas sa disgrasya.

    • Yikes... says:

      Even in other countries, they have to enforce, or instill discipline to people.

      Any suggestions on how to infuse discipline on ALL local drivers (whatever they drive)?

      Just, please, don’t go wishing for more police visibility, more traffic enforcers when everyone (figuratively) wants to be a nurse (exaggerating – but i hope you get the point).

    • Centos says:

      HOY yikes pumunta ka sa Europe para makita mo disiplinang sinasabi ko!

    • Yikes... says:

      Oh yeah?! Why so mad?
      Pumunta ka sa Cambodia, pumunta ka sa India, tignan mo ang kalayaan ng mga nagmomotor dun, mas malala. Gusto mong hintayin na maging tulad nila tayo?
      So sa tingin mo, mas angkop na ikumpara tayo sa Europe?
      Labo!?! Nag-comment ako ng maayos sabay ganyan ka lang!

  27. wew says:

    masasabe kong totoo naman na mas delikado ang motor generally,pero hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon delikado sila kasi masagi lng sila ng kaunti tumba na kaagad eh pag nakakotse pag nasagi eh gasgas lang. pero nasa driver din yan,naka volvo ka nga(w/c is considered one of the safest cars in the world) d ka naman nakaseatbelt at mabilis ang takbo mo…anyway against ako dun sa ibang suggested rules:
    1.wearing of white helmets & numbered vests = di ko lng alam kung bakit kailangan dapat white ang helmet,para makita p rin kahit gabi?eh kahit naman makita nila e helmet pa rin ang nakikita nila, hindi mukha…ung numbered vests naman eh madaling gawan ng peke, kawawa naman ung mga inosenteng tao na ginamit ang number nila sa isang krimen kahti na hindi naman talaga sila un…tska as if naman ung mga magnanakaw eh magsusuot ng ganyan
    2.the registration of helmets with the police & the baranggay – eto pabor ako dito
    3.speed limit of 30kms/hour – WTF?!?bumibili nga ng motor para mas mapabilis ang byahe dahil mas maliit tas lilimitahan ang bilis…kung 60kph pede pa mapagusapan eh kung 30kph para kang kasali sa isang funeral procession tsktsk tska delikado din po ang mabagal na takbo minsan kasi mas nakakaantok ang mabagal na takbo lalo nat maluwag ang daan

  28. 10G says:

    Discipline. Let’s start within ourselves.

  29. alan cuarto says:

    mr. freacking… wala sa sasakyan yan..nasa driver yan! kung 4wheels or 2wheels man ang dala mo.sa mga kidnapping incidrnt, 4 wheels gamit diba?bank robbers will probably use 4wheels..bkit pagdidiskitahan ng motor!

    • me says:

      ang tinutukoy niya ay yung mga riding in tandem. Sila yung mga holdaper na nakasakay sa motor gaya nung mga nasa balita. Mas madali kasi tumakas pag motor ang gamit. Yung mga guns for hire dito sa lugar namin motor ang gamit pag may tinutumba. Kung kotse dala nila eh matatrapik lang sila.

    • Name says:

      Nasa sasakyan at driver, sa tingin ko. Kung sino na yung nakamotor, sya pa yung di nag-iingat. Sure, di maingat ang bus at kotse at jeep, pero kung magbangaan sila, sino talo? Yung motor. So kung nakamotor yung tao, alam na dapat nya na talo sya kahit ano mangyari, so kahit di sya disiplinado, dapat man lang e matakot sya sa mga loko-loko sa daan. Pero hindi! Sya pa ang matapang at di nag-iingat.

  30. Orange says:

    Most motorcycle riders are pests. Most, hindi lahat but the bad apples greatly outnumber the disciplined riders. I find very little sympathy for them when they figure in an accident. More often than not kasalanan nila. On another note, the Toyota concept is really cute (yes I’m a girl). Pero pang service lang say within an area like BGC (condo to office/malls). Goodness talsik to sa main highways if ever, salamat sa mga buses and trucks.

    • wew says:

      actually may mas safe p sa toyota concept n yan…may nakita akong 2wheeled n ganyan at covered din siya…pero ang maganda dun eh may pampabigat siya na nakakadagdag dun sa center of gravity para maiwasang tumumba kahit mabangga p ng sasakyan na mabilis o kaya kahit elepante(ayon sa kanila) kaya ang nangyayare pag nabangga un imbes n tumumba at makaladkad ng malayo eh dudulas lng ung motor pero nakatayo p rin(isipin mo kung anung itsura ng sasakyang nagiiskid)kaya d masyado naaabsorb ng motor ung lahat ng pwersa.

  31. bito says:

    Nakakatawa mga comment nyo… sa mga nka kotse na hindi pa nasubukan mag motor, subukan nyo muna bago mag comment.. malalaman nyo din na mas mayabang ang mga cage drivers… i too hated motorcycles, until i rode one, then found out why they do what they do.. walang basagan ng trip..

    • Yikes... says:

      Nakahiram ako ng motor sa pinsan ko.
      True, sarap dalhin. I rode it up to 50kph only.
      And, I was really tempted to swerve more, and drive it anywhere I think it would fit.

      Ano ang gusto mong sabihin sa comment mo? Na dahil sa motor kaya nila nagagawa ang mga ginagawa nila sa kalsada? Hmmmm.

      Also, tama ka, walang basagan ng trip. Pero, if a rider cuts into some other driver, making the other driver suddenly hit on the brakes – sino ang pambasag ng trip? Kaninong trip ang naabala o naistorbo? Somebody cruising, minding his own business, observing traffic regulations, and on his way to a happy drive; when suddenly, some rider cuts into his lane making him hit the brakes (his lane/way now disrespected and ruining his drive and mood).

    • levitics says:

      @Yikes. May pinsan ka pala na taga-squatter since nakahiram ka ng motor sa kanya. that also makes you a squatter dahil can’t afford ka pala, wannabe rice rice ka pa.

    • Yikes... says:

      Maybe… but, that’s a different issue. ;)

  32. Welsh says:

    I agree

    90-95% of the motorcycle drivers are undisciplined and cant take responsibility for the damages they caused (laging HIT AND RUN; Im a victim for 4 different hit & run, always nakastop ng car sa stoplight then they hit us then TATAKBO NA).

    I understand that most of the motorcycle drivers cant afford sila. BUT I THINK FREE NAMAN MAGKAROON NG SELF DISCIPLINE.

    Lastly, ang IINGAY nila. Kasi gusto nila na parang big bike daw… COME ON!!! have some courtesy naman sa houses na dinadaanan ninyo at 10PM-5AM (people on those houses are sleeping/resting).

    BOB FREKING, Im one of those people that doesn’t like most of your article. HOWEVER, this article has a good topic and good content.

    More Power and always have room for more improvements =)

    • Anonymous says:

      Notice that at intersections when the traffic light turns red, cars will stop at their own places. Undisciplined car drivers may be around less than 5 or 10%, if there are some. But as far as motorcycles are concerned, they don’t stop at their own places. Almost all of them wants to pass at the sides and in-between cars to get to the front of the intersection. That is why undisciplined motorcycle drivers ranges from 90 to 95% as you said. Very seldom do I see disciplined motorcycle drivers that stops in their own places. There are more of them that don’t want to be disciplined, as compared to car drivers. Some of them would even drive on the sidewalks just to get ahead. When it starts to rain, you can find most of them hiding under the foot bridge, occupying the rightmost lane. This is dangerous for oncoming vehicles.

    • wew says:

      @Anonymous and also, most motorcycle drivers occupy the pedestrian lane on intersections, which is wrong.

  33. Me says:

    Ang ayoko lang sa mga driver ng motor na hindi marunong gumamit ng light signals. :| Yun iba paa pa gamit sa pag signal. Di na nga halos mapansin pag gabi magugulat ka nalang bigla nalang babagal. Mas ok pa yung mga taxi e, kung mag cut man, pansin mo agad.

    Saka wear reflector vests din pag gabi, ang hina pa naman ng rear lights ng ibang mga motor.

    Lastly, @All fellow motorcyclist, kung pwede sana sa GITNA(LOOB) NG LANE kayo, hindi dun sa LINE. Yung motorsiklo LANE, ang intindi nyo ata motorsiklo LINE, na dun lang kayo sa LINYANG ASUL nakapirme. 2 Lane yung naaabala nyo sa pag stay sa line.

  34. Loneliest Man says:


    For both 2 and 4 wheel drivers.

    I personally think na kapag nagbigayan yung both parties walang aksidente sa daan. Minsan kase kapag traffic at nasa tamang lane naman ang motor ineexpect ng mga 4 wheel owners na huwag nasila kumain ng space at sa gilid dumaan. Kapag naman biglang sumingit sa gilid, nagagalit din. Parehong walang disiplina ang lahat mapamotor o mapakotse. Dapat sundin at mahigpit na ipatupad ang mga batas. Dapat yung mga enforcers ang maging role models. Dapat din maging strict sa panghuhuli.

    With regards to checkpoints, dapat pantay pantay ang treatment. Madalas yung mga enforcers, ang nasa isip ay manghuli instead of ayusin ang traffic. I suggest na instead of monetary ang bayad, diretso kulong na lang para walang perang involved. Kapag nahuli ka na walang helmet, kulong ka isang araw. Same thing sa mga nakakotse, kapag walang seatbelt, bulag ang ilaw, kulong din. Tapos kapag enforcer ang nagviolate at napatunayang nagkasala, dapat mas mahaba at mas grabe ang parusa.

    We need an iron hand .. Mayor Duterte for President!

  35. awts says:

    welcome to YUGATECH (Philippine Technology News and Reviews at iba pa.)

  36. Yikes... says:

    When I still live in Pasig and when I still drive my old, small, cheap-looking, but newly painted car, my car gets sideswiped by riders at least twice a week. Imagine being stuck in traffic jams near that Pasig-C5 exit (North bound) – as I watch them just speed away.

    Matagal-tagal ko ding pinag-ipunan ang pinturang yun kahit luma at maliit lang ang kotse ko.

    Ooooooooh, I can’t forget that feeling I usually get after those riders just speed away. @$!%#&%!

    • basyong says:

      saan ka na nakatira ngayon? So ibig sabihin new at big at expensive na yung ride mo ngayon? Palagay ko may problema ka sa pag mamaneho, imagine atleast two sideswipe every week?

      Curious lang, ngayong new at big at expensive na ride mo, may atleast 2 sideswipe ka pa rin ba? Naku po!

    • Yikes... says:

      Di ko kaya ang new at expensive, at hindi rin naman katagalan nung dumadaan pa ko dun sa makipot na ramp ng Pasig-C5 exit (it was that time na maraming inaayos na daan at tulay). Nakatigil lang ako sa pila ng mahabang traffic kapag nasasabitan ang sasakyan ko – so hindi issue ng pagmamaneho ko.
      Siguro try mo dumaan dun sa makipot na single-lane ramp ng Pasig-C5 exit para mas maintindihan mo.

  37. Benchmark says:

    Sa akin, disiplina lang tlaga ang kelangan.

    Simple rules nga lang sa one way street, hinde na makasunod, pano pa yung mga major rules.

    Suggestion nga na lagyan daw ng plate number ang helmet para huli agad…you think so? Kung gawin nating transparent ang helmet, pede kaya?

    Eh yun iba nga, nabalandra na yung mukha sa CCTV camera, di pa mahuli…

    Kahit anu pa din kasi, nasa atin pa din talaga eh…disipline for ourselves at turuan ang mga anak natin ng tama. Pede din tyo magtulungan ng disiplina…at sana lang wag tatamad tamad sa pagsunod sa batas…

  38. Mikey says:

    Ano ba ineexpect niyo? Mostly mga squatter and can’t afford ang gumagamit ng motor kaya asal squatter rin.

  39. basyong says:

    hi squatter here,

    my ride : zx6r
    my work : somewhere in makati
    my home : valle squatter
    salary : 6 digits xxx,xxx (can’t afford ako)

    thank you and goodbye.

  40. basyong says:

    Sorry, i’m still here, yeah i have small dick, like every Filipinos, bravo!

  41. cranium says:

    the best solution? shoot to kill order sa lahat ng motorcyclists na pasaway. mas mabuting ubusin na lang sila. patayin kesa makapatay. mga hampaslupa na nga, wala pang utak at disiplina. mga peste ng lipunan.

    • leviticus says:

      ganun? how about mga pasaway na bus drivers? mga pasaway na nakakotse? mga pasaway na naka-bisikleta?

      in fact, how do you differentiate between a pasaway and a law abiding motorist from the get-go?

      napaka-medieval ng solution mo. you are out of touch with reality.

    • Yikes... says:

      I bet you’re a biker/rider.

    • cranium says:

      @leviticus: who gives a s**t? thats exactly what i mean. our government is a spineless piece of trash who does not have the capabilities to implement a law para ayusin tong mga gag*ng to. we have gone too soft and inaabuso ng mga assclown drivers who should not even have a license. as for bus drivers, tanggalan ng prankisa ang mga company. at if ever mabuhay ang driver na naging sanhi ng aksidente like ‘don mariano’. pagalingin lang then put him on torture chamber or isalang na agad sa electric chair. same goes for idiotic bikers. sad thing is, we forgot how to kill. the result is that we are now bombarded by useless weaklings who does not deserve a space on this world.

    • leviticus says:

      @Yikes. I’m a motorist. No distinction on what vehicle I use.

  42. Angel says:

    Very discriminating article! Bullshit.,

  43. Boom says:

    Kaya ako, binabaligtad ko din. kapag may pasaway na nakamotor. Kinacut ko din.. hehehe. Para maramdaman niya ang feeling ng nagugulat. Madalas semplang sila. goodluck sa hospital.

  44. Boom says:

    Kaya ako, binabaligtad ko din. kapag may pasaway na nakamotor. Kinacut ko din.. hehehe. Para maramdaman niya ang feeling ng nagugulat at madisgrasya. Madalas semplang sila. goodluck sa hospital.

  45. pong says:

    I own car & bike, unfair naman ng article na ito ginawa lahat riding in tandem lahat ang nagmomotor. Pero nasa driver ang disiplina. Sa akin nga ang pinaka pasaway ay ang mga driver ng public transpo from tricycle up to busses.

  46. yumi says:

    Respeto, disiplina drivers at riders at ayusin ang nasa hanay ng gumagawa at nagpapatupad ng batas hindi itong vest with plate #, helmet registration, 30kph limit, etc.? Then what?!.. WTF! Ang kriminal kahit nasan yan. Nakaupo nga lang nakakapagnakaw pa!

  47. Boba says:


  48. Zobel says:

    I remember the days the hindi ka makakabili ng motor kung walang kang 100K. Babalik lang yung pag full-fledged 1st world nation na ang China at magmamahal na lahat ng galing sa kanila. Kaya support China, dudes! hihihi!

  49. leeto says:

    Wag tayong maghusga agad sa mga may motor as thieves, killers, etc. Eh mas malaki ang nawawalang pera sa bansa natin dahil sa mga magnanakaw at holdaper nasa
    Congress na hindi nagmomotor. I think its just a matter of proper law enforcement like in Davao, di uso ang criminals sa kanila. Magmotor ka sa Davao with helmet, pero no-no ang criminals on motorbikes.

  50. xytel says:

    I Agree with Yikes. in the first place bakit nagiging maingay or napag uusapan yung pagkakaroon ng sanction sa motor? say it out loud! “kasi may problema”, “kasi kabi-kabilang balita tungkol sa riding in tandem ang involved sa krimen” if you can’t accept the fact then kayo ang may problema. kasi isa rin kayo sa mga taong nagsasabi na “basta ako sumusunod ako sa batas” (wala na akong pakialam sa ibang namamatay dahil sa riding in tandem, wag nyo kaming lahatin). Sinulat ni Bob Frekking yung article dahil may problema na dapat ma-solved. and please do understand yung point nya why he’s not a fan of motorcycles. yung father nya (loved ones) is also a victim of riding in tandem. I bet if this also happens to you and your loved ones (wag naman sana)ewan ko na lang how you would feel..

  51. BurnOUt says:

    After reading all these, one thing I’m sure: Yikes = Bob Freking. Message me Bob, I’ll make you realize what you’re saying. You know, YOU NEED BALLS TO RIDE A BIKE. SURELY YOU DOESN’T HAVE THAT. (But I’m sure you love those, right?)

    • Yikes... says:

      Sorry, I’m not Bob. And, I don’t write articles or blogs – ergo I’m not a writer.
      I do drive a truck, nowadays. Sarap sumabay sa mga rider. ;)
      I just can’t understand why people try to ignore facts.

    • Basyong says:


      The fact that 99.9% of our government officials are corrupt?
      The fact that erap is a convicted ‘mandarambong’?
      The fact that those riding in tandem criminals are ‘tuta’ ng mga pulis?

      I think those are the core problem, no need for a band-aid solution. They are barking at the wrong tree.

      A fact I agree, madaming pasaway na riders :) and I have my share ;)

    • Yikes... says:

      I hear you.
      I mean, you can present such “facts” or a hundred more of those, and, those are ideally needed to be addressed as well: those are equally important (if not more than pressing). But, maybe in threads or discussions of their own.

      The thing is, we’re on a specific subject matter here that is best discussed focusing on just the subject matter, daily troublesome riders. For this reason that the number of road accidents/mishaps (reported OR unreported; documented and undocumented) are getting far more significant (even more than issues on rowdy PUV drivers).

      And what’s more annoying… ang isa pang mahirap sa mga ‘pasaway na riders’ o mga nagmomotor, kapag nagsalita sila sa kalsada o kahit dito sa internet, parang sila palagi ang aping-api o palaging kawawa samantalang sila madalas ang offender. (okay, this bit here is going beyond the edge of this article posted here at Yugatech – hehe)

  52. Basyong says:

    What a lot of people don’t get is that some authorities and the criminals are working together. Police visibility won’t help as much. – Bob Freking

  53. juice ko po says:

    We can’t afford to get more law enforcers and equipments because we’re losing BIGTIME! B for billions a year! Susmaryosep! Dahil sa mga curropt govt officials natin. Kaya ipapapasan nalang sa lahat ng naka-motor ang gastos at abala dahil sa iilang Kriminal. Erap? PNP chief? Pwede patingin uli ng record nyo?! Ilang milyong motor ba meron sa pinas?Ano ba kasalanan ng riders at kelangang madamay sa gawa ng iilan? Tama nga na madaming pasaway na riders, ganun din naman ang drivers.

    Eh kung yung nawawala sa bayan ay ipinambili nalang ng motor panghabol sakay ay matitinong pulis riding in tandem. Ewan ko lang!

  54. Hen-Sheen says:

    The Toyota i-Road looks like a clone of the Kabuto Extender (Ex-mode); Clock-up!

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