New license plates with security features roll out today

New license plates with security features roll out today

As part of the government’s license plate standardization program, today is the first day that motorists can order new license plates and replace the old ones when renewing their motor vehicles. These plates now come with security features that aim to aid on the road and hopefully avoid illegal practices.

“It’s time to change old license plates with new ones,” Transportation and Communications Secretary Jun Abaya said in a statement on Sunday. “Tomorrow (Monday), we begin phasing out the nine various designs currently in use with modern, standardized, and security feature-packed license plates.”

These features include:


  • Tamper-resistant locks and screws to prevent removal and transfer.
  • Reflectorized sheets that ensure visibility from afar and from any angle.
  • New permanent “third plate” windshield sticker has all the car’s information and will remain on the windshield even when sticker is peeled off.

The new license plates come with black numbers and letters against a white background and will cost Php450 for all four-wheeled vehicles — priced just like before. Motorists need not to surrender their old plates and they can keep it for unofficial use. This standardization that will last until 2017 started back in May of 2014 for those having their license plates registered on brand new vehicles for the first time.

Those ordering new license plates will keep their same alphanumeric combination and not the new 3-letter, 4-number combination.

“These new plates will help improve road safety by curbing illegal practices such as tanggal-plaka, or plate removal and switching. They will help enforcers catch criminals and enhance safety for the public,” remarked Abaya.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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10 Responses

  1. rod says:

    “Those ordering new license plates will keep their same alphanumeric combination and not the new 3-letter, 4-number combination.”
    This will not be “standard” afterall since the old plates have 3-letter 3-number combo ;-)

    • pines says:

      Baka naman ang gagawin ng LTO is lalayan lang ng “0” yung first digit ng plate number nila. Example.. “AAA 111” eh gagawing “AAA 0111”.

  2. Berkano says:

    These plates have actually been around Cebu for a couple of months. So it will just roll out there today?

    • Our LTO is that efficient.

    • noy says:

      roll out po sa mga may old plate na gustong magpalit ng new black in white na plate! ang linaw naman po eto po pakiintindi na lang! ‘ motorists can order new license plates and replace the old ones ‘

    • tmcr7 says:

      The plates that you were seeing may have been those installed on newly purchased vehicles. This one is for old vehicles of which plates will be replaced upon permit renewal. This is not a case of LTO inefficiency.

  3. manoling says:

    ang standard eh yung itsura lang na plates, but the combination is still the same, 3-letter, 3-number plates for old vehicles.

    ang hindi ko lang mawari ay kung bakit kailangan pa na magbayad yung motorist for that plate, which is nabayaran na at the first place nung una ka nagpa-rehistro ng sasakyan mo nung bago pa siya.. mukhang nagnegosyo lang dito yung DOTC saka LTO..tsk tsk tsk

    • tmcr7 says:

      Pare, mag iissue sila ng bagong plaka. Yung standardized na at tamper proof. Yung binayaran mo dati ay para sa lumang plaka.

  4. Jamboy says:

    May mga nkpag rehistro na..and accdng to them,..aside sa 450, meron apng 150.00 na prod fee…

    also, can anybody confirm kung sa mga old cars e 3letter-3number combi pa rin tlga??

  5. omar1234ph says:

    tamper-proof screws and locks? so does that mean no more “baklas plaka” by LGUs?

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