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New Taxi fare vs Uber, GrabCar rates: Which is cheaper?

As affirmed by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, the fare for the regular and airport taxis plying the streets of Metro Manila now starts at Php 30 with adjusted distance and waiting time charges. With a tight game against TNC companies or Grab and Uber, let’s have a look on how the fares of respective modes of transportation compete with each other.

RatesTaxiAirport TaxiGrabCarUberX
Flag Down / BasePhp 30Php 60Php 30Php 40
Succeeding DistancePhp 3.50 (per 500m)Php 4 (per 500m)Php 12 (per KM)Php 5.70 (per KM)
TimePhp 3.50 (per 90s waiting)Php 4 (per 90s waiting)No chargePhp 2 (per minute)

As you can see from the table above, the base fare regular taxis, GrabCar, and UberX is pretty close to each other. What differs are their charges for distance and time traveled.

For distance, the reasonable charge is from Uber with only Php 5.70/km while everyday taxis place second at Php 7/km (Php3.50 per 500m) while GrabCar requires Php12/km. Uber may be the cheapest for distance but they charge you also Php2/minute of your travel while taxi meters apply the waiting charges of Php3.50 every 90s only when it’s in a complete stop. GrabCar, on the other hand, doesn’t have additional charges.


So, which is cheaper?

It varies per situation. In theory, regular taxis are still the cheapest as long they don’t ask for extra charges a fixed deal for the trip. Uber is ideal when traffic is good while GrabCar is your option if you want peace of mind since it’s a fixed rate and getting stuck in traffic is not a problem. Keep in mind that Uber implements Surge pricing when traffic is really bad in the area while GrabCar has higher fees during rush hours.

The new Taxi rates will be in effect tomorrow, Saturday, March 19th.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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17 Responses

  1. anon says:

    walang reliability? sa uber / grabcar may rating, mas sure na walang modus.,

  2. Deo says:

    I’d still Uber mainly for convenience, besides sa taxi kung P87 ang bill mo at P100 ang ibibigay mo, kadalasan wala ng sukli eh, so parang parehas kana rin ng binayad kay Uber haha.

    Also ang hot mo Daniel, crush na kita <3

    • MondaySucks says:

      Agree ako sa sukli. Minsan sila pa magagalit when you ask for change. May experience ako minsan when I asked for my change and sinabihan akong kuripot. Suffice to say bago ako bumaba nagtatalak ako parang nanay ko.

      And yes, without a doubt… ang hot ni Daniel.

  3. deuts says:

    Dapat tinest mo how much actual fare from point A to point B, e.g., NAIA Terminal 3 to Makati (Glorietta) para ma-compare talaga natin kung alin ang mas mura. The other factors to consider depende na un sa pasahero if he’s willing to shell out extra cash for that additional factor/feature.

  4. Pogs says:

    Ok lang kahit ano, basta si Daniel Morial ang driver. At sana trapik haha

  5. anonymous says:

    Grabcar = Safety and Assurance
    Taxt = No comment, hihirit pa ng dagdag

  6. olamaniga says:

    Kahit saan ok lang, wag lang sa Fake Taxi ^^

  7. Anony Mouse says:

    Don’t forget that UberX is more affordable than Uber’s ‘Black Car’ rates.

  8. Easy E says:

    Fake Taxi is always welcome lol.

  9. Easy E says:

    R&E ang MGE at yung mga malalakingvtaxi fleet kadalasan naman maayos. Di namimili at walang daya ang mga metro.

  10. H says:

    In theory, regular taxis are cheaper. But how often can you ride a taxi that won’t choose passengers, will use the meter, won’t charge extra and will actually give you the exact change? In practice, other alternatives are cheaper and more convenient as far as Metro Manila is concerned.

  11. C.P. says:

    Yeah, until Uber removes the mandatory credit card requirement just to even SIGN UP (not pay for anything; They’ve done it in India already.) I just don’t see the appeal for them. Grab makes more sense.

  12. MondaySucks says:

    GrabCar drivers = will always greet you with a smile, can easily be contacted, has well-maintained vehicles, automatically gives you change, decent overall appearance, (sometimes) have magazines and free candy in their ride, and more. Granted there are a very select few who are a**es, majority will still provide excellent service.

    Taxi drivers = (are everything GrabCar drivers are not. I’ve fought with so many choosy taxi drivers in the past. Yes, there are decent taxi drivers, but one good driver is JUST one good driver. What about the hundreds that roam the streets?

    Let’s face it, if I will pay for my personal transportation I would rather pay a little more for a premium and reliable service than one who doesn’t even care for his customers.

  13. JACK says:

    Overkill ang surge pricing ng GrabCar. A usual PHP70 taxi ride becomes PHP220 pag primetime. But the thing is, walang shortage ng GrabCars. ANDAMING AVAILABLE WHEN YOU SCAN. They’re just taking advantage of the lack of regular taxis.

  14. elvie san pascual says:

    how much po sa grab car from cubao to st peter kawit cavite. thanks

  15. amsfher says:

    magkano po fare sa grabtaxi from grace park to airport terminal 3…….

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