Nissan turns Gran Turismo 6 car into real-life supercar

Nissan turns Gran Turismo 6 car into real-life supercar

During the Goodwood Festival of Speed in UK, Nissan unveiled the real-life version of the Concept 2020 Vision GT that was originally set to be a supercar for the game Gran Turismo 6. It is a complete and detailed version of the in-game racing car right from its ventilated hood down to the four-wheel drive chassis.


This futuristic-looking automobile is part of Gran Turismo 6’s “Vision Gran Turismo festival” that invites car makers to share and build a concept car to be used in-game as a downloadable content. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen have all submitted their own concept cars so far, and this Nissan-built racer will be the next to appear in July.

The Concept 2020 Vision GT is a product of Nissan Design Europe led by Taisuke Nakamura and Nissan engineers in Japan to make sure that the vehicle looks exactly like the one to appear in the video game.



“It’s a new styling challenge without any constraints or boundaries. It was purely a design challenge from outside to see how much we can go further to achieve an attractive design,” said Nakamura.

To those fans of Gran Turismo 6 and those who became instant fans of this supercar, you’ll get the chance to sit behind its steering wheel once it makes its appearance in the game next month! Are you ready?


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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12 Responses

  1. evollove says:

    Nissan isn’t really the first one to do this. Citroën did their GT by Citroën back in 2008 for Gran Turismo 5.

    Gran Turismo’s Vision line of cars for GT6
    1. Mercedes’s AMG Vision Gran Turismo (rolling chassis concept)
    2. BMW Vision Gran Turismo (virtual-only)
    3.Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision GT (rolling chassis concept)
    4. Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo (virtual-only)
    5. This one, the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT
    6. Unveiled yesterday, Aston Martin’s DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo.

    I doubt this concept actually works, this looks like a rear mid-engined car and Nissan doesn’t have an RMR platform at the moment (the GT-R uses a stretched FR platform taken from the 370Z).

    • Adrian says:

      may sinabi bang Nissan ang first?

    • expert daw?? says:

      nagmamagaling si EVOLLOVE. copy paste lang naman sa internet ang nalalaman.

    • evollove says:

      Internet fights are pointless, so I’ll just leave this piece of advice.

      Better to have plagiarized your ideas from others and accumulated them for your own purposes than to remain a clueless ignoramus forever.

      Someone bashing an article while still contributing information, versus someone bashing a person for irrelevant semantics.
      Honestly, this kind of mentality is why every one in this country still keeps getting their money stolen from them by the very politicians they voted into power.

      So, savor the sensation you get out of bashing people on the internet. That’s not going to help you get out of that shithole you got born in anyway.

    • basilyo says:

      evollove…..WALA AKONG PAKIALAM SAYO !!!

    • wew says:

      hindi mo naman sinagot si Adrian eh.wala namang sinabi sa article na first ang nissan. anyway,posible tong magawa,ung gt by citroen nga nagawa nila eh,kaya din nila yan.hindi naman sigurado na rear mid-engined car ito,pero kung ganun nga,pwede naman sila manghiram ng RMR platform sa ibang car manufacturer.

  2. Kool says:

    Why don’t you just appreciate it??? Don’t bash or say anything shit about it just appreciate it MOFO.

  3. red says:

    where’s batman?

  4. wew says:

    para sa akin ok ugn design sa front,nakuha pa rin niya ung gtr ngayon…ang hindi ko lang nagustuhan ay ung sa likod. hindi siya mukang gtr o nissan kahit na naretain pa rin ung Oo__oO na taillight…mas kamuka niya ung veneno sa likod.dapat siguro ginawa pa rin nilang mejo box type sa likod tulad ng current gtr kasi ganun naman talaga ang design nila.

  5. Rudy says:

    @red Yeah there should be a bat sign. This sure is a cool batmobile.

  6. Trix says:

    Yung comments. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA leche.

  7. honjo masamune says:

    Mga HUNGHANG kayong kahat hahahahahaha!

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