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Ferrari California T: Shell V Power Driving Experience

Shell invited us to join the Formula One team in Sepang, Malaysia for the Grand Prix happening this weekend as well as take a driving experience on a Ferrari California T with two of their race drivers.

Together with dozens of members of the media from various countries, Shell got each one of us into a custom track to get a feel of a Ferrari California T running on a Shell V Power gasoline.

We had two F1 race drivers — Marc Gene and Esteban Guttierez — to take us around the track which lasts about 40 seconds. They had this tight garment called Hexoskin made from Carvico Revolutional that has some biometric sensors embedded in them. This allows them to track our heart rate, breathing rate and the maximum G-force experienced during the ride.

The video below should explain what really happened in the track:

Suffice to say, it was the longest 40-second ride we’ve ever done and felt like we’re on a roller coaster because of the sharp turns, deep corners and acceleration. Shell also introduced us to some of their top scientists and engineers that are working on the Shell V Power.


Mae Ascan is a Filipina based in Shell Malaysia Research Lab. She is a Fuel Scientist working on Shell V Power for over 5 years. She demonstrate how chemical additives (called detergents) in the Shell V Power help clean the engine.

Rudiger Heine explaining the fuel efficiency of the Shell V Power by connecting half of a 4-valve engine into a regular gas and the other half on a Shell V Power. The sensors monitor the power output showing around 4-6% better performance on a Shell V Power.

Technical team shows us the results of the biometric sensors attached to our body during the ride. The Hexoskin is able to monitor heart rate, breathing rate and the g-force.

Shell Technology Manager, Guy Lovette, shows us an app they use to mix chemicals in the fuel to create an optimal combination that adheres to regulations yet provide best performance.

The Shell V Power gasoline that we get form the pumps is about 99% similar to the special type of fuel they used in the F1 cars. They’ve also demonstrated that a Shell V Power gasoline will work very well in an F1 car (although the drivers admit they will feel the difference when hitting much higher speeds).

We’ve also been given the chance to visit the Fuel Lab and the race paddock where the team of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen works during each of the races. More on that later.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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